How To Shave Your Head with a HeadBlade Sport

Jack, long-time HeadBlader and Warehouse Manager, demonstrates a step-by-step process of shaving your head with the new HeadBlade Sport. Have additional tips? Leave them in the comment section.


Brent Mifsud says:

+marynarkw the design is much more ergonomic than a regular razor. Also the blade looks a bit wider. Shaving with this is as easy as running your hand along your head.

With a typical razor, it’s alot more uncomfortable.

Michael C says:

Ok…..2 questions, which is better, headblade sport ot Axt? and sometimes I find that the headslick is almost too slippery and I have to go over the area on my head several more times! Please help the rookie out. Thank you, from Canada!

mufalme says:

weird attitude though..

Emrah Gulden says:

Don’t let the water running while you are not using.Save the water, save our planet!

quack man says:

Yeah, I’m not bald and just started to shave my head again after a two-ish year hiatus. It’s a really nice look, IMO.

mononom67 says:

WOW! What a huge difference between after and before!! lol

Veteran Soul says:

id rather have a full shaved head than a goddamn horseshoe, good job

justin richard says:

I feel like going bowling all of a sudden

Tyler Murphy says:


Abyssionknight says:

Just received my Headblade and I have to say I’m pretty satisfied with their customer service. They added some free moisturiser packs, some stickers (but who cares about those) and a hand written note on the back of the order form, thanking me for the purchase, reminding me to watch these videos, and to contact them with any questions, concerns or recommendations. I also had very speedy service. I ordered last night, the nearest retailer was several hours away, yet this morning the package arrived (and I didn’t choose an express shipping option).

Haven’t actually used it yet, but wanted to at least state somewhere that they seem very custom oriented, which is a great thing.

Joseph Gleason says:

Jack, You do a great job of giving a good demo on how to shave your head with a headblade sport. You have an awesome looking chrome come. Thanks for sharing with us how you do such a great job,

Matjaz Krajnc says:

What about cologne or after shave?

Gregorius888 says:

Water doesn’t just jump out of your taps by itself. It takes energy to pump it to you, and that energy likely comes from fossil fuels. When you leave the tap on, you’re burning fuel and adding a little more to climate change.

anjel124 says:

I wanted to jump into the vid and turn the water off. How many gallons of wasted water was that??

Flavaboy says:

I think I’ll get one. I usually use Gillette Fusion when I’m in the shower, but this looks as if it’s a lot faster and easier.

Marco Diogo says:

Could you save water?

194430ful says:


Side Effects says:

This was hella awkward..

ross says:

wow this guy sounds soooo enthusiastic about hid product…

Piotr says:

The design is absolutely disgusting, looks like a toy for a child.
Also, he shaves very short hair (one third he is bald too) so you really do not how it really works – most razors can shave properly with this hair length. Not to mention that he is probably bald for a long time so with his experience he could shave well even with a crappy razor.

RavenMadd9 says:

Jack  …love it ……best shaver I ever used on my coconut

kamss moukos says:

gaspillez autant d’eau pour se laver les main deux seconde

bimal mitra says:

I have Headblade moto unit. The HB4 refill blades are not available in Dubai,U.A.E market. Can I use other brands cartridge instead of  HB4 blade? Anyone can advice me please.

Filippos Kyriazidis says:

Nice and shiny 🙂

mememojo says:

Wasn’t talking about what it takes to get water flowing through the pipes, I was saying that water never gets wasted because wherever it ends up, it evaporates and then forms clouds AND then just rains back down to us.

Frank Flores says:

I just used this shaver for the first time. I LOVE IT!!! Thank you for making a great product.

mememojo says:

wasted? you know that all the water int he world is the very same water that’s been on earth for millions of years! Water never gets wasted unless it’s used for nuclear shit then yeah it is but water just goes back up into the atmosphere and then rains down to us clean and its a huge cycle.

Kemal Sunal says:

I´ve started to shave my head yesterday but I still have alot of stubble left. After I got rid of my hair with an electric hair cutter I shaved my head with a shaver for the face. I´ll try headblade next. Do I have to use an aftershave too or is it unnessecary for the head?


this looks like a good thing, I have a question though. If you have little bumps or moles on your head and neck, whats the best way to shave? I just shaved my head with a faceshaving blade and ending up cutting myself on a few bumps.

Pavel Saphonov says:

джони синс тоже так делает?

Rob23 says:

The thing I hate the most is when bald men in their 50’s and 60’s still cannot come to terms with their hair-loss, and they insist on keeping that stupid ring of hair around the dome – it looks dumb, your fooling nobody……… shave it.

Todd Greene says:

For any new user we recommend the ATX because it has zero learning curve as you use the same pulling method as a traditional razor and uses our new 4 blade cartridge (with easy rinsing). The Sport is awesome, but takes a bit longer to master and uses a triple blade cartridge.

Chris Severance says:

Where are you idiots from that are complaining about American’s? Just sayin. In the U.S. we try not to be as negative and help our fellow man.

HairDom says:

Ha ha what a pinhead!

princerakim says:

Why such a douche?

astus lastus says:

the video’s fine but next time you shave your head P L E A S E don’t let the water running for so long without actually using ANY of it.That was a huge waste of water.. Just saying.

nasser1337 says:

Hello, i’m 25 i am not balding but i love shaving my head because it’s more time efficient, clean and neat. i think i have a problem.

Blackouti386 says:

I skipped the parts where you said “Wash your hands off” and now I have shaving cream all over everything. What do I do?!

Michael C says:

Ok, thanks for the quick reply!

2000TheMarkus says:

turn your water of usa idiot…. save water

Silvafox says:

how many blades in a razor that can shave head clean bald i use 5 or 6 can 3blade or 4 blade shave bald head?

Daniel Volk says:

I love the headblade.  I just wish I had less hair so I could shave in only three minutes like you.

Baldscape says:

Once you finished with the perfect shave join thousands of bald men that are creating a #BALDSCAPE a new type of #selfie more inspiration at

flash boredom says:

hi, my name is Jack/jac and I’m the dogs bollocks.

M. L. says:

Cool Video. I think it’s important, also, to note that the amount of hair you have on your head (and its thickness) plays a significant role in what it takes to get the job done. I’ve been shaving my head bald for almost 20 years. My problem is (if you can call it a problem) that I still have a full head of hair. I see a lot of these videos online of guys shaving a section of hair in one direction with one stroke. I’ve used a Mach 3 for ages, and not only does each section take multiple strokes in each direction, but one cartridge (for me) is ONLY good for ONE head shaving session. I literally have to dump a cartridge after one use. Most people shave their head because they’ve lost most of their hair, but some people shave their head because they like the way it looks. I do it because I think it looks decent and because I don’t like that hassle of going to the barber once a week. I would love to see a head shaving video done by someone who still has a full head of thick hair. I think it would totally bring a different perspective. Maybe I’ll do that sometime in the near future.

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