My Favorite Head Shaving Gear

A rundown of my favorite head shaving supplies and principles of how to use them.

Hone Type 15:
Watch my review here –
Purchase it here:
Barbaros TR-1:
Watch my review here –
Purchase it here:
Colonial Razors General:
Watch my review here –
Purchase it here: LINK COMING

Personna Lab Blue:
Rockwell Blades:

Scott Pavkovich Shaving Brushes:
Semogue 620 Boar:

Proraso Green:
PAA’s Cane: Currently unavailable
Catie’s Bubbles Waterlyptus:
Sapone di Paolo:

PAA Aftershaves:
Boosters Polar Ice:
Captain’s Choice Aftershaves:

Shot on the Yi Action Camera:

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honestdude says:

It sucks that none of these razors are available on amazon, I hate waiting weeks for stuff in the mail.

AccentedSounds says:

Hey man! love your vids. Had to sub. I just recently went bald and I’m looking into razors, soaps, etc. Based off your vids, im looking at the Merker 34c or the Bevel. Before I buy, I would like to know your apples to apples

Tony Marinelli says:

The Merkur 39c Sledge Hammer slant, Rockwell 6S 5 Plate and Muhle R89 work very well

David says:

Great vlog for us head shavers! My go to head shaving razor is the Wilkinson Sword Classic with a Feather or Astra SP blade.

shavefan says:

What are your thoughts on the Headblade? Ever tried it?

Kerry Kerr says:

Very helpful Scott! Thanks for doing this video.

Harold Acevedo says:

For head shaving i use merkur 37c with a lord blade , smooth and effective

Sean Doherty says:

Great video! IMHO, when it comes to head shavers, you can’t go wrong with a Schick Injector or a Gillette Black Beauty.

Tony Marinelli says:

One word of advise and is one of the most AMAZING products for the head or face. Bee Bald Heal, you have to try it to believe it. The entire line is great as well asid from the balm. free shipping for in store pick up

Warhawk's World says:

Hi Scott: As a fellow head shaver , , , I enjoyed this video. BTW . . . I just recently purchased the Barbaros TR1 and it should be here sometime this month. Kindly respond to my “tag” video when you are able. Keep up those great videos brother !!!

isee says:


Dan Mastronardi says:

Well back Scott! Lol

Ben McDowell says:

I have been using the Merkur Future on and off to shave my head, still get a mixed result. The slightest lack of concentration will cause nicks – sometimes nasty. I have dialed back the setting but I use it with care. It’s great for face shaving though.

Dave says:

I have the 23c, which has the same head as the 34c. and it is the worst shaver for the head I have. Hardly takes anything off.
May be due to my strong wire like hair. I get great results from the ASD2, R89, Braveheart or Maggard V3A.

muitobonito113 says:

I use the Vikings Blade razor for my head and the WSP Open Comb El Grande. Voskhod and Personna blades are my go to blades.

Heino Poulsen says:

I tried my first head shave today, i use my rockwell 6s with a voskhod blade. i did not get total bss but did not cut my self. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and videos

landonpal says:

Want to try the Home Type 15 someday. Right now my favorite head shaver is the IBC, which is a shavette, followed by a Gillette Slim.

Joseph Estores says:

I shaved my head with a double edge razor today. I bought the muhle r89 with a personna lab blue blade. I had a hard time finding the right angle and nicked myself a couple of times. Also I think I was putting too much pressure. I’ve been using a Gillette Mach 3 for years so I’m not used to a double edge razor. My head is so raw right now hahaha. It feels irritated like I shaved my head for the very first time. I definitely need practice and technique. I’m so ready for the second time shaving

EndOfGaming says:

thought you were taking a break?

Conny Magnusson says:

My 2 favorite razors for head shaving are Rockwell 6S (baseplate 4) & Merkur 34C with a Voskhod blade and a shaving cream, I don’t use a brush.

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