No More Shaving??? OMG! Tria 4X Laser Hair Removal At HOME 2 Month Test Review! | Jen Luvs Reviews

The cost of laser hair removal is is up to $900 per treatment! I tried the Tria 4X ( at home laser hair removal system for a little over 2 months (5 treatments). Here are the pictures of my results so you can see for yourself!

My video trying the Tria for the first time:

This link to purchase is a tracking link only. I do NOT benefit from purchases:

The pictures you see in the video are of hair after 2 weeks of growth. This is the recommended time between treatments.
From Tria –

Hair Removal Laser 4X

The first and only FDA-cleared hair removal laser available for home use, the Tria Laser 4X uses the same diode laser technology preferred by dermatologists. The Tria Laser 4X targets and permanently disables the hair follicle to stop hair growth on the face and body for permanent results.

Currently on sale at Tria’s website for $382. Sephora’s current price is $449.

FTC: I misspoke in the video. This is NOT a sponsored video. Tria did not pay me to make this video, but they did send me the Tria at no cost. As you will see, this does not influence my review at all. I told Tria when I took the sponsorship that I would give my honest review. A representative from Tria has answered all of my questions along the way so that I could provide the most thorough and honest review of the results.
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Adriane Gilder says:

Thumbs up on the informative video.

Happy makeup lover says:

how long between treatments?

Compassionate Beauty says:

Is there any proof that this is permanent? Or is this a temporary fix? I own one, but have been really poor about using it consistently.

Dave Jones says:

Theses things are very weak so called hair removal products. Even after a year of using theses they won’t g rid of hair. They say it depends on hair cycle growth, they also so it’s the length of hair and colour. Nothing works permanently. Permanent means never to grow back. Not regrow after time.

Twital Weed says:

medium skin tone hmm! 🙁 ok thank you!!!

rachpunk 1982 says:

What about chin and upper lip area;)

Michelle Belle says:

What level did you do for your bikini line?

J-hoe is ARMYS little ball of Sunshine says:

Hello will the hair never come back

- - says:

No offense but your makeup looks kinda fucked up

sara hosseini says:

It doesn’t work so don’t buy it. I bought it a year ago and gave it back bc it did nothing and it hurt really bad while using it. Nice try tho.

Just Sheilz says:

You said this burned you on areas you were tattooed…..If Im heavily tattooed, would this be something to stay away from?

Hishiko says:

Thanks for the review. Do u have an updated video? Thanks

Jen Luvs Reviews says:

UPDATE – I stopped using this product about 6 months ago and about half of the hair I had lost has grown back. I’ve only used it a few times since this video was filmed. I feel like this is one of those products you have to keep using for a while for more permanent results, but I have no evidence of permanent results at this time.

queenxpeaches says:

i remember trying this a couple years ago.. i tried using on my face it was much too painful for how long it would take to see results in glad others like it i feel like a wimp lol

Zoha Ahmad says:

Do you have to shave before doing it or can you epilate before using it???

Rosa Clemens says:

Hi Jen,
In regards to the bikini area, does that area hurt the same as your legs? Also, does the pain linger after your treatment? Just curious. I have very low pain tolerance but not having to shave as often would be worth it all 🙂

happyflowers1212 says:

mine unlocked when I held it up against my mint coloured night gown lol

JensVanity says:

I was thinking about getting this!

Sara says:

can you use it if you’re under 18 ?

Tanya Brito says:

How often did you use this? like once a week? twice a week or more?

Blue Flower says:

I just received my Tria in the mail , I tried soo many other home machines that did NOT work. My arms have thick annoying hair that I want to get rid of. I hope the Tria will work for me, I can’t afford laser because it’s soo expensive where I live. I hope I will not have to return it.

Jade Patrick says:

i liked the video. I prefer Karmin IPL Hair Removal 😀

Happy makeup lover says:

do you have to shave before doing it? specially if u want to do your face????

narjiss om says:

u look like khloe kardashian

Keeks says:

Mine feels like a really bad burn in most areas.

Mia Huang says:

Can I use this to get rid of hair on my forehead?

Strictly Drugstore Makeup says:

I don’t really have thick hair as well but I do have dark spots (strawberry legs). Would it reduce the dots ?

Blue Flower says:

hello I have been using it for two weeks on my sideburns and the thick hairs still come out. How long do you think it will tske for the hair to thin out?

Diva and the Divine says:

I’m so excited this worked for you. I’ve been on the fence about investing in the Tria for quite some time. Shaving is such a pain, especially in the bikini area, and this is definitely the more cost effective way to get rid of the hair. Thanks for the detailed review!

Shelley Smith says:

I am really thinking of getting this but I have almost no pain tolerance. You mentioned that you couldn’t go very high on the level because you are also a pain wimp. Ummmmmmmm how do I phrase this………….. how low is your pain tolerance? For reference a deep paper cut has made me cry before.

Anoneeemus1 says:

Says on the box not to be used on a mans face,jaw or neck

klaudula5 says:

Hi , I’ve just watched you YouTube video about the tria laser hair remover. I am really interested in purchasing it however, I’m only a student so it will be an expensive one for me. So just wanted to make sure if it would be a right product for me. As I am tried of waxing my armpits , bikini line basically every week to be completely hair free in those areas I thought it may be I a good idea to buy on of those. I’ve seen your comment posted a month ago with your update,
Would you say it is worth to buy it if I’m planning to regularly use this product and repeat the treatments every now and then after? Thank you

mirimiriela480 says:

You’re soooo glowy today! 😀

robbiemckenzie100 says:

you are awesome.. you need your own show

Goblinz Suck says:

Is it safe for my testicles?

Farah Hamdan says:

Thank you so much for this amazing review . My question is do you shave after using it or does the machine itself remove the hairs ?

Lauren W says:

Curiosity, was this less painful than your tattoo? I don’t have any tattoos but I’ve been thinking about getting one someday, and I’m curious about how much it’ll hurt.

Auntie Yaya says:

Will it help with facial hair?

Pet Cemetery says:

Used it. All hairs came back after 6 months. Not worth it.

maddielovesnick says:

I’m not sure about this product but I know in regular hair removal dark colored courser hair on lighter skin removes much better than thinner lighter colored hair. Whereas it is the opposite of electrolysis 🙂 great video Jen! Love you lots ❤️

PamMilly says:

Great video. Stephanie Nicole has a video on the Tria that goes pretty in depth about the device, how it works, and hair growth cycles.

Lwhitney says:

Gahhh. You know what Jen you could have posted this before the employee sale. Now I want this!!! At least I feel confident in selling them now.

Joy Miller says:

My unwanted hair stays dormat for about 2-3 weeks.  I’ll take it!  Vs 1 day.

jolly belle says:

hope you can see my comment… ever accidentally lasered your MOLE? i did mine on my armpits Both.. I’m going nuts, any know n side effects???! tnxxxx

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