Philips Lumea IPL Review – Permanent At Home Hair Removal THAT WORKS! [NOT SPONSORED] – PICS

SORRY, I was wrong with the name in the video! Its this one : Philips Lumea SC2007/00 IPL Review – Permanent At Home Hair Removal THAT WORKS! [NOT SPONSORED]


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gabormis says:

Hi Ann, I liked your video, I may buy one for my wife 🙂 Thank you

Timothy Steeves says:

Do you think that it would be safe to use on my nut sack and nipples?

1LivingCuriously says:

I’d be curious to see a follow up review in like one or two months

بريق السيف says:

sorry I mean you used laser

Jason Vegan says:

I think a lightsaber would also work too, no? 😛

Ekram Hh says:

Which model is this?!

Blue Flower says:

That is not the Tria, it looks like a Lumea . The Tria is a laser device.

Natalie Lauren says:

thank you so so so much sweetie! this is so helpful! I’m going to buy it 🙂

Abigail says:

I have bought the TRIA laser hair removal.. Do you think this one is better?

beauty queen says:

can ubhave your email

Genetic Flotsam says:

Will this appliance permanently remove all memories of my childhood?

Aljazih H says:

How much and where did you buy it?

John Smith says:

Does this work for men who are blond all over? I mean, ALL OVER?

Brigitty Mejia says:

You are so cute ! thanks for the honest review !

Sara Ata says:

Hi, can you tell me where did you buy this product from? where can I buy it online?

Afra Salem says:

this is very helpful thanks

Liz Olsen says:

The setting from 1-5 is based on what tone your skin is and if your hair is black, brown or light brown. Nr.5 is not the “strongest” or most effective setting. The most effective setting is what it says in the manual that comes with the IPL laser. It is very important to read the description in the manual before using it, so that you are using it the right way.

Commodore Man says:

Hey, what’s the update on this? All gone? Smoother for longer?

Z3rd4 says:

Does it work for the vajayjay too?

Nat says:

Can you shave within the two weeks without using the laser? Also would you say it’s only suitable for bikini line or entire bikini?

Sadiya Shaikh says:

where can I buy it?

H Hijazi says:

Ann, are you a dyke? You better as fuck not be

K. del says:

can it be lighten armpits too?

anon a says:

Here.. I pay around 260$ every session (full body).. I finished my 2nd session 2 days ago and I’m so happy about it… usually they recommend you to finish 6 session/ each one each month to not grow hair again

Aisyah Ahmad says:

ann, how many days you take for the next ipl session ? thanks in advance.

Jovana Dzajic says:

you are so cute

بريق السيف says:

when was last time you have shaved it?

Aireen Catubag says:

Omg, i need this device i have hair all over my body very thick hair i pluck every week


Will this remove hair on my ass?

Meli says:

thank you so much for making this video!

Kiana says:

So how long do i have to wait between every laser hair treatments?

Jordensband says:

Is she beautiful inside and outside? Some stalker of her over here could tell me…

wakthor says:

this satisify my armpit festish thank you ann

86bhr says:

does it hurt??

how to make says:

thnx alot

kangzosa Vegan MGTOW says:

Could you do a follow up review?

That Girl Bella says:

I use this too and it’s amazing.

how to make says:

hi does it work for men dark hair

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