Bald Eagle Smart Head and Face Shaver by Skull Shaver

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Bald Eagle Smart shaver Is latest Electric Shaver by skull Shaver which specializes in engineering unique design in their Head shaver it contains 5 rotatory Blades which cuts hairs like a breeze difficult area such as neck and back of the head are now not a problem at all because of small in size and the ergonomics are so well that gliding on the face and head is like a joy ride

Check out the Full Review here

Skull Shaver are know for their unique design and durability Bald eagle smart shaver is not at all made from lousy material it feel quite premium in hand and maneuverability is just Top Notch


Dillyboyee says:

1m 14s…. you really think the world is this stupid?

AlexeyDnepr says:

What is different the Smart from the Pro? Which is better to take?

Jerry-Bee Weaver says:

The full review link is broken.

Northern Gamer says:

this guys is so shit at shaving his head……

laughing sinner says:

one second in the video is about three in real time looks like a good head shaver though. 

sajid butt says:

Where can I get one mate. There is no link

therealloadedgun says:

Why is the timer you show on the screen so slow? The video is 3 minutes and sixteen seconds long, yet your “timer” shows it took 1 minute and 14 seconds ??? The shave actually took about 3 minutes.

Frank Moss says:

He looks better bald.

largon 03 says:

i just have one question…. can this replace my gillete fusion, is it as close?

Balkan Intros says:

downvoted beacause of the fake timer, what a lying pricks

Gabriel Miller says:

come chect out my chan

anonymous says:

Sir, you’re moving too fast. It’s not a race. Move the shaver SLOWLY over your scalp and let the blades do the work.

Jacob Mickevicius says:

Each second in the video is like 3 actual seconds

Sir Brock says:

Electric shavers are as varied in size and shape as traditional razor blades. The basic models often feature 

one blade, or a fixed head, whereas the pricier models include swappable heads and several blades. Other 

differences come in the form of special features and the closeness of every shave.

Bun Bee says:

Can I shave my balls with it??

johnny Williams says:

Why why WHY! Are you trying to fool people with that timer? you lose all credibility and you look stupid doing it. I liken it to the video of that d.j. whose equipment wasnt even wired to anything, just sitting on the table while the d.j. pretented to push buttons. You are seriously that level stupid.

stephen geraci says:

This is not that much different then an electric razor for the head.  For me, it takes too long.  I simply use the Whal Balding Clipper and it takes a couple of minutes.  This might be good if, you do it in the middle of a day for a touch up.



drdj69 says:

slow down bad ass baldy, slow the fuck down..

Vieques PR says:

It’s a good head shaver when you need a quick shave. It doesn’t get glass smooth but it’s pretty close.

Straightoutofchiraq says:

That’s too much fuckin work.. Geez!!

Jess Volina says:

I smoked weed for the 1st time in like 10 years, found myself here. This video is fuckin satisfying!

swollenbellend says:

All that rubbing cannot be good for the skin will cause a bad rash n sores

Bg Sosh says:

That’s a fake timer – it takes him over 3 mins according the video timer.

John Hurkett says:

Jesus Wept !!!!
This shave too long enough to give you a sore head !!!!

Pre data says:

bald eagle states not to use it with gels of creams….

tkmaz says:

I’ve got a question.
Is there a way to change the closeness of the shave? I’m looking for a gift for my husband & he likes his head shaved an 1/8 of an inch but he prefers his face more clean shaven. So we have a WAHL for the head & he wet shaves his face.

Is this a good choice for what he’d want?

sqitso says:

I guess it’s good for some people. Been shaving bald for over 25 years with a blade. Haven’t cut myself in probably 20. Takes me 3 minutes with a blade and is cheap. 

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