Philips One Blade Head shave

I have to shave my head; mother nature is against me and I have tried a lot of trimmers. But I have always chickened out from wet shaving my head. Always thought I would shred my head to pieces. Since trialling the new One Blade I thought it was a good opportunity to see if it was better than what I already use of if it could cope with a head shave and how close it would be.


Tony Pony says:

badass in about 1 minute ^^

josh Pittman says:

bought this cause of u

maxthemax65 says:

it will take years and the sharp hair all around… much better with foam and a 5 blades razor… 3 minutes perfect result

Kurt Cooper says:

Cool! The trimmers used to shave canine/feline will give a quick & close shave & last without any razor changes for several years. I bought the one touch & like its capability to shave delicate skin since I recently had inguinal hernia surgery & wanted to shave myself instead of leaving it up to the hired help…
Next I’m going to have to give it a turn @ the old noggin…
Thanks for the video!

Kurt Cooper says:

Thanks for the video. Wish we had some idea of the time frame in which it took to shave your head as well as how long your able to use it for that purpose before u have to change out the blade. Those 2 answered questions would be of great interest.
Thanks again.

Jeff Zahnd says:

So, you’d use this over an electric razor?

Chris Christofi says:

Hi i have a question. Does it bald your head closer than a gillete fusion proglide?

RJ Carter says:

The shaved head looks awesome.  And that shaver seems to be a painless way to achieve it.  Do you continue to use it?

Henrique Silverio says:

How many head shaves this blade last?

Alkhemist 95 says:

you look hotter bald! keep it that way. youre head is perfectly round.

Kevin Montgomery says:

found this video really useful , thanks. same as you, have always chickened out from wet shave and I also used same philips as you. This has put my mind at ease over trying the oneblade

A mein C tut W wenn ich T holen G says:

Forgot your arms

Malcolm Sturrock says:

what i mean is shave ur head bald
with the one blade

sjokomelk says:

You look a lot better shaved! 🙂

hairycueball says:

Nice bald and bearded look, even if you would look better with a thicker beard.
Don’t be afraid of wetshaving, it is very enjoyable!

Akhdar Muso says:

dude if I had as much hair as you I wouldn’t be shaving it, you got it good compared to. me and I’m 27!

Malcolm Sturrock says:

Richard Thompson + wouldnt it tear up the one blade because my mom thinks its just for beards honesty please no disrespect or demands included

Rob Kershaw says:

Hi mate, how close does it bald your head compared to a Gillette Mach 3?

Ian Tesh says:

Thanks for this, trying to find something for a closer head shave than the Wahl Balding clippers. Looks like this’ll work great, ta.

Libero Lop says:

Ciao, quanto ci hai messo come tempo ha raderti? Ogni quanto ti rasi? Grazie.

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