Braun Series 9 Premium Shaver | + Clean & Charge Station 💭

A number of you have been asking me to check out the Braun Series 9 Shaver for a hot minute now; I finally decided to take the plunge & see what all the hype is about. This premium shaver cuts wet & dry. If you’re looking for a way to shave your head bald without using a safety razor you may want to check out the Braun Series 9 lineup. I picked up Model 9295cc [] which also comes with a Clean & Charge Station but if you dont care for the extras, Check out the standalone razor: [Model 9093s]

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Manny Sullivan says:

Need something that will be sensitive for the back of my head but is still a close shave, any recommendations?

Daniel Khodakarami says:

It takes time for the skin to become adjusted to your shaver. First try it does not cut close.
But 1 or 2 months later it will get close. Because the way the folicles are set will get adjusted.
I dont know but thats what happened for me. I dont use a series 9 but i have a braun foil type shaver its a braun 4000 series i inhereted from my dad. Heres another tip. Try using shaving gel and a lot more moisture to make it more easier to glide. Also try shaving against the grain at all times. I dont know if all of this will work for you but give it a try for a week or a month.

Tremble Dust says:

Great vid. Have you considered reviewing the BaBylissPRO FOILFX02 ? I’m hearing REALLY good things about it cutting wise. I’m going to pull the trigger on it in a few weeks. My Braun 7 is holding me down until then.

Илья Тырса says:

Если взять просто кирпич, и водить им по голове столько же времени, то можно добиться того же результата. Кирпич только дешевле

Ronald Jenkins says:

What’s up bro first I want to say that I have become a fan of all of your videos. And thank you for a lot of tips you give us now I have been using the Braun Series 7 for over a year now and I love it. I use it on my face and head I Perchers the Braun Series 9 a few months ago and I didn’t like it so I took it back. The Braun Series 7 is better for African American and Latino men in my Opinion so thanks for everything and keep doing your thing bro.

Manny Sullivan says:

any recommendations for shaving tips at the neck crease and below to shave?I’ve used the Pitbull gold and gilette razor on the back of my head and always get razor bumps/irritation and almost a rash!! any suggestions to get the closest shave on the back of your head without getting irritation? PLEASE HELP ME OUT

GlassAxis13 says:

I have super-sensitive skin. I’ve done multi-bladed razors, straight razor at the barber shop, generic electric razors, and this razor. No, the Braun 9 did not “solve” my skin issues, but it is the best I’ve had yet. I use Nivea beard gel after every shave. Yes, the razor is expensive (iPad level ~ $500). Yes, blades are expensive ($90 for a new one, but I got a price match to $50 at a company going into bankruptcy, with approx. 1-2 years usage), but it’s still been the best shaver I’ve had in my life. As long as I shave 2 days before a business meeting the accumulated hair is well taken care of without damage to my skin. We men have to deal with beard hair as part of our anatomy and the Series 9 is a great tool which I would recommend to anyone.

Natayla Merchant says:

Hey i want can you please give me this

Jorrun says:

I love this channel, but 6 commercials is too much, man

Meshwork123 says:

Very good user review. Thank you.
You’d look great with a well-groomed goatee.

TheOmega4ever says:

I have never have god results with those types of shavers. I have found that a straight razor and safety razor are the best way to get a great close share! Great video!

Blek Stena says:

Braun series 5 or series 9

Robert Morman says:

Beard is looking right bro. Question, how do you print your shirts with the different color letters. Looking for an easier less expensive way to run my t shirt business

Peter Dillon says:

Hey Nate! Just wondered if you were planning on doing a dry shave with the Series 9? Be interesting to see the comparison.

Larry Schlutt says:

really wish people today would stop using the word right so often. it’s become one of the most over used words on out dictionary. makes it sound like even though it doesn’t but literally speaking it says, I’m unsure am I right? or I’m insecure so I have to know if you agree with me. ugh.. English slang in our country continues to get worse every Gen lol

love the series 9 bro..


Nice bro going TuneIn to your IG after the results. Also make sure u check out the Dove Men Plus Care Facial kit u can use on your face or head I use it a lot and it does the job done and smell good lol. Peace bro.

Manny Sullivan says:

I have ingrown hair small dark spots on my scalp from when I shaved with a razor against the grain over a month ago, any tips to get rid of them. Also need recommendation for a good moisturizing scalp moisturizer!!

