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Sera Torres says:

What’s the lipstick you’re wearing? It’s so pretty


hey what hurt more? lasering or sugaring the brazilian area?? thanks for your info

centurytunaadobo says:

i love you sam but there are times you talk way too fast in your videos. haha

Shirley Kretz says:


Brooke Leigh says:

You’re Brazilian was done in 10min?? I’ve been getting waxed for over a year and it’s so fast and easy. I feel like as long as the process is fast i could go through it

Dazzlings says:

I bought a bundle deal that I used for my upper lip and chin. My dad lent me his electric shaver! We tried every 4 weeks and ended up with every 3 weeks. It made SO much difference. They suggested me to do a few more.

Gigi Leon-Gonzalez says:

Have you tried the charcoal treatment thing for dark underarms ? I’ve seen it on social media, can you test it out ?

Abigail Doria says:

Love the makeup. Could you do a tutorial on it?

smileitsizzy says:

hi! i am a registered nurse and work for Prolase doing laser treatments. Please feel free to comment questions you have regarding laser because it is what I do, and wouldn’t like for you to be misinformed. Please come by at Prolase Laser Clinic at Glendale or Sherman Oaks and ask for me, Isadora, as your nurse.check us out at Yelp for any skeptics out there!

deepika says:

Hey great video!!! What is the laser they used on u?

Lyla Cin says:

I go to the one in Temecula promenade. I do my upper lip. I’ve only had 2 treatments but it’s getting better. I still have 4 to go.

Jennie says:

I just did my 3rd session for my upper lip & I barely have any hair left! I think its great; I don’t feel any pain, slight discomfort but no pain; and no reactions either! I’m thinking of doing my underarms and bikini over the winter as well. btw I go to Satori Laser in NY – they’re AMAZING !

Lynn M says:

Could you find out what type of laser the althea med spa used? It seems to be effective and there is not a location where I live. I live in Staten Island, NY. I could then search a place in New Jersey that has that type of laser.

Olivia Everly says:

you make great videos 🙂 I love your personality!
What is your ethnicity btw? just curious

helen Perez says:

Need this lipstick in my life!

Stephanie Pereira says:

That’s some bullshit I went to ideal image they charged me like 2000 and all it did was get rid of half my hair and thin out the rest in my Brazilian area sigh

Hayliqt says:

Can you do a video on sugaring? I’ve tried it before and never had very great results… I’d trust you because you did it for 2 years!

Mubarak kaduji says:

How much lesar her removal mashin



Varda Khan says:

Great informative video! 🙂

JCaesthetic says:

thanks for making this vid, ive been thinking about getting it done and buying thru groupon

Althea MedSpa says:

We are the second spa she was talking about! If you have any questions please let us know.

Saaamage, I’m glad you had a good experience with us and thanks for representing us. We found out because one of your youtube followers came in to check us out. Happy 2017! – Althea

Quron Henry says:

whats your skin type iv or 3?

Lulu Buron says:

Privileged much

Wendin Raag says:

Call the series “Sam-speriences!”

jadedjtl lml says:

The laser used in your video is the YAG laser. Palomar Vectus laser is the other one that you described that glides and looks like the Tria. I’ve had both models done too. YAG hurts less because of the cooling air shot and is my favorite. Both lasers are effective.

DeliaWears says:

I got laser hair removal done on my underarms but I needed 10 sessions 🙁 still have hair

Katarina Bozic says:

My local laser clinic has a special on underarms for $9 a session, they recommend you go for 10 sessions. Laser Clinics Australia, if any of you live in Australia 🙂 would totally recommend!

Waterlily716 (Sarah Berro) says:

Super interesting video sam! Thanks. I had no idea laser could be THAT affordable. It’s something I would consider getting done on my legs

LxNaw 781 says:

REQUEST to make a sugering recipe video please!

Oscarzana 17 says:

Dang your gorgeous! Just a Question for you. Can you do this over a tattoo? Does it fade or discolor tattoos?

Wowwiee says:

how many treatments have you already had with the brazilian?

Mari Eli says:

ive really been thinking about doing this and this morning i got a letter from my insurance stating what they will cover next year and it said lazer hair removal!! GIIRRRLLL im gettin it!

cathyrasamee says:


Angelica P. says:

what is your at home device now ?

Taylor Davis says:

How long does the laser treatment usually last??

Arielle Thao says:

what is the lip color?

Tabitha Charanza says:

I’m sorry but I will stick to shaving

GuiltyOfFaceCrime says:

Thanks for the video! I’m really wanting to get laser done on my face ~___~

Diane Welzel says:

I’ve been wanting this done – thanks for the video!! Question: can they laser if you have hair or do you have to shave first? Getting everything clean as a whistle in the lady parts area is difficult!!!

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