The Tea on LASER HAIR REMOVAL!! | Jackie Aina

Side Note: all of the comments about getting the procedure done while on your period are being marked as spam 🙂 not only are they redundant but the “P” word is not a scary thing. Before you leave a childish comment about the topic, grow up! I happen to be one of those women who has a pretty normal to light flow, so it’s not like I bled all over a table. We’re ALL grown and I try to create a safe environment to not be embarrassed to talk about stuff like this. Sometimes you just have to get in where you fit in. YES women do a lot of things while menstruating and/or spotting, like pap smears, etc. If Laser Away has an issue with you getting a treatment done while menstruating THEY will tell you no. And tampons were invented for a reason. End of story!

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What’s the procedure like?
Is it ideal for dark skin tones?
Will you get burned?
What are the side effects of laser hair removal?
Is laser hair removal painful?
I’m giving you guys all the info!

ONE THING I FORGOT TO MENTION!!!! PLEASE READ!!!! you absolutely positively cannot WAX or use hair removal creams before a laser procedure, it pulls the hair up from the shaft completely making it impossible for the laser to detect it!!

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PFB Chromabright (how to lighten bikini area)
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Shelly Garza says:

Hi dear,, I am a whitey!,, and I !! am pissed, cuz ,I am a ho bunch of Indian .. please God bless us all..

Unizer Brown says:

Do you still do laser removal?

Nadège Hope says:

I really like your make up!

Cross Stitch Bitch says:

I can’t get my eyebrows threaded when I’m on my period, I feel like I’m gonna pass out from the pain!

J be says:

why not wax before hand it would get close and be easier to do. especially bikini area? what am i missing

SavoryBaby says:


jasmine says:

i just wanna do my legs cause i have strawberry legs ):::::: nothing helps, it makes me soooo insecure

Kendra Codling says:

Yes honey! Thank you for this! As close as possible! Got it!!!

Mlle Meri says:

Can I go to the beach after laser treatment

Jasmine Lemanczyk says:

her teethhhhhh.

Chelsea Phipps says:

Can you shave in between sessions like during that 6 weeks of not going back


Can u give us an update?

Lil Onii Chan says:

Instead of shaving the day before can you wax the day before the removal instead?

Doris Ramos says:

I want that but im scared of the pain, im not good with pain.

ashleylaurennnx3 says:

can you please make an update video

Vanessa Elizabeth says:

omg i get so emotional on my cycle !!! i coudlnt imagine having to feel pain on it

Lydie Ndong ella says:

Thank you so much for this video!

Susana B says:

i recently went in for my consultation and they offered to get me started on my under arms so i said yes, but damn it was pretty painful but now i realize it was due to the fact that i did not shave the day before so i had a little stub and it smelled like burnt hair.

Rubi Red says:

Ive had 1 laser session and I did notice my skin getting lighter on my armpits which is something ive struggled with and I was so excited!

Anni Anglim says:

Latin“o” women

Wanda Santillo says:

Your makeup is flawless. You look amazing!

Karissa XXO says:

I have been so insecure of my underarms because they are so dark. Look girllll im a broke college student and heard about prices regarding laser and knew my ass couldn’t afford it. I knew this is something I really wanted so I decided to save up for it. thank god there’s a spa in my city where I was able to get 9 sessions for $260 🙂 and I swear they are LEGIT no shady shit lol So inexpensive compared to other places I’ve seen. I’m so happy i was able to do it. I definitely recommend to any ladies hesitate to do it!

Roquella Hinds says:

Thanks for the pfb tip! It really works

shanika kerr says:

Team no fuzzz… this girl has me roll. I appreciate this video. I’m a hairy mf and I’m considering laser removal. So thank you for this.

Mimi K says:

My bikini and underarms are surprisingly have high pain tolerance but my legs ARE PURE TORTURE!!!!! It hurts like a bih

shanika kerr says:

Team no hair , Team no edges ….. Crying !

Anxiety ごみ Trash says:

._. Your so helpful

Shanique Wright says:


siyrean says:

thank you! this cleared a lot up and now i feel confedant to make an appointment

Myisha says:

Most devices target the melanin in the hair which means that the best candidates have dark hair and light skin. This is just the way the lasers work. There are other methods though.

Art Hoe says:

I can’t your teeth is whiter than a trump rally

Lauren G says:

Are those copic markers organized in the one shelf in the back?

Dimplebabe says:

This hair looks bomb dig on you!

Colombiana Vero says:

I know this is a old video and probably no one will read my comment aaand this is probably a stupid question BUT.. what if I have a DIU? A T of copper? Will the laser shock the thingy? Lol idk sense its inside my uterus?

Xsawna Xaysana says:

Its actually not easier to treat women of color because how LHR works is, the laser is attracted to pigment(melanin). We have melanin in our skin and hair so if you are dark skinned with dark hair then the laser gets confused and it works to blow up pigment. Darker skins risk getting hypopigmentation(loss of melanin) and its irreversible! Its not impossible to work on dark skin clients as we see in these videos, but she didn’t explain that good. ND;yag is a good laser for her and ive used it too, its a more gentle laser that is not as aggressive and i bet thats what they used for her.

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