Philips Lumea Compact IPL Hair Removal Review & Demo | Fashion Mumblr

In this video I’m sharing my review on the Philips Lumea IPL Hair Removal gadget – I’ve been using it for a few months now and thought I’d share my experiences with you!

This is not sponsored – all views completely my own!

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Product Mentioned : Philips Lumea Compact IPL


Alekos Ras says:

Is it painful?

Roseblossom07 Beauty says:

ure beautiful i see ure comments on all the youtubers i watch …u look like blake lively

Mimi Mimo says:

Thanks you help me

Gra Piken says:

This is a great review, thank you. I’ve just purchased an HPL home kit myself and I used it yesterday for the first time. I noticed the light is dazzlingly bright and I accidently caught glimpses of it at certain angles.

It’s so bright, it looks a little like a flash of lightening, and this makes me wonder – is it safe?

Trying to find a definitive answer regarding the question of eye safety and home IPL / HPL use has proven difficult. There is much conflicting information. There are also protective glasses for sale, yet I’ve read reports that say this type of equipment is useless for IPL.

I don’t know what to think and I can’t find any videos about IPL and eye safety on YouTube.

La Rouge says:

Hi, loved your video very informative. I have a question:
I have bought this Philips Compact IPL device, but my one makes a loud pop noise when i zap and its quite scary and gives out a really bright light.

Is that normal? Have you experienced this popping noise and a very bright light with your device?

Sometimes the light pops & most times it doesn’t. I am quite scared to use it.

ToStand says:

when you say results after 4 months, can you elaborate please ?

Grace Kwok says:

Amazing, so impressive by your video!
May I know your email? We are manufacturer of laser hair remover ” Silkpro“ , 25J/cm2,50millions shots, really powerful and effective.With CE FDA certs, Germany quality standard ensured. We would like to work with you and hope you can test our products. Thanks. Grace
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Blue Flower says:

Does this actually work?

Kathy Allen says:

Really helpful. Thank you. I think we will buy one.

Evelyn Qin says:

hi, can I use this every week? or even every day? it seems like the hair just grow up again the next following days. thanks.

飞天猪 says:

it is an excellent review. Just wondered which model it is? is it suitable for bikini area? and do I need to cut my hair shorter before using it?

Nod Abdulhadi says:

What is the differences between this device you are using and the other philips device which is look like a gun?

Phoebe Hunt says:

YAYAYAY you started youtube! i adore your blog and instagram and am so excited to watch your videos!!! you’ve got a new subscriber, can’t wait for future videos xx

Janae Prytherch says:

Josie, I was wondering if you still use this product and if so, have you noticed a difference? Looking to purchase as it’s been significantly marked down in price where I am xo

rayani iskandar says:

Hello I just purchased philips lumea essential and when I tried to use it for the first it didn’t produce any lights whenever I pressed it. Idk whats happening is it broken? pls help. thanks

Aisha Manir says:

Hi there, I was wondering how many return days back guarantee is from boots? If you got it from boots. Thanks 🙂

Hay Sir says:

اذا ممكن تشرحي لي طريقة الاستخدام باللغة العربية

surtigal says:

such a wonderful review

Sunita Sharma says:

We can use this one on face too if we use on face we shave face hair first too.. plz reply

JessXCoco says:

From the comments this seemed like a great informative video but 30 seconds in I had to stop because the camera is so shaky.

The Mediterranean Boy says:

Hi miss, do you think it could work on a man’s beard or is it for girls only ? 😀 regards

Jesi Trave Puyal says:

There are 3 different models, which one is the one you wrote the review on? SC1984/00, SC1981/00, SC1985/00. Thank you

Zyaleen Pascual says:

Hey! thanks for sharing. Do you think that inbetween the treatments I can wax?? I heard that it actually works when the hair is in anagen phases. So if I wax, then it returns to anagen phase. What do you think? pls reply. 🙂 thanks!

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