Barber Tool Clipper Review: Wahl Finale 5 Star Shaver

In this video, I give you a first look at the Wahl Finale Shaver and give my perceptions after one day of use. I wanted to hurry and get this out so my subscribers can see the foils and get some of their immediate questions answered. Enjoy!

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Vinny Trims Shaves says:

Do you think the finale is better than the andis pro foil

Fred Garza says:

Did this just come out I have a older grey one but doest say finale on it just whal shaver i dont think its a 5 star either but im using the regular burgundy with gold power switch

Raynell Holmes says:

Where is the Negro review?

Rey Martinez says:

with a few more days of use do you think there built any better than the burgundy ones especially the foils? and compared to the andis shaver which is better?

gangstalishis says:

you sound like you’re 14

alphacharlie65ms says:

Do you still like this shaver? I am wanting to buy one.

C Fera says:

Thanks ..very helpful…

Alvaro Henrique says:

My mom loves you. And i think im in love too. She loves your reviews, but she don’t speak english. We are brazillians. So if you come to here, let me know. haha thanks bro

Williegillan says:

thanks for the videos mate. just started college last week and your videos are a great help. keep it up bro

Kevin Rawson says:

What do you use on your own head?

Victor Guillen says:

I use this just to shave and man am I satisfied with this shaver

BarbertoryTV says:


Wahlpro says:

Thanks for the review! A couple quick bits of info for you:
-This Shaver has an enhanced cutter bar that helps reduce vibration, thus protecting the foils. These are the same super close cutting foils that provide an ultra-close cut
-Battery is 90+ minutes, and the tool runs cord/cordless.
-This tool comes with a charge stand which the Shaver/Shaper no longer does.
-Most importantly, this tool is made in the USA!

Nick Dalton says:

Hey brother, just letting you know that I checked it out. BTW… What’s up with school? I hope everything is ok.

Patrick Jordan says:

great helpfull vid as always bro:) I was looking to ask ur opinion,im not a barber but i do like to shave my own head and shape my beard up.I have a wahl balding and i have a wahl detailer for lining out my beard.Wot clipper could u reccomend me for taking my beard down till a number 1 before i style it? just something to run over it. Thanks

Walter Thompson says:

that guy getting worked on I know he dun fucked a few donkeys before.

greg geo says:

hello, it cuts deeper than andis shaver?

Marcello Capone says:

Andis Profoil or Wahl Finale, which is best for someone looking to shave their head bald? thanks.

Nawal says:

Great video!. how do you know when to change foil and cutter?

beugen2001 says:

How are these compared to Andys ? I heard that Andys compared to the old wahl shaver was way better !

Bryan Zorrilla says:

I just got the andis supra ZR…lithium is definitely the way to go..I’m going to ask my wife to get me these for Father’s the way awesome review

hellaluigi says:

super cool having your client/friend give their perspective from the client’s point of view!

Shanti G says:

Two thumbs way up

o01q2w3e says:

same ole stuff repackaged

its called marketing

kingsaco says:

@cleancutz Another great video!

edwin alanis says:

the haircut is not faded

Doug wall says:

Only one choice andis shaver, original wahl or this one? What would you buy?

Brayan Berk says:

hello men. I am standing in front of an option to buy Wahl Finale 5 Star Razor Andis Profoil or lithium . on your vzlyad that lushe . given time from a single charge , shaving , etc.

Scalezthebarber says:

the pro foils are just so smooth and i own both

Peter Wuteh Vakunta says:

Thanks for the video. It certainly helped me make up my whether or not to get one

BankBagz says:

does wahl products last long ? like most philips and braun devices

Alexander Rodriguez says:

Is this one better than the profoil….

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