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Kimberly Smith says:

I just got mine from It was six dollars +3 dollars shipping. It didn’t come with the box. I don’t know if it’s a knock off or not, but it looks the same. Seem to work, but it’s not A laser, just trimmer.

Julia Richards says:

its a razor

Liza Alexis says:

The original Epilady was over $100! And it was a torture device. At 43, I still have trouble with standard blades and rushing shaving to save water. I use the Shick Intuition and over the past 10 years have NEVER cut myself shaving. Any other razor will cut me in my rush to conserve water.

Liza Alexis says:

Electrolysis is permanent and not as expensive as laser. For those with dark, thick hair like mine, electrolysis is not as painful as it was 2 or 3 years ago. The certified technician I see removed almost all of her body hair. She practiced on herself often and now she has only about 5% body hair.

Jynna Stephens says:

I think the light is just to guide you, also I’d rather pay 40 and it not work that great then buy the no no for 300 and have a piece of crap haha, why say no when you can say YES! LOL

Moinmoin says:

try Flash&Go Compact Hair Removal Device, that would be great

Fazal Haq says:

plezzzz any one tell me that it really work mean removes the hairs permanently..plzzzzzzzz tell me guysssssss.,….

#b3 #Pr0ud says:

I actually heard her say”Philippines” but she said”hill a beans” i think

Cherry Lynn says:

I was thinking it was like an epililator. It’s like a cheap portable electric hair removal thingy.

Sk Siv says:

Looool two weeks of no shaving. Four months strong haaaahahaha.

Manar Hany says:

so it’s similar to a shaver? I usually don’t shave because it allows hair to grow more so If it’s a shaver it’s a no no for me

rustydip1 says:

Years ago I got an Epi-lady & OMG! PAIN!!! As bad if not worse than hot waxing. It was like have the hair twirled like spaghetti on a fork.

Elyna CoOl says:

finally found an electric thing that removes your hair painless with smooth finishing … btw does this can make your hair growth thinker or anything like that or what ? please replay

#b3 #Pr0ud says:


Just a Potato says:

Her eyes are beautiful

Laura Schofield says:

I’ve never seen the infomercial so I dont know about the crazy claims. It is NOT a permanent hair removal system. Its just a razor. This was recommended to me by a friend and I’ve been using it for a year now. I only use this on my face so I don’t have experience using it anywhere else. Ive used a lot of razors in the past and this one is the most gentle and shaves really close. I’ve found it works best on stubble, as recommended, and I find you need to tap it over hair that is any longer so the hair goes into the mesh hole to be cut off. The light doesn’t do anything but let you know that it’s running. If you don’t use it after a few seconds it turns off. I recommend it for facial hair especially if you have sensitive skin.

Mae Dizon says:

I believe the light is made for you to see the hair when you’re doing it. kind of like the tweezer that also has a light.

mukesh kumari says:

ur face like joker

Mel Cilop says:

I think that’s why they call it ” yes , finishing touch ” it’s meant to be for finishing touches lol

Yumi Gonell says:

I love you omg

navjot singh says:

she speak alot blah blah

Shoval Kadosh says:

Who is this ghost woman behind in the mirror??!

MyHamsterWillBeCalledNoodles: says:

You should do true touch on your cat

The Anime Ears says:

Thanks for making this video!

Cassandra Straume says:

I like it, there is no irritation and you can use it on dry legs quickly, no razor burn or nicking.

mgmartin701 says:


Diane Bays says:

you should be a comedian! if you’re not already… thanks for ur review!

Caitlynn Archer says:

pretty sure the lights just to help you see the hairs you may have missed etc

Barbs Smith says:

Whats with the shouting..I had to turn down my volume to really low..

Leland Moy says:

Try it on your kitty

Richy Ardhana Yasa says:

nice eyes colour

Irish Oyan says:

Hope you can post on where we can buy the replacement heads

Bianca says:

prob has the light so you can shave in the dark

and peggy says:

my friend made me watch this on full volume with ear buds omg i am dead

Josee Gagne says:

You should try the flash’n’ go from silk’n. Ive been using it for a while and it really works. It’s a permanent hair removal device. It’s better for people with darker hair though. Thanks. Love watching you. Keep it up.

Brenda J says:

The YES is a mid evil device I have pictures of what it did to me

Emily Bjorklund says:

Yeah i got this for Christmas a while back and I would never use it for my legs or arms or anything because it’s too small, but I carry it with me in case I miss some hair anywhere, also IT IS BEST for my face instead of shaving it or when i don’t have time to wax 🙂

Oriana Korkosz says:

Why are you shouting?

Kelly Lewis says:

oh god no it doesn’t work. it feels like it’s ripping my hair out

Markxxx says:

Epilators are NEVER painless. They yank the hairs out, how can that be painless?

For $40 it’s worthless, you can get trimmers much less cheaper that do the same thing

Sharmin nahar says:

you literally gave me a headache

Giorgi Maru says:

Does she makes her coffee with red bull instead of water???

WolfUniqua says:

Wat are u soupose to do if u don’t want hair on ur legs, arms or other parts of ur body

to be gone like for ever

laughingsquaw53 says:

the epi smooth is a new hair remover out on market now.

mariana Atanasova says:

How long does epilation last?

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