Bald Eagle Essential Shaver | Customer Review

Review of the Bald Eagle Essential by a long time Skull Shaver owner. The Bald Eagle is now my primary shaver, and I keep the old Skull Shaver in the car for touch-ups on the road.

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mahheer yisrael says:

Thanks for great review, will buy.

John Williams says:

I got one and it works great. every couple days I use it.

samir hadad says:

i never used any shaving device before except razors. my question is, does this gives you the same smooth result as a razor shave? thanks

Thomas Kotovsky says:

best electric razor I have ever used a my head as close as a handheld

largon 03 says:

my only question is… is it a close shave? im not asking for gillete fusion close but is it a shiny smooth shave? ur head looks shiny that’s why i ask..

Russell Hladky says:

Thanks you sir. I can’t wait to get mine. Should arrive today 🙂

juntjoo nunya says:

Looks like you could possibly put a Norelco head on it. Please say it is so!

Keystone Tuscanred says:

I give this product 4.75 or 4 and 3/4 (four and three quarter) stars. Not as close as a blade but then again my remaining hair grows so fast in like a half day that it doesn’t justify using a razor. Also the look is virtually identical to a smooth razor shave. Great review sir. For about a year or slightly more I have used the Bald Eagle Skull Shaver Pro and it does a great job.

dizzle says:

The review was great. Thanks for the info. Will be picking one up.

Alec Medz says:

nice review bud.

Ajay Rattan says:

Fantastic review. I am buying one now just based on your review!!! Thanks

Thomas Kotovsky says:

great electric razor I give it 5 stars

Lipcsai Szilveszter says:

how does it handle on the long run for like shaving every other day….?

largon 03 says:

So technically if the motor is stronger that means it gives a closer shave than the older model. am i correct?

Rodney Evans says:

I would like to see a video, showing the hair being cut. Talk is cheap. All the videos I have seen were guy’s claiming they just got finished using it but we all know they used a razor blade of some sort.

Jerry Briggs says:

Not 1 question answered on this thread. That tells me all I want to know.

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