Big Fred says:

I use the Braun 740-S7 on my face with shave soap. I use the Van Der Hagen shave soap. I used to use the Lectric shave but I noticed I always had to go over spots. With that shave soap I can get a clean shave without having to constantly go back over spots. I just barely started using the shave soap with my Braun 7 like a couple months ago. For my head I use the same Van Der Hagen shave soap but I use a Gillette Fusion and I go WITH the grain! I haven’t had any irritation and been shaving my head for years! After shave I use the Cremo Post shave balm.

Sir Nyanalot says:

Hi Nate what clippers and electric shaver do you recommend that are not weak or slice and dice like? Been looking around for some clippers or electric shaver for my bald head that will be a easy shave, but they either come across inconsistent(electric shavers) or like those wahl clippers can be, slicing the skin and such. Tho id rather them strong than weak any day.

Nice to see your still on the youtube btw

Jim Harkin says:

Try the new Philips S9000 Prestige, it’s ideal for heads because of its rotary head.

Flash150 says:

Thanks Nate that is a great review brother!

Stephen Logan says:

Nope I’ll stick with my Schick Extreme 3 Razors. $6.00

King Raheem says:

Just used the braun 9 today and am very disappointed. Still have low stubble. For $264.99 complete disappointment and now that I have used it there is no way to justify that amount of money for the cost. I could spend $70 on t edgers and get the same results.

AllAmericanGuy01 says:

Foil shavers are usually trash. Nothing beats a razor for a close clean shave.

mohawk1623 says:

I’m one of those who suggested getting this.
I would suggest keeping the shaver head locked in place and using longer strokes against the grain. Try not to go back and forth over and over or you will irritate your scalp, especially around the ears.
If you’re using shave soap, reapply as you work your way around your head otherwise it’ll get sticky and you’d be better off dry shaving.
I noticed after 6 months of daily use that the machine was taking longer to shave my head and the battery would drain quicker. I bought a replacement head and it’s like brand new again.
Glad you liked the shave, Nate.
Hopefully the was no irritation for you!

Karry Johnson says:

Bruh I’ve been waiting for a brother to review this, especially since I shave my head. I bought a wahl lithium ion wet/dry one and hate it. This will probably be my next purchase.

patdud1979 says:

These razor are made for beard follicles not for shaving hair… Since hair on the head is thinner than beard it is to flimsy to stay up right properly so it is not very effective.


The shaver looks flashy n pretty but, it sounds like it took mad long to get cleaned up.

D Boy says:

Homie that shaver is wack, takes too long. Guess I’m an old head that will always shave my head to be honest

logman2012 says:

To expensive…about $300

K C says:

Great video

walkerdav2003 says:

Can you review the omnishaver for me?

G W says:

I shave my head with this model. I wash my head first to remove all oil, then dry it and wait a few mins for any hint of moisture to go. Then I shave. Glides over a treat against the grain. Hot knife through butter. Takes a few mins to do the entire head and I do it every day. No burns on the neck or anything. No bumps at all. Could never use a razor blade as I suffer real bad from bumps. I use the Braun aerosol cleaning spray cleaner after tapping out the head and running under hot water.

WSP UNIT says:

Testing a really expensive shaver on a bold head (interesting)

Miles Warren says:

How was that grow out??

trueGrizzlesFAN22 says:

Bro I enjoy your videos but when you put in that aftershave it felt like when you know Johnny has f up type video.. over all nice video

Ian Muessig says:

I recently got a Braun series 7 and I love it. It does have an adjustment period for your skin (they say 1-2 weeks, more like 3-4 for me) but after that it really does a fantastic job. I actually stopped using DEs because of it. The only blade I own anymore is my Parker shavette that I use for line ups.

That burn you got may have come from using it wet. I know it seems counterintuitive but I find my Braun 7 is much more efficient and comfortable when used bone dry. Water and or lather seem to cause it to drag.

cjack202003 says:

I tried it all and the only thing that gives me little to no ingrown hairs are my T-Outliners. Everything else…I bump up like a mofo. The T-Outliners though…night and day difference. Even says it straight on the box….”best for dry-shaving.” I still prep my face for shaving with a warm towel. The T-Outliners does the trick for me. But hey, to each their own. If the Braun works great for you…great. Only thing that works for me is the T-Outliners.

Casey Sutfield says:

Great vid bro. Gotta update on how that worked out after a couple of days.

retardedfolks says:

Love the review but noticed that you did a wet shave on the shavers dry setting. Above the power button is a little slider. You had it slid towards the top which is dry. Not sure how much of a difference there would have been. Personally I think this shaver shaves better dry also.

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