My Laser Hair Removal Journey

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Khamida Begum says:

Hi can some one tell me where is this tracy base where is the clinic ?

rubi T says:

What laser did she use? Was it nd yag?

T Time says:

thanx. this was helpful!

KNGlundibaba says:

Important note: Do not get laser on areas with less hair.Laser will stimulate growth.Trust me I am on my 7th session.

Meenah kakar says:

It would help if you could write the exact name of the laser they used on you which gave you the best result

Son V says:

You look like Cheryl

mish b says:

does it hurt???

nn bb says:

Thanks for sharing your experience, how did it work for thin hairs on stomack and back?

TheAthenzZ says:

update please!

This is me says:

What was it called ?? And where did u get it done ?? And how much

aysha x says:

Omg I literally just found your channel and I’m OBSESSED

spurthi Honey says:

blah blah blah your talking too much,

shog alphabet says:

where did you go to get the laser hair removal

sudha rawat says:

What about your face

Shauntay Belton says:

should I stop after one session and go to waxing

Janey berdos says:

Youre so pretty!

blueberry jones says:

Omg im glad im not a human hair ball like her

Isabella Benitez says:

Where do you get your laser treatments?

Rafiah Begam says:

£200is too expensive. Come to Coventry there is a lady called Luby in a salon called Izabelas located in the city arcade, two doors away from Argos superstore in the city centre. She charges £55 for half an hour, that’s enough for a full face Lazer. The woman who treated you should have cleaned all the treatment area before treatment. I don’t think it’s got to do with a person. It’s got to do with how quickly they increase the laser strength which removes hair faster.

Arkaydius Tamai says:

What’s on your lips

ngjequier says:

God she can speak

Bhumi Patel says:

what lipstick is that? I really love it

NicoleeDaniellaa says:

Which laser was used on you? the one that worked for you

Liliana Guerrero says:

Did she even say what the name of the laser that did work on her was called?

Shauntay Belton says:

I feel like it wasted my money

Hamero Bazar says:

Does cause cancer?

Bhumi Patel says:

Can u tell me which laser machine worked for u

KashTV says:

Can u confirm again wat machine u used again plz ur review made my decision I have really thick hair n u made my mind up thanks again

Esperanzilla says:

One day I will do this ,I’m tired of having to shave …in literally so hairy

Son V says:

I live in Birmingham which place was it that you went to

Kim Lexie says:

will it be permanent

Elørie says:

Does it hurt when they did it

Alima Tahir says:

Hi Kaushal, plz recommend me that which technology is best laser hair removal or electrolysis hair removal.

Online Trust Supplier says:

Hello, beautiful woman! I’m from China, specializing in electronic beauty care products trade, I hope to know you, but also help us do paid product advertising and video. Thank you! Cnvbeauty com

Kathis Au Pair Vlog says:

What eyeshadow did you use? It looks really nice

Urooj Fatima says:

plz tell me how u remove upper lips hair????

Vatsala Singh says:

Love that lip color. Which one is it.

Renee Robinson says:

I am a bit surprised that laser hair removal is not permanent

Aurora Raquel says:

For those, who have very thick and stubborn hair as Kaushal described – the Alexandrit Laser works very, very well as well. Instead of having to hold the laser and a tube blowing cold air simultaneously, it has both tubes in one and automatically blows out cold air as soon as the laser is activated. So for me, it was easier to endure the pain plus you immediately saw results after the first treatment unlike with the IBL laser smh

Buttercup S says:

her therapist doesnt reply i have been contacting her on phones and emails for more than two weeks

FrazzledDudett says:

Okay so I’m exactly the same skin shade as you but I’ve read on other websites as well that women with our skin tones and lighter found it more effective with Soprano but I trust your judgement more

ajsmommy18 says:

What is the name of the laser? I live in California and am looking around my area for places that do this procedure but it seems like most places advertise it as IPL

Ms Doris Jean BornJones LewisGaston says:


ASR says:

Please please can anyone suggest a clinic to get this done in Coventry and Warks Area?

Srushti Nimbalkar says:

What age do you think is appropriate for laser treatments? I m 18 and I m super hairy. I want to use the laser hair removal but my mom thinks I m still way too young for such treatments. So what do you think?

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