My Laser Away Hair Removal Experience + All the Embarrassing Questions

no more shaving or waxing for me. I finally decided to talk about my laser hair removal experience and all the embarrassing questions associated with laser hair removal in this video. its taken me a while to open up about this, but since my laser hair removal experience Has been so positive I figured I would share with you how it’s been going. Thank you so much for watching, and please subscribe!

I went to LaserAway to have my laser sessions done and the girls there were absolutely amazing and professional so I cannot recommend their service highly enough. There’s venues all over the place, so go find one in your city at LaserAway .net

In San Francisco? Book me to do YOUR hair! Text 408-234-2565 for all booking and pricing inquiries. Don’t be shy, I’d Love to meet you all! xx

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Kelly OlivoPorto says:

how many sessions are to remove all the hair at the same area?

1435ashley says:

Help I a while ago I went to a professional to get my hair colored and highlighted after sitting in the chair for two hours for the highlights I went home and my hair started to break off where the highlights were. Now my hair is extremely damaged and has been for almost a year, if I try to color it the ends are a mushy gummy mess. I don’t know what to do except get a pixie cut to hopefully remove all the damage that was done. Do you have any advise on what I can do to save my hair?

Lindy Lou says:

Love this video! Thank you so much! Been talking to my sister in law about this even she, being asian, she had it done and LOVES it. I am going to look into this! THank you! Hold my hand when I go in !!! GAHHHH I’m a baby!!!

Tristan Smith says:

how much did your hair removal end up costing?

Amber Tee says:

That answered nothing…

Nikki Cul says:

Do you have PCOS?

SteelRose says:

How much time did you have to wait from the first session to the second?
Thank you!

Brittney reese says:

I wanna get all my hair taken off my body except my eyebrows and head lol I have Apache Indian in me and my hair grows so fast and sooooo dark and it’s a pain in my Ass hopefully one day lol the money is what is stopping me :/

Ivie Vancent says:

I wish I could afford Laser Hair Removal :/…

starbluewhitered says:

you mentioned once you found out the source…was it because of the hormones?

Dayna Davies says:

is your thumb nail spelt wrong????

Joana Mira says:

Were your hairs blonde ?

Klimt Kahlo says:

Silvia, Portuguese people are genetically quite hairy, as are many other Southern European nationalities and also German, only as most of us have darker hair, it becomes more visible… Then again all human beings have hair, so don’t fret it… Look forward to your 40s when hair in your head thins out while you get hair in the weirdest places… Yes, hormonal fluctuations are a factor, but genetics play a huge role…

Monica Redden says:

I really do want to do it on my bikini area for obvious reason but I am,so scared it could cause problems or is super unhealthy? will it have side effects?

Julie Karlsen says:

what do you do before your treatment? Do I shave before i go in or does the laser brun it away?

Jessica Marie says:

I’m 19 & been on the pill since I was 13, never noticed any problems

Kate Dolan says:

Thank you so much! I am 21 and have always had hairy arms and am really insecure about it. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of laser hair removal earlier.

Lisa Ritchie says:

You need to order some tattoo numbing cream. I did all of my treatments and there is no way I would’ve survived without that! You can order it for a few bucks on amazing and eBay. Well worth it!

Shelley Kerr says:

Hi Elle, I have had my underarms lasered and love it! My chin has also been lasered and now considering having my bikini line done. If I let myself go i would have it all done! Shelley x

Julie Diana says:

I was on the pill for a year and then stopped for about 3 months because i was going to try and go off it. I started breaking out a lot and getting horrible pms. as soon as I went back on the pill all of those symptoms went away. Everyone is different and every body is different. If the pill helps you don’t feel bad about taking it. There is some blood clotting risk but thats only if you are like 40 or older and a smoker when those risks increase I believe. Other then that there are no major health concerns (according to my gyno)

marianaalexa says:

it’s great that you found a more permanent solution to this issue. as a 44 yr old who had problems all my childhood with period pains etc. and had 4 kids. it doesn’t always get better, but I found a natural solution by taking chaste tree extract and Mac extract. also you should really consider finding a very good Chinese acupuncture doctor. bcs laser takes the hair away but not the hormonal imbalance which is what the pill was supposedly fixing but modern medicine has managed to create a lot female and male hormone imbalances which lead to multitude of issues. including panic attacks ,heart palpitations etc. it can all be looked up if you Google.

Bianca Nunez says:

Thank you for this!!!!! You are amazing for this!!!

Alaa Khaled says:

I like u, u r honest… :*.. keep it up angel face

Olive Hue says:


Alice Clark says:

Really helpful video been thinking about getting it done for a while now

Sydney j says:

I am going into LaserAway this weekend. I want to do bikini line and underarms how much should I expect to pay?

Shelly says:

Honestly i have one question that i really want to know about pubic hair laser but it’s too embarrassing haha
is it possible to get laser on the lips, the butt and everything there except the front section? or this area is too sensitive for laser?

Badgvrlcloclo xox says:

its white chick

Adriana V says:

is this sponsored by laser away? did they ask you to promote them?, or anything like that? I hope you don’t mind me asking, im just very curious haha

Snow Blossom says:

you would still be crazy gorgeous even if you were hairy as a sasquatch. but I love your videos because you are so down to earth and you are not afraid to talk about these things so you can help other women

UtterlyHooves says:

You might have PCOS 🙁

Becca Fitzgerald says:

How many sessions have you been to and how many sessions do most people have to go to before the hair is completely gone?

Jolanda27 says:

It’s so bad for you. They use the laser in the groin where a lot lymph glands are!

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