Hair Loss Going Bald Early And When To Shave Your Head And Look Good

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Hair Loss Going Bald Early And When To Shave Your Head And Look Good

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In this video, i will share you my experience and reason why i decided to get bald. This is also one way to boost you confident and never feel bad for having a thin hair.

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oscarlover100 says:

You look great- no worries.


You look really great and trust me, going to gym would simply add to your good looks.

bichillocv says:

OMG at 5:16 what kind of sourcery is that

EL EVO says:

Wow, I almost like you with hair, but not as much hairloss, I have been loosing/thinning hair for close to 25 years now :o/

With a hat I looks like 30-32 years old, without a hat I look like 42. I am decent looking, so I should give this a try. Thanks for the Encouragement.

I swear we have the same shaped head, But I will really be able to tell, once I shave it. I cut my hair to a Number 1 on the sides so it’s almost bald :o)

Bald look is in, big time.

Messenger says:

Dude, thank you. I have been struggling for the last 5 years with this. Shaved my head yesterday. Feels great.

Brittany noneofyourbusiness says:

Coming from a woman whom loves men with long hair to no hair… It ALWAYS LOOKS SEXIER TO MAJORITY OF WOMEN FOR TOU TO BE BALD RATHER THAN BE THINNING. I PROMISE YOU THAT. So guys if you’re balding, shave it off, I promise you will get confidence because the ladies are going to notice you. Let me also say, men whom are balding look hella old. But when a guy shaves it, they look like a young guy who shaved their head. It makes you look younger. It makes you look more masculine. Don’t be afraid guys out there, I promise us girls like a shaved head WAYYYYY MOREEEE than a balding one.

HarryVJames says:

Great video dude. I just started a second channel dedicated to this stuff. These videos can really help a lot of people out I think.

R Salermo says:

Suits you well. Ty for the video.

Kr 887 says:


Jack Sparrow says:

You look good.

Electric Eddie UK says:

You look great bald man, some people just can’t rock the look no matter what but you’re right it doesn’t define you as a person.

DJ Gonzalez says:

You look WAY better bald. Good decision.

TheRbruin10 says:

I’m thinking not doing it problem is I have a history of hair transplant and I’m scared of il show any scars or irregularities that you don’t usually see on a shaved head

MarcusAtakin says:

You really suit the look.

Excellent says:

Did you consider getting a hair system?

VeloVelo says:

Another good looking guy who is going bald so shaves! I’m not good looking. I look pretty ropey. I’m scared I might look uglier!!!

Greg Turley says:

How often do you shave

Fernando Ubarr says:

you look great!  have you tried growing a full beard? you will look awesome!

Steve G says:

For the very few guys that can pull off the bald look (like this guy) it might not be the end of the world… for most guys though: Death Sentence tbh

Nigel Mc morrow says:

I got a hair transplant and I have all my hair back now completely

TommyTwobats says:

Congrats for upload. Propecia could have saved your hair but alas…Anyway, great point about deciding before hand before shaving and not doing it as a bargaining tool with the Gods of Confidence. Although there is always a three day high for me after shaving, it doesn’t last and soon enough I look crap and realize I have to grow it back. Wierd thing hair, very complex and no one will tolerate much discussion. Enter youtube and its a wonderful thing to express views about it.

coffa4000 says:

You look much, much, much better shaved (now) than before. And you certainly look like the best type of bald guy.

Doug _ says:

I went 1 guard and love it. It’s not as drastic and I feel free. Been doing this for about 2 1/2 years. I would recommend not wasting money Rogaine, hair loss prevention products. Go for it.

Chuck Creasy says:

You’re sexy!

bichillocv says:

All bald men should sue their parents for giving shit genes XD

Ra Ra says:

I hope all men would be bald

C McCloud says:

Dude if I looked like you I would shave my shit straight off rather than dealing with my current treatment regime, you could grow a Danny Devito ‘power donut’ and still look better than most of us.

hungryandrew says:

Hey try smp

Ivan Остојић says:

bro you should have got on dutastercide. It’s stronger then fin. very good chance of saving ur looks

Sim z says:

Just shaved my head and I don’t look any better… maybe a bit worse. I never realized just how big my ears are and how egg shaped my head is… You’re lucky it works for you. It definitely didn’t in my case…

jean pierre basiaux says:

verry better

NuOrder11 says:

You look a thousand times better with your head shaved!!!

Ibbi says:

I’m not balding ,but having a shaved head is way easier.

Adopted Hippo says:

i advice ppl also who have full set of hair to shave it off from time to time, get to know your barebone self, if u can have confidence in that, you can rule the world.

Rahat Hasan says:

Stupid. If you lost one tooth, would you knock off the rest of your teeth?

OperationEndGame says:

I cant go on a day without shaving my head with a disposable razor twice…. i am not comfortable having a stubble-look on my chrome dome… i began losing my hear around 27, and decided go completely go bald around 33…It took a lot go self-realization that I will never get my jet black hair again, so I rock a clean shaven head look… Im 41, and I never miss having a full head of hair…

David Arbelaez says:

Other than keeping your head and body warm, I don’t know what the benefits of having hair are. If your a douche bag beta with no game but have a thick and full head of hair, how is that going to get you anywhere? Fighting reality is also no way to live and fusing about hair and hair loss is a very feminine thing to do.

Rob rhizo says:

Coconut oil castor oil biotin shampoo biotin pills saw palmetto change your diet to only good foods no Dairy no sugar. Hair might come back at that point.

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