Olay Hair Removal Duo Review + Demo!

Hey friends! Hope you enjoy this review of the Olay Hair Removal Duo! Please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed watching!

I bought the Olay Hair Removal Duo at CVS but I am sure you can find it at any drugstore.

*** Shaving does not make your hair grow thicker. I apologize for the huge mistake friends!

In the comment section let me know what you would like for me to review and demo next. LOVE YOU FRIENDS SO MUCH!

Olay hair removal duo review
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Note: I apologize for the brightness of this video. Next videos will be better with lighting I promise!


Ari Figueroa says:

thanks for sharing this! I’m excited to see your review for little cheek hairs. i have them too…. and they bug me. so! I’m ready to hear your thoughts for how it worked on cheeks lol. thanks, april!

jyoti srivastava says:

can u show us your dress …..its looking so  prety….and were did u but it….thanks for Olay Hair Removal demo i have to buy this now…

AyeItsFranchy ! says:

How much was the hair removal? I don’t remember if April said it :/ I need a mustache removal! 😮

Ankita Ankit says:

vaps her aate he???

Miamaibeauty Garcia says:

Did you tried it on the rest of your face?

lynda y says:

hey april have you experienced darkening of the skin from using hair removal creams? you seem to use them quite a lot and i dont notice anything from your vlogs or videos

Kelly Nikole says:

I really have to try this. Thanks for sharing!

Amjaad says:

im so mad they dont sell it in my country

Never2late4beauty says:

i have long course facial hair. i am so scared to delve into the world of hair removal because of regrowth being thicker and darker, not from shaving but from even depilatory methods. i bleach instead

Kate Seymour says:

Does it burn at all???

Crystal Cavazos says:

Thank you so much! I’m so exited to see what happens with the checks.

Serramist says:

April your hair is so pretty

Crystal Cavazos says:

I loving your videos! Just started watching them. So far do good.

Lizeth Hernandez says:

BTW nair sucks,I bought some face duo yesterday and it burnt my skin like crazy when I took it off and the little cream made it worst like applying abanero to a rash!!! SAY NO TO NAIR


omg April ! how did you know I was hairy too and needed this in my life ! girl my mustache needs to go! i have been epilating so I think this is a good alternative ! thanks for sharing! <3

Liseth Moreno says:

Omg i can so much hari on myface like near cheeck and chin but am so afraid to try anything to take it off because im afraid it will grow back fast or thicker or some creams wont work on me and will just make it worse. I really dont know what to do but sometimes i just want my face smooth.

California Bruns says:

Does it get rid of a shadow

bintlooda says:

Do you think it is healthy ? I mean dont csuse something on the long run ?

heystaphyy says:

How was the hair growth? Darker, thicker, or just the same? I’m scared that it might be darker and thicker for me.

doni batting says:

kuwet no this olay i wont ple..give me nambar diliwary

Preet Chhokar says:

I hated this product. it burns my skin, my skin is so sensitive.

Kate Seymour says:

Thank you so much I love it I have handicapped daughter so it really really help her she does like the ones that burn Thanks again

heystaphyy says:

Banaksix Xantrx stole your video and posted it on their Youtube without giving credit. Why do people do this?


Your pretty and I like your face shape

Ashley Lynn says:

But I couldn’t get over how gorgeous your background looks even tho it’s blurred!! That yellow is Everthing!! My them for my bedroom is yellow pops & this def gives me so much inspiration..can we get a room tour please ☺️

alittleaboutalot says:

I love how bright and happy this video is!

armpitfuzz says:

I would like to know how the hair was when it grew back, was it fine of stubble ?

Lucy Lambert says:

hi pls answer me ..can I use it to remove my eyebrows hair? pls reply

Razarehman Sheikh says:

any side effect

Editha Villagarcia says:

Hi athina i like the color of your hair. So beautiful. May i know the color of your hair =)

carpediem says:

Thank you for being the guinea pig omg

Ximena Ramírez says:

Loved your makeup!

joan jackson says:

April I love the new hair color, it make you look so lovely.You just sparkle, dark is OK but this color what can I say ( you are a hot babe).I was watching you clean and moisturizer your face .When cleaning and moisturizing is it OK to work in circle stroke up ward on the skin.

Araceli Estrada says:

I’m not 100% sure if it was the product but its the only thing I can think would cause this, since using this my upper lip like that stache area, whatever you call it, is lighter than the rest of my face
And its very very irritating
Its noticeable and I always wonder if it was this product bc its the only thing I can think of bc well its a chemical
I’ve waxed and tweezed there but I don’t think doing any of those would change the color of my skin
I’m just really upset about it bc I can’t fix it
And I wonder if others have had this problem

Samantha M says:

I seriously love how your not afraid to be yourself , your amazing ! That makes you even more of a beautiful person .

Delta Landy says:

thanks April for doing this video I beening wanting to try it but didn’t know if I want like it, seems pretty good to try now I have a ideal about it:)

Sakura M says:

Finally someome to relate to with facial hair problems. It such a embarrassing thing, I’m like “Why am’I shaving my face? This is what men do.” Thankyou soo much for this.^_^

JennyLeigh says:

Hey! How long did it last before you grew hair again?

Hazel Navarra says:

OMG April, your skin is glowing! Please do an updated skin routine 🙂

TheDivaSpot101 says:

Ok, so I took your advice and brought it. I to have a hairy face and I use it all over my face where I wanted to remove hair. Yes, it works!! I’m glad there is another option that really works, that’s pain free and easy to use …Thanks April! ☺

Ashley Lynn says:

Yea I’ve been using this product for a year now. I really like this product! I can apply makeup on right after.

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