7 Benefits of a Man Shaving His Head as Opposed to Having Hair

I made this video to accompany the blog post I wrote about this topic, on Family Friendly Daddy Blog: http://familyfriendlydaddyblog.com/2015/12/11/7-benefits-of-a-man-shaving-his-head-as-opposed-to-having-hair/


Raunak Das says:

Ted Mosby with a buzz cut.

Luca Gioviale says:

You look great 🙂

RJ Carter says:

I’m convinced!  It’s an awesome look.

Alphonse Zoot says:

To each their own. I will admit it looks more comfortable, but I fail to understand why it is perceived as a more
dominant look, or why that should matter. If a guy is shaving his head just to look more macho, that seems like
insecurity to me.

moh5178 says:

Say all you want,I’m not going to shave my hair lol

Steve Janowiak says:

Hi, Nick. Don’t know how in the hell I stumbled across your videos, but I did. And please please heed my advice. I’m 49. I have no receding hairline whatsoever. Full head of hair. With that said, I kept it at various lengths all my life (mostly spiked about an inch or two and a few times very long). About 3 years ago I buzzed it on a whim. And let me say, my confidence skyrocketed. Women seem to have an instinctual allure to this look. Very primal or something. Unlike any other time in my life! I know it sounds far fetched that a hair style (or lack thereof) could make such a difference, but it’s not…And watching some of your videos, I can’t stress how much better you look with a #2-3 buzz and stubble compared to some length. To me it’s night and day. Honestly, and I mean this with total respect, you look like an enigmatic, confident bad-ass with the buzz and a nerdy, science teacher with the length. But ultimately, you seem like an awesome dude on the inside, and that is certainly what’s most important. Good luck and peace.

hairycueball says:

Would your hair look very different to what it was in dec 2015 if you buzzed your hair today, with the same hair length ?

Alexander Hsiung says:

shaved my head a month ago. one of best decision ive ever made, wish i did it as a teenager. i look young n my manager used to say my hair looked cute. but now after i shaved I look mature for once, its free!!! dont need to buy hair products! makes my muscles look bigger. i was even told i look like a soldier (always admired warriors/soldiers)

i love it.

Inf7cted says:

I do no guard then fade into 1 then 2! Like my sides short.

WheelBite ASMR says:

2:27 lmao

mattd313 says:

Some dudes look good with shaved heads. Others, not so much. I’d love to shave my head but I would look ridiculous.

James stranger says:

I had thin hair. then I shaved it. and it basically didn’t grow back. that was nearly 20 yes ago. I keep it shaved now. I did a while back. keep it shaved with a razor. but I have no hair on top. maybe peach fuzz. does anything grow hair back? I’m old enough now I don’t really care_. but if it did work I may want hair some day. thanks

Charlie Twyman says:

im also 5,9 and im 15

Nobody says:

One word ——— Awesomeeeeeee

Reda Yassine says:

whats wrong with your eyes man ?!

C Anderson says:

Looks good. I have a hairline much like yours but my wife doesnt want me to shave it. i use a 3 on the sides tapered. Much like one of your other videos.

Timothy Bailey says:

Just shaved my head today, like it so much better than my receding hairline and bald spot on the top! And I am 21.

nocturnal1one says:

yea maybe I dono

old soul says:

i loved this video, i will keep my hair short forever

Camelot __ says:

When i was younger , i always had very strong longer hair,i still have very strong hair because im not naturally bald at all..I continue to shave my head since i left the army,it became more like routine to me, and i noticed its much more convenient and easier to maintain ..since im not some metro guru hair style guy,never been into all this fashion mambo jambo crap i dont have time too much time to spent infront of the mirror every day to take care of it..most chicks loves it too..so yea its definitely a bonus.

Shazia Hussain says:

I actually got bald today…. Thanks for building the confidence.

Silly Willy says:

Aye does it hurt or itch when your hair recedes. I’m 16 and I don’t know if I have a mature hairline or if it’s receding. All the dude on my moms n dads side of the family have had some type of hair loss. I’ve lost a lot of confidence over this and it kills me to scratch my head cause I get hairs falling off and ticking my face.

Thomas h says:

you look bat shit crazy

Joe Black says:

Your confidence is awesome and infectious, thanks.

François Dépotoir says:

Honestly, you look way better this way.

one guy says:

i prefer you shaved

Cs go giveaway Guy says:

The only reason I went bald is because it’s really uncomfortable when I put on my headsets my hair keeps blocking it off.

And also showers I hate it when my hair is wet

Naedeslus says:

I used to have long hair but I just got a #2 buzz cut for the first time in nearly 7 years and I love the feeling of not have to style or deal with having long hair anymore. I also got a ton of compliments today with my new look. A real confidence booster.

John Runcie says:

Been debating the full shave. At this point things are going quickly. Thanks for the upload.

Connor says:

I’m 14 and I really want to shave my head

Richar Gomez says:

lol i fucked up my hair so i shaved it off, and now im starting to like it

ashley mccammon says:

I agree shaved head r free as you say just buy a clippers and do it yourself.

The Bilal Show says:

your video helped me and convinced on getting a buzz.

Peter Wong says:

Shaved head, better sanitary …… meaning easier to wash the head and LESS chance to attract head lice.

rick peener says:

im 24 and shave out of convenience. for years its just become a burden and im so glad i did it. plus my scalp conditions cleared up because of shaving but the thing is i have a birthmark on the back of my head which i only noticed after and it looks like a red shape but not too visible

Jeroen van Broekhoven says:

This is hardly a shaved head, TBH. To me, shaved is completely smooth. No hair at all. Like I have.

Death says:

Shaved my head not long ago… Now everyone look at me as if i were a nazi…

slyboy 1993 says:

I’m a gay guy,And i have to dispute the women like bald men better,I’m not a outwardly feminine gay man,or really feminine at all and though my hair isnt super long i let it get shaggy, and style it,And a crap ton of women assume i’m straight and hit on me,And one of the biggest things women love about me are my beard and my hair.Same with gay men,Hell even straight men compliment me on my hair and beard lol.I think some women and men like bald men,But i think it depends on the man,Just the same as why some men are super attractive with long hair and some aren’t,If it doesn’t fit the mans face,or he has a weird head shape etc and it just looks plain weird then that won’t be attractive on said man.Its just the same as why you can see one woman with short hair and shes stunning and it looks totally weird on another girl.If short or long hair makes you look odd then its not going to be attractive.Men just tend to shave their heads constantly when their hair thins because they don’t have the patience for hair treatments.Personally i love my long thick hair,i only shave it in the summer cause of the heat,otherwise i always keep it longer.

workout motivation 2017 says:

does the circle hole in the top of the head goes when we shave our head ?

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