Review: Veet Hair Removal Cream with Demo

A review and demonstration video on the Veet Hair Removal Cream.

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Kaylon Varner says:

Dose anyone know how often you need to do it??

Intensing Laxman says:

After how many days hair will grow?

Paige Smith says:

Does it hurt or sting? Does it take longer to grow back than shaving?

Amit Rakshas says:


Information Technology & Entertainment says:

nice video

Phyllida .J. Hickish says:


Mariella May Mendoza says:

Can this be used in bikini area?

snowkitten711 says:

were can you buy the cream 😀

Ismat Ara Begum says:

are you italian?

Mike K says:

some hairy arms right there yahaha

İskender Bayzan says:

yonulmuş tavuğa dönmüş

who loves wwe apryl wwe apryl says:

i tried it. yesterday. and. it took a few times. to remove all the hair off my legs…the hair. on my legs were. being. stubborn. at 1st. but it came right off now i have smooth. soft legs


Does it hurt?

Lulu Lolo says:

What happens if you don’t wash the cream off

singh mrjivan says:

Nice demoPlz tell me what can veet wax legs aur fical to used(this wax are same)

•Tæ Bæ • says:

so, this is good for stomachs and for bikini area too?

Deblina Das says:

after removing the hair do we have to moisture our hands

aseerashameem shamnas says:

this same cream use to upperlip

Allie Nicole says:

her arms aren’t even hairy?

Heather Birks says:

where did you get it from because I can’t get it in the UK

who loves wwe apryl wwe apryl says:

i found. this product. at the 99 cent. store. hope that it works

Allison alleycat says:

i got scared after i used nair and it burned

Sharmander says:

can you use deodorant after use? i know you didn’t use it for your armpits, but would you know?

Kayla Widman says:

Does it work for back hair?

daniel fussa says:


Tine Tinn says:

Hi! I want to know if it is safe to use in private area and armpit?

Park_ Ràfa_13 says:

My sister said it make your skin darker is it true?

aseerashameem shamnas says:

plz u want to upper lip and chin plz tell me what i do

Lulu Lolo says:

Can you also use it in your armpits ??

JAHED P.K says:

good treatment

Preciousbaby Face says:

does that cream smell because I hate using the nair it stinks.

Aso Ashref says:

كلامه كثير واتوقع انو مو صحيح

Thea Grey says:

How long does it take for the hair to grow back?


this creame is better for bekini’s area and braun machine or waxing are better for the other areas.and you’d better not use rasor not at all

البرناوي برناوي says:


Christine Templeton says:

You could use a credit card or something like that to scrape the Veet off, yes?

bizhan maadan says:

I want to use it as ass hair removal 😀

Ana Rashidi says:

Can i use it for “down there” ?


but hair growth again

Kitereine says:

I want to try a hair removal cream. I have pilli multigemini (multiple hairs in one follicle,) so shaving leaves the worst razor burn/ingrown hairs that lasts for about a week. I can’t even wear tight clothing it hurts so bad. I really don’t want to do waxing. I’ll have to give this a try.

Rj Orbes says:

I used veet hair removal cream on my arms and legs , but the roots of my hair cannot be removed , is it normal?

Mike K says:

u really should see if it okay for your face… u got one helluva stache growing

Ana_ Kol says:

Do you absolutely need the scraper

WolfUniqua says:

is this permanent

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