Best Way To Shave Without A Razor | But ☝🏽 … | Braun Series 9 Foil Shaver Review

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Carmen Eubanks says:

Nate, as a bald woman, I appreciate your thoughts and opinions. Keep up the good work.

whutha says:

So you use witch hazel and after shave after every shave?

keith wisdom says:

the best for black man bald heads. I first use a T blade first- because I cut a few days to week….. no bumps…… but it took awhile before it starting working good- had to break in…. not sure if you can use it everyday…. I tried and after 4 days I go some problems with irritation

Thomas Reilly says:

I would like to see a review on Panasonic arc 5

Quadrillion aire says:

I been shaving my head for 11 years and nothing works better than going against the grain with Gillette Fusion

sincere jenkins says:

I have the series 9 and I love it. Do you have a recommended solution or mixture that makes it smoother?

Casey Sutfield says:

Thanks bro. Real informative. Keep doing your thing!

Langston D Deal says:

Will you be using these clippers again to see the best way to cut without getting irritation or just stick with your safety razor?

slopezfynest gaming says:

My guy great video

Glacius Returns says:

Thanks for the review Safety razors regardless of how sharp give me bumps due to my skin type so a set of Clippers like this one that can give comparable results is very informative thank you Bro BRDGNG

Tyrone Byrd says:

My hair grows like yours and I have that shaver it works but the razor gets it cleaner and smoother to me I can feel the difference. I haven’t used a safety razor yet looking to getting one which do you reccomend and products to use after you use the safety razor. I normally use the noxzema after but I want it clean and even tone thanks.

Mike Niko says:

All of them work the same nate Mathews love the bald head how long have you had a bald head for?

Kenny says:

@BRDGNG can you please review “omnishaver”.

Alex W says:

I needed this video

Bigg Nate Wright says:

Andis Profoil? I have a Series 7 that I sometimes use for my head. As always, great vid.

Maurice Wiggins says:

how do u feel about the Wahl 5 star balding clippers?

SDMFAnthony says:

Gillette Fusion Pro Glide. SO close. You’ll stay with it. Watch.

Dazerlbc says:

I had to wait until midnight for my credit card payment to go thru to buy this and when the coupon on Amazon disappeared on me, I still got the initial discount but I ended up paying almost 50 more than if I bought it just minutes earlier. Bitch ass Amazon played me.

J Rock80 says:

I been using the Braun Series 9 for four months. I get those same bumps on the back of my neck. I’m trying to decide. Should I try using a different foil shaver like the Wahl Sensitive Shaver or Use some other method

Aaron Burden says:

Bro, my hair texture is probably like yours. I love the Braun 9 Series. I use Andis T-Outliner first to knock down hair and long hairs and then use the Braun afterwards. I’ve been seeing that Norelco Oneblade lately and it’s looking like a beast. Hate I paid $350 vs $50 if that Oneblade actually does the job. I want to be able to cut in the shower every other day at least besides waiting a week to cut and bald my head. What you think of the Norelco Oneblade bro?

ToReal ForTv says:

Does it leave razor bumps…

urbanruler says:

can we use it on balls and skin around

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