How To Shave Your Head Bald Without A Razor Or Shaving Cream | Wahl Custom Shave | Shaver Shaper

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Billy P. says:

Just a “heads up”; the links the the “list of products I use”, doesn’t have any info or links.

Mario Sindik says:

Awesome vid bro

Toby Gunn says:

Why does every bald dude have such nice luscious beards? Who cares if you’re bald if you got a kickass beard? It enhances being bald VERY MUCH. So why do I have to be one ( I feel like I’m alone in this ) who’s completely bald but got no fucking beard growth?!?!
I look like fucking gollum or a cancer patient……………..

End my life please.

Toby Solaita says:

What is the name of the head shaver? Wahl what?

Rev0UK1 says:

i’ve probably overlooked it…but was it mentioned anywhere which 2 specific trimmers/shavers you used? looking to buy some new ones at the moment so just seeing whats out there / how well they work

Vetta Evans says:

hey i have the andis t trimmers but its not low enough….. whenever I use them on people they want it closer what else would you suggest to get all the way bald

Kevin Lupo says:

I can see the Wahl that’s being used, but the first set of clippers that he starts with and shows off, what set of clippers are those? The quality of the video prevents me from reading it.

Jermol Edwards says:

what beat is this?

Delight Zaire says:

The second set of clippers gave me SAVAGE bumps in the back of my neck.

rwoods7979 says:

Good video dude

L B says:

What do you put on your head after you finish shaving?

J Will says:

I like this. I’m not a fan of razor blades because my skin doesn’t react well. Skin irritation often occurs. How often does it take for u to complete this task?

pridefalcon says:

Great video thanks..

DeAngelo The'Helper says:

I want to go bald. but I always get bumps on the back of my head

Jahi Jackson says:

Nice vid, but I have the Andis brand. Is the Wahl better, or are they the same?

Uncle Rell says:

Hello Brdgng, I would like to know if the Wahl shaver is a good tool to shave the head if you want to shave FAST, sometimes I don’t want to waste alot of time in the bathroom shaving and sometimes my razors get dull and it’s expensive to buy new razor catridge for my Gilette.

Steven Johnson says:

man that beat is too nasty fa real

gabriel713281 says:

So after you shaved your head dry, you washed your head with antibacterial soap? did you dry your head before using the Wahl custom shaver? Or did you shave it wet? after you’re done with the Wahl should you put after shave on it or bump stopper? if so what kind?

xXE4GLEyEXx says:

I am getting bald… And now I finally start to get used to the idea of going all in, and shaving it all down… One hiccup tho, i have 2 marks from surgery on the back of my head, so razors are a no go. Also I am a bit concerned how bad it ight look without hair covering it… Awesome video tho, gave me hope that i can do it without razors 🙂

Joshua Nash says:

Could you tell me the machines you used?

Malcolm Kirksey says:

Wahl 5 star shaver is life with andis toutliner

CaptainNavarro1104 says:

This is too much bullshit, just use a razer, it’s way faster once you get it down right.

William Argus says:

Beat bangin

Willie Cunningham says:

What is that dancing water how does it help

HomageBeats says:

Dope video, very helpful. Love the beat too!

julius richards says:

what the name of the theme song to this video. i love it.

Mark Jarrett says:

Far to time consuming all that rubbing must make your scalp sore.thumbs down in this method sorry Bruv

Robert Kelley says:

I’m tired of using razors because every time I shave, I cut myself. I have plenty of cuts in my head. So now i’m looking to use clippers. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to use?

Steven Forbes says:

I’m looking to start cutting my hair myself now I spend £10 a week to keep my hair cut low its time I do it myself would like to know what would you recommend I used from start to finish to get the same result as you ?!

muitobonito113 says:

If you’re dry shaving like in this video. Get Andis Outliner 2 trimmers and then either an Andis Profoil Lithium Shaver or a Wahl Super Close Shaver. Go over your entire head every angle with the trimmers first. Then use the shaver and do the same thing. Afterwards wash your head with shampoo. If your head is already clean then use witch hazel or tea tree oil on a large cotton puff and wipe your head down. I’ve been shaving my head since 1997 with various methods.

T Top says:

what kind of Clippers are those

Christopher Cuddy says:

Hey, great video!

could you link me to the products you are using in your video?

Itaku says:

This just saved my life lol, razors always give me bumps no matter how well I prep.

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