Sugaring: The Best Hair Removal Method You Aren’t Using | Beauty Review

What is sugaring? In the world of hair removal, everyone wants a budget-friendly option that promises to remove the hair quickly without traumatizing the body during the procedure. Sugaring seems to be the best alternative when it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair. It costs about the same as waxing, but instead of potentially breaking the hair off at the skin’s surface, this mixture of sugar, lemon, and honey removes the hair directly from the follicle, allowing it to grow back softer, less coarse, and thus less noticeable. So who is it best for? Decide if sugaring is right for you. On Kirbie: Darling dress, Kate Spade earrings.

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Fernanda L. says:

She makes it look so easy…

Katie Dunwell says:

omg that girl’s arm’s damn

Binish Zakir says:

can we use this wax for pubic hairs??

Avaspony9 says:

Heheh. It’s sugaring and this is pop sugar.

Carmella Davidson says:

Whats an ingrown hair?

BubbleGumGunX says:

Biggest pet peeve, people removing arm hair.

Hmz boix says:

what are you waxing she barely has any hair

Amina Alamin says:

When you’re Arab and have been doing this your whole life…

Idalis Sandoval says:

Where can you buy the sugar wax at please tell?

Carolina Garcia Luna Rosales says:

does sugaring have the same effect on the hair folicles after the effect than laser hair treatment?

nazar Samar says:

what is the name of it.

Ronza Dnkha says:

this is how we make wax in the middle east

jade lou says:

they made a business using arabs beauty secret

Madam Fashionista says:

I am 11 and I get waxing done at home. My mum makes it at home and then I get my hair removed. Also it hurts at the first time only. I am now used to it.

Mariam Gogidze says:

is this painful?

Marjorie Dillard says:

I love your video

Olivia says:

How much does it cost?

chinese302 says:

Can you use for bikini?

rana Soss says:

This is totally unreal, im sorry

BETTY DaNiSh says:

btw it’s painful af when u start, just saying. Oh, tho if you have less hair than us middle easterns then I guess it would hurt less. good luck

Kyra Smith says:

Isn’t this halawa?

Malik khameen Gran Mashar says:

I purchase this wax u can send me link

Abby The Nelson says:

Omg I want this on my legs

Светлана Темиргазиева says:


Talen Tommo says:

Been doing this for centuries

I love Mark and Jacob says:

your just gonna make gold slime to have it lol

Rose Swag says:

how do you get a paste that clear I’ve tried it a lot but It turns out always brown or light brown plz tell me how to make it that clear :/

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