The TRUTH About Laser Hair Removal! My Experience + Tips

I started getting laser hair removal and wanted to make a video on my experience! In this video I give you all some info on laser and a few tips!
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F A Q:

Name- Lisette (Luh-set)
Race- Black & White
Location- USA, FL
Age- 20


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Janeth Gomez says:

You are GORGEOUS!!

Cyria Eltsia says:

I’ve been wanting to get it done for ages

Wanda Santillo says:

This was a very painful procedure and I only had a small area down on my leg done. I couldn’t go through with it.

nicy cools says:

You’re make-up is so good

i love loona says:

thanks! i was thinking about doing it bc i thought that waxing was too painful but now that i know that laser hair removal is worse im scared :/

Sidney Harper says:

How many treatments does it take for ur hair to stop growing

Beci Sandiford says:

Can u shave inbetween treatments, do u have to let hair grow out or anything like that?

Marine lab says:

You have the most beautiful hair I’ve ever seen, REAL HAIR,not body hair…

alexandriavictoria x says:

she didn’t answer the question.did it hurt?

ririnara says:

After a while, does your hair grow back or is this a permanent solution?

z .m says:

will they grow back during pregnancy ??

SA says:

I believe the pain you felt is because she put the laser close to your skin and for reasons described in your video. For most of us you’ll only feel the flicking pain from your first session onwards.

bondad7777 says:

Gourges girl first time I see you your hair looks great!
Love it…

Queen Katie says:

Does it hurt

Loredana Duca says:

WTF… early this day a friend told me that she had laser hair removal and we talked about it a bit and I had my iPhone close to me and now I get THIS in my recommendation even tho I rarely watch selfcare videos! Beware… your phone is listening to you!

Jack Daniels says:

paying with your own money such a fucking hero wow!!! go girl!

AsKatherina says:

Thank you for the video, very good information, however I did find in my own search that if you do wish to get rid of the finer, lighter hair, you could remove it with wax, sugar, epilator, basically remove the whole hair and immediately afterwords use carbon dye to dye the hair follicle, which then gets zapped by the laser and ‘kills’ the root.

Keana Rosh'a says:

Hey, I know this is far out but would there be any way possible you could give us a follow up?

Shanae Boisson says:

what is her lip colour and brand 🙂

Megsztr __ says:

Omg I just got laser hair removal for my bikini area too and when you said it was probably the worst pain you’ve been through…. I can feel your pain xD I actually cried a little because it was like getting shot from inside. I was jumping, not letting the woman continue haha . I thought to myself, was it just me , am I overreacting.I’m glad I got through it but when she said it would hurt again I died lol

karina valadez says:

She’s so pretty I’m like amazed thankyou for the informational video

Sophie Hill says:

First video I’ve watched, legit seems sweetest girl and so kind

Prina Nagar says:

How long does each session last?

Shaggz Ross says:


Super Son Goku says:

You didn’t even show your armpits and showing your result and saying anything about it. Useless video.

Awin Chan says:

you are a really good youtuber !! (:

peachy Poop says:

hey! i liked the video so much i didnt know i could get a numbing cream at all!
i got laser done today on my legs with only cold air hitting and god it hurt so much :'( i wanted to get the whole leg done for summer camp but throughout the process i couldn’t stand the pain so i got only the calves done :'( my mother decided to take me somewhere else where they’ll use numbing cream or a less painful laser

Gabrielle Camarena says:

August 31st is my birthday!

Nicolette Christiansen says:

How much does each session cost?

MayJ 77 says:

Ur so cute!

Tiffany Coomes says:

Oh my gosh! Pain tolerance is definitely different on everyone. When I would get waxes I would cry and sometimes yell. It was so extremely painful. I’ve had two sessions of laser hair removal and i couldn’t believe how painless it was. Like I was so nervous beforehand and so relieved once I was going through the treatment. I have my third appointment in three weeks and I can go a week without shaving already. I’ve gotten my legs and full bikini area done. I’m getting my armpits done next time I go. I couldn’t do it the first two times because I had been epilating them. Anyway, just thought I’d leave my experience here. 🙂

Olga M says:

At what age can u get it done?

Megan Taylor says:

You are so pretty!

Nichole D says:

I had laser hair removal and it did not last. I might even have more hair now than I did before the treatments.


The most painful thing i could experience is… *PERIOD*

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