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fsafa fsafas says:

Bro can you do a video on where you set up your neck line when starting out?

Marcus Reese says:

I never used a safety razor, but I’m considering using a straight razor. I had a bad experience some years back, any suggestions?

Atiba Johnson says:

Great Video my brother! Yo, hook me up with one of those self made cut-buddy’s you got. Peace and get at me bro.

Steven Wilson says:

Sup B. Man every week that passes my hairline is reciding and it’s going farther back. I kinda wanna shave it off and my wife wants me to aswell but I’m kind of on the fence about it. I’d just have to figure out how to keep my beard looking fresh and what tools I need to shave my head and how often to shave and things like that. What’s your take on being bald? Pros? Cons? Thanks bro

Derek Vinyard says:

Looks like you are using a $10.00 Weishi safety razor. Mildest razor on the market.  You would almost have to take the blade out of the razor to cut yourself.  Get yourself a Merkur long handle razor.  Very mild as well and it makes a better grip/angle when shaving your head.   You can more easily reach way back and have a more ergonomically pleasing grip on the razor.

handsum30 says:

van der hagen has some cool products g. their shave butter is good for shaving your head

AllAmericanGuy01 says:

Compared to cartridge razors, how close does this shave? I use a 5 blade razor and don’t feel any fuzz after I’m done shaving. Does this produce the same results?

Bernard Morgan says:

How often do you shave your head when using safety razor on head?

Justin Barnes says:

Nice video, very informative sir. What clippers were you using to first shave your head?

Vaughn Sanders says:

Nice vid! That Van Der Hagen was my first safety razor too a few years ago & I haven’t turned back. I’ve since bought a few different ones that are more aggressive depending on how much hair I have to cut. I use a straight razor for my beard though. I’ll hit it with my liners then clean up with the straight. I’ve been trying to tell people how much more cost effective it is but they’re hooked on the cartridges. Also, I’ll typically use one blade a few times before I change it without any issues.

Man blackbeard Pat says:

Just checking in with you Champ hope all is well my brother. Stay up Brother B.

Art Aguilera says:

I have the same DE safety razor bro, it always gives me a really good close shave .. Good video

Muhammad Han if says:

Nice beard

skylabx2000 says:

Should have shown how you handled the back, good stuff tho

Andrae Walker says:

gonna pick one up today. I need something for my head. nervous about the straight razor but I think I’ll work up to that. thanks for the video

AL Boogie says:

Good shit. I use a safety for my head and straight for my face(lining my beard). You can get a better angle with the straight razor for the beard. Cool thing is they use the same razors.

richie walker says:

I am 17 and I was not blessed with good hair… I’m already thinking about shaving my head bald in the future… what do you feel would be a good age for me to just shave it off?

Anthony Flanagan says:

Cool! Looks pretty damn straight to me.

Enrique Victorero says:

its funny how eventually you get confident enough with razors that you can shave your head in a couple minutes

Henry Padilla says:

I use a Gillette safety razor from the 70’s I found at my grandparent’s, and all I use is water, no lathering at all, only nicked my head a handful of times, great video

Funkytwix Al says:

I have the same razor, about to do this to my head

Ronald Myers says:

I’m in Sally’s about to buy some trimmers for my head and lining up the beard, and my phone was dead. I had to leave I gotta see what you use first, you have been very helpful .

Bryson says:

I cut the absolute fuck out of my head

Sir Babajide says:

I have some irritation issues usually 4-5 days after shaving my head.

Queen Ki says:

Why did you go in with the liners first

chunkz1187 says:

First, you’ve got a great beard! Thanks for the video, I just shaved my head for the first team at the barber (going bald lol) so now I’m about to finish the job at home with my safety razor. I was pretty worried about how I looked bald and couldn’t give up the hair but once I did I reckon it looks better especially since I’m growing my beard.

Bruce wayne says:

beard lookin real mean, Soon gonna get you in the dictionary as the description of testosterone

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