My Laser Hair Removal Results! | Remington iLight Pro Review

I have been searching for an at home hair removal system, THAT WORKS for months! (I have not tried the Tria Laser Hair Removal) I am so lucky that I have found a product that has significantly reduced my hair growth and has even completely stopped my hair from growing in some spots! For reference, I have been using this laser hair removal system for 3 months.

Remington iLight Pro Hair Removal System
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Yuki Demon says:

999 likes and 99 dislikes? i have destiny in my hands.. Ohhh noo

rico sanchez says:

how big of an are dies each flash cover?

N says:

Is this permanent

Marisol Vargas says:

I wanna do it on my neck any suggestions?

seeamerica1 says:

I have had professional laser treatments on my chin. As long as I continued monthly treatments the hairs would not grow so I thought I had finally  found a permanent solution. However after stopping the treatments a few months later the hairs started growing again but this time they started growing back as ingrown hairs. Now my chin looks like I have pimples all over. I clicked on your video of course to hear about the product, but if this isn’t permanent I think I might try electrolysis.

Jason G says:

how was pain different from legs to bikini, looks like it’ll be the same concept/pain

Aliaa Assem says:

I know we have to shave. But do we shave using the sugaring wax or the hair removal machine (I don’t know what’s it called?

kitty baez says:

Its have been 2 years what is the update of this one? Do you liked? Do you see that it works?…

razaus says:

You are H.O.T!

Linden Smith says:

you are so beautiful <3

Renee Robinson says:

Did you do another update after using it for longer than 3 months? How long did it take to have more permanent results? How long do the results last after using it longer than 3 months? Did you stop using it at some point?

Emir Becic says:

There are several tips for removing tattoos
Ensure you eat enough fruit and vegetables.
Make sure you have enough vitamin C
make use of herbs which cleanse the liver eg burdock root
make use of herbs with infection fighting properties such as dandelion root and burdock and others including huang qi
(I discovered these and why they work on Chads tattoo tactic site )

Athra Kathom says:

Hi can I just ask if the bulb turns to red instead of green what does it mean and what can I do to turn it to green? although I have used it before and it was working properly and fine

everydayidie alilmore says:

serious question, please answer… Is it safe to use from the base to halfway up the penis?

ميم م says:

Think for help me

celeste ruiz says:

can you use it on your arm hair

FroztiProductions says:

Will it hurt on my balls

Michelle Saum says:

Can I use it on my face?

Michi Renee says:

Isn’t the laser attracted to the dark hair… and by shaving exactly prior to the treatment defeat the purpose?

Jorge Hernandez says:

so you shave Then you use it
btw im @jasmine

Mariyam AS says:

Does it hurt?

Ridin Dirty says:

since when is something safe because its FDA approved? Just ask all the families that have been damaged or had a child die from FDA “approved” vaccines. FDA approval is just a whitewash.

muggsygrunt says:

yo niga yu strait informational, word ya haeard, fa real my nigh fa real,

Danny Themann says:

how much does it cost?

Jessica Ruiz says:

Great video! My Favorite is Karmin IPL Hair Removal 🙂

Dayana Jhonson says:

Remington I-Light Hair Removal

kurt dalaguit says:

hi.. can this be used to asian skin tone?

Kaddu Khan says:

I want to purches it plzz tell me where is it avilable

MrsDangercookie says:

so you still shaving every 3 or 4 days??

Aliaa Assem says:

or do we just remove the hair completely?

paw pree says:

does the hair completely done? does the hair growing back?

fantamas06 says:

Costco sells Silk’n Flash & Go Hair Removal Device, similar to this one, but I think it designed better for convenient handling.

Usva Rehman says:

How many times do we need to laser on a particular area? And what effects can be seen after first use? And after im done with first time hair will not regrow untill 2 weeks? As its suggested to use it once 2 week … or else i have to shave,? And it’s recommended to shave or epilation is better???

Alex Sniff says:

Were you paid for this review or were you given the product for free?

Grace Kwok says:

Amazing, so impressive by your video! 🙂
May I know your email? We are manufacturer of laser hair remover ” Silkpro“ , 25J/cm2,50millions shots, really powerful and effective.With CE FDA certs, Germany quality standard ensured. We would like to work with you and hope you can test our products. Thank you very much.. Grace
Whatsapp: 0086 17786483039

Cristina Sanchez says:

are you still using this in 2016? is there an updated video?

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