ANDIS PROFOIL LITHIUM SHAVER Product Review | A.D. the Barber

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This video is a review for the Andis Profoil Lithium Shaver. Any questions please contact me in the comments or a message. One of the best barbering tools around!


Fugitivo Valdez says:

I dont get what shavers are for wouldnt it be the same to use a razor or a zero idk i dont know a lot about cutting hair but are these necessary?

Saleena A says:

i just got them … do i put oil on them before use ?

Kevin Teran says:

so your saying I can pay 80$ dollars for this professional shaver, instead of paying 200 for the braun series 7?
I’m already sold on this

jetski Dex says:


Danny Music Oficial says:


curtis cooper says:

which ones cheaper…

Mikey Medrano says:

bro bro.can you plz help. I lost my charging cord. how do I replace it. I can’t find it online

I Love Being A Dad says:

how much were they

1988remixx says:

Could you use it as a body grooming shaver?


my first was a Remington now Braun..however I get lazy looking for it’s been trimmer shavers

Mel's Fitness Journey says:

How does it perform with head shaves?

rich Mck says:

Liked your video. You are energetic for a barber. That I like when I go into a barber shop. Shame you don’t have a shop near me!

Tell me, if the battery dies, obviously I will have to replace it eventually, so would it not be better to get a corded version.?

I am fast balding and using a wahl Balding clipper but it does not cut as close as I would like it to.The result is a shaver like the one you describe.
However, is there a version ( not just with a lithium battery ) with a cord..?
Thanks for your time.

Trevor says:

My face is super sensitive for shaving/trimming usually resulting in me breaking out or razor bumps. Would you say this would be a better alternative to using say a Wahl outliner/trimmer for a facial cut?

Eimad Fares says:

How much?

Howard W. says:

Thanks for the review. Def do a vid with it next time bruh!

Don K. Ruler says:

My barber uses this on my fade but can this be used on facial stubble? Sure it can lol. Good video bruh

Frank Jackson says:

Which one is more durable and has better ease of replacement parts?

Don K. Ruler says:

Okay ignore comment lol just saw u used it on face. definitely buying one.

The Last Don says:

Can they be adjusted to cut closer

G. Valverde says:

It’s seems like mine doesn’t cut on one side. Any suggestions?

10GALLEN81 says:

You give good advice about razor bumps. These things ( in the hands of the ignorant)  can really mess you up!!!  Your videos  are the best out there, bar none. Keep `em coming.  Thanks

G. Willis says:

+ADTheBarber I’ve been having problems with my wahl 5 star shaver, it doesn’t stay charged and dies quick. Plus the cord doesn’t stay in. I’m thinking about switching to the andis shaver. Thanks for the review.

Bruce Turner says:

can u do a shag cut tutorial

Franco Gomes says:

AD, you could tell me a store there in the United States that sells Andis GTX? takes a lot of this machine, here in Brazil it is very expensive. (AD, você poderia me informar uma loja ai nos Estados Unidos que venda Andis GTX? preciso muito dessa maquina, aqui no Brasil é muito caro).

Kenneth Willis says:

nice instrumental

cj miller says:

So you feel this is a pretty solid alternative to a razor shave? I shaved a guy the other day who had some tough hair. I had to tell the guy “I dont feel comfortable doing your face if the hair is as tough as it was on your head”. I was thinking if the foil shavers would have provided and adequate shaving alternative.

o01q2w3e says:

general question; most barbers use these foil shavers now, how are they sanitizing them between cuts???

Matthew R says:

quick question how can you tell the difference between a genuine merchandise or a fake merchandise??

Joshua Cajas says:

Do you have to apply aftershave after using Andis lithium shaver??

gknextlevel says:

I am trying to achieve a close shave with the Andis Profoil Shaver.

1. Before you shave do you treat the head with anything? (hot towel, brush it the opposite way, put any oil, balm, lotion, etc. on)

2. While shaving do you use cicular motion, do you stretch the skin?

3. After you are done do you use alcohol, astringent, balm, oil, etc. If so what kind?

4. How do you clean the shaver?

Uriah Devenport says:

+ADTheBarber are you looking to sell your 5 star shaver?

Bruce Turner says:

thanks bro

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