Hay guys so this is my review of the Nad’s Hair Removal cream and it is an amazing product thats literally all i have got to say about it aha hope you like this video xxx
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edward brady says:

can i use it on the jungle bridge all the way to the balls?

Sijan Chitrakar says:

Is it Permanent ?

Cogitatio023 says:

Honestly,I love your voice. Makes me feel that you’re nice,and friendly.

ACT1V3R3L0AD3R says:

Lol Im not gay, but ive never seen a dude this pretty

Lx Beltran says:

Does the product irritate the skin? I like the smooth, shaven look.

Bry sliverlock says:

where did u buy it

Vivek Sharma says:

how to use…

Adrian Bang says:

Would it work for my armpits? I’m going to vacation to the beach so I don’t want to look hairy. Lol

Attharva Bhutada says:

Is he gay?

OfficialHunterHorton says:

You are a life saver. And YOU ARE SO CUTE☺️

Gar Nunce says:

if its not made for my nads why call it nads?

Parker Jackson says:

Do you need to cover your actual hole when your applying the cream or no

poo head says:

You’re major so hot and the fact you def have a smooth bum too is THE dream for me ahaha sorry

Union Heritage Fights says:

can you use it on your face?

IceeMannChannel says:

God you sound so gay :)). Thing is helpful tho

Jere Rodriguez says:

I hope this doesn’t make me get red bumps. I’ll try it.

Madeleine Sublett says:

It does say on the product that you shouldn’t use it in the perennial area (around anus). But you used it on your buttcrack and nothing happened?

ofer עופר says:

Can I use it on my asshole?

Stone W says:

You won’t get pimples and in grown hairs if you shave in the direction of the hair follicle. If you shave against it you’ll get a deeper, smoother shave initially but it irritates the follicles which causes them to get inflamed. So shave in the direction of the follicle and you should be fine.

Helkai says:

Speaking like that is a very bad neurological condition. You need help.

Suom Y-Nona says:

Girl thank you SO much for this review – I just purchased on Amazon and I’m VERY hopeful.
Please let me ask you…
1. Do you apply this inside the crack (on the hole?)
2. Any aftercare tips? (Maybe aloe Vera or AquaFor)?


so can i use this on my testes? i think you said you wouldn’t recommend it but i have a strong pain threshold.

Raven Dethridge says:

Any tips for facial hair? I always get a bad case of razor burn and cuts.

Heron Herrera says:

I like your ascent!!

Grand Mapussydestoryer666 says:

are you a girl? or a gurl?

Carl Knight says:

Would you recommend Nads over Nair or Veet?

Ogan Bora says:

Which product do you think best for the balls!!!

saddam hussain says:

you said its better than veet and nair… how come? does it has the same effect of veet and nair when the hairs are coming back( shaving effect) or different??? and how is this product better if hairs are popping back at the same time like after usage of veet and nair … does it only benefit during removal???

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