CREMO Bald Head Shave Review

Here’s a review of Cremo Shaving cream. I was told about it so I decided to try it out. Check our my other shaving related videos below!

Bevel Shaving Review:

Shaving head with Bevel razor:


Justin Walker says:

What’s up bro! yea I use a shaving brush next time to get more lather. Also, continue using that coconut oil. My next suggestion would be try different blades for that razor.

shavefan says:

Way too much product and not enough water. I do like to use a little more product but this stuff loves water. The more water you add the slicker it gets.

REBELutionary1 says:

I bought the Bevel system partially based on your review, and I was able to get basically two whole 30 day sets, minus the second razor and brush for under $100. So far so good. I like the post shave balm, and primer. Like you, I think I use too much shave cream. Do you use the bevel on your neck? I saw Cremo at Target, and was about to grab it, but now, maybe not.

Brian D says:

You should apply it without mixing it with water. Just wet the area first and then directly apply.

LutaLivre113 says:

I used the blue version of this. The cooling version and liked it. You’re a little heavy handed with the razor. Stop that pressure. Use a brush instead. It’s not meant to lather but the brush makes it way better.

Positive Vibes says:

Try Bump Patrols Shave gel for Sensitive Skin. It’s tailored towards African American men. It has a nice smell and lathers easily with a shave brush (synthetic or badger) and with your hand. It prevents razor burn, cuts, etc. This is my go to shave gel. You get 2 4oz for 8 dollars or 4 4oz for like 17$. It’s worth it in my opinion. Bump Patrol also has a Great After shave that gets rid of bumps and ingrowns. It’s works Great. I have no ingrowns anymore. Look at the Reviews

buglewe says:

Travis, can you make a video about how you felt about losing your hair and what gave you the confidence of shaving it off. This is an issue that many young men struggle with.

Gadd Ovame says:

Can you do a product review for man-scaping??

ErikSixx says:

I love cremo but it does not last 90 days

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