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oohbelle says:

Kelly, what nail polish are you wearing?! It’s not showing up on the description bar

Lillian Sharp says:

Did she say “burn off your hair?”

IconaFur says:

The NoNo that you’re using is a replica. Look up how to tell the difference and you’ll notice a few differences in size and writing (I could tell by the brush since the second no is the wrong color). This video is however helpful since I wasn’t sure if the replica would work. Thanks for the upload! ^.^

Laura H says:

has it worked long term?

Michael Linn says:

Nice legs!

Thingamabob GK says:

I don’t know how this company hasn’t been sued into oblivion. It’s clearly ineffective and the company is blatantly making false claims. Plus, the thermal tips can’t be replaced. You have to buy a completely new unit. 

tanya moore says:

I wonder if this works on dark skin

Jesswain says:

In one of your vlogs you said you were using it on your face.  It has been a couple of months since then.  Does your hair grow back, is it just thinner, or do you feel like it didn’t make a difference at all?  I recently just bought this product, and I’m curious if it works well on the face.

jesse vu says:

It work?

Neyo Neily says:

fuck this product

Hazel Dickerson says:

My dad got me that for Christmas as well! I wasn’t too happy with it

NattieMaddie Luv says:

You didn’t mention the smell!!!

hey autumn . says:

I have heard nothing but horrible reviews on this product.

elly betz says:

When are you Doing Your School get ready with me?:)

de mole says:

nono is not a substitute for a shaver or razor. this thing is just piece of thermal wire attached to a comb they call thermicon so that the heating element will not touch your skin but the hair therefore still leaving small fraction of every burnt strand above your skin. That is why you why won’t see videos of it being used on men’s hairy faces. you won’t even see videos with actual hairy face or armpit getting a good shave using this nono. Burning your hair is all that is. it is painless if you’ll just use it on arms or legs but your face will surely feel the heat. of course this thing will work on less hairy part on your body (some 100 strand per square inch) to impress you. but only believe this thing if they will show that it is being run on someone’s head. that will prove you that this is truly a genuine product. Just imagine how it is like burning thousand strands of hair if you haven’t’ done that in your backyard? So no matter how many times you run it your skin it won’t give you a clean shave not even a good shave, maybe with the fine sandpaper the comes with it. always scrutinize every video that they show and trust your instinct. save your money! if they are going to sell this way less than the cheapest rechargeable shaver on the market then it might be worth trying.

um whatisthis says:

are you still self tanning (tanwise + ocean potion) or is it just a natural tan from the sun? or is it both?

Leah Michael says:

Very happy that you’re back posting regularly!

miranda claire says:

Jealous of your tan!

Jessica Kramer says:

Are you doing an update?

TheFieldhockeygk11 says:

The NoNo is HORRIBLE! It burned me and actually left a scar on my leg! It is such a waste of money…get an epilator for much less at Ulta…I have light hair and light skin and it was a nightmare. Don’t waste your money or your time.  Also, where I got it, they wouldn’t let me take it back, so it was $300 down the drain. So don’t buy it at all! 

Bailey Pelka says:

My dad read a article in a magazine nd he said that the buffing pad gets off the hair the Razer just burns your hair so he told me and my sister’s never buy it

David Dave says:

So thanks for your review, My wife and I watched it…… It was helpful. BUT….I’m on a personal mission…..STOP PRONOUNCING YOUR DOUBLE T’S IN THE BACK OF YOUR THROAT!!!! I am seeing this more and more on news channels, youtube vid’s, and just out and about. STOP IT. It’s ridiculous. Lets say it together….Button…say it with me, I’ll try to spell it phonetically, I don’t have the upside down E but say it with me….But”n
NOT BUH’EN. Stop taking your grammatic cues from hip-hop videos and you’ll do fine.

Rose Rose says:

no its not your fault, in the ad they say it removes the hair instantly, which its not doing in your case. so either its a faulty product or they are lying.

Sammie Davis says:

Graveyardgirl does a better review of this. It’s also a waste of money nd time.

HongoKanata1 says:

If you have fine hair that can’t be seen to begin with, then why would you even shave or remove?

T Jordan says:

I Love your Pillows! Would you mind telling me where you got them from 🙂

Deena Elraie says:

Can you subscribe to Ipsy and do some reviews Pleasee!!

kyla ratcliff says:

I like yes! better because it’simple an don’t come with all that extra stuff and it doesn’t have side effects and that’s saying a lot because I don’t even have the stuff yet and the yes product looks better than no no

Kayluhgetsfit says:

Keep the videos coming Kelly!! 🙂

Heather Johnson says:

Are there follow ups for this product?

Millaray Pedreros says:

where your dad bought nono hair and where I found you nono hair in the united state in which store we find that , answer me quickly !!!!

Grzegorz Lenart says:

hahaha, nice your language is very quick 🙂 but you are very nice !!

MtB ArN says:

£200 lol yeah, I think I will get my wife a pack of razors for £2 instead.

Jennifer Ferrer says:

When you use the buffer after each use, it still does not remove the hair all the way? Also, do you have an up date since you’ve been using?

Calista Richards says:

you talk way too much. just get to the point.

Kitti Anderson says:

It’s not yr hair, it’s a waste of money! It has a perfect name nono to buying it! I wasted my money and time to a product that does not work even with time. I went back to waxing every two weeks like I did before buying this product. I had a 30 day return time and I should have used it. So if your watching HSN and it’s the deal of the day and $100 off.DO YOUR RESEARCH FIRST!

Stephanie Martin says:

thanks for the review

mely0084 says:

It’s probably different for everyone but I am light skinned with dark hair and this didn’t work on me at all. I tried it for the full 90 days and didn’t see any difference so ended up returning it. And although it is a process, I agree it doesn’t give a clean shave like they show on T.V. so that kind of an issue too.

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