Pitbull Skull Shaver. How Close Does It Shave. Answered!!! See Description….

Link below shows actual first time use
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Ja H says:

Dang man….You were in the car for 7 hours?

morningstar says:

Thanks man

RJ Carter says:

You have an awesome shaved head–looks great. Seems that a good use of these shavers is to freshen up a bald head at the end of the day or when driving a long distance.

LincolnDerek Harrison says:

I have been using a Skull Shaver for the last 2 years and I have been extremely pleased with it. I plan to move up to the platinum shaver soon but I can share my experience. You need about a month when you first start using to get your hair and skin used to it. I have found that it works better wet than dry and I use shaving foam (not gel). It doesn’t get as close as against the grain with a razor but it’s pretty darn close. I can typically shave every other day and be good to go. It takes about 5 minutes I use a disposable razor to get the line at the top of my sideburns straight (I have a beard). I can shave every 24 hors but don’t need to. I haven’t used a razor on my head since I started using skull shaver and I won’t go back….totally worth it.

sebthered says:

There is no logic to your logic sorry

Chuck Willis says:

power shavers never shave as close as ablade. but easier to use for me.

Chuck Willis says:

just wish they were not so darn costly!!

Jamison Hill says:

This test is insightful. I use a safety razor and love the closeness, so the only thing holding me back from electric is how close it can get. You’ve answered it for me here. I think I can be happy with 16 hours length. Thanks.

James Williams says:

Not sure why you try to compare and shaver to a razor it’s obvious it won’t be as close the blades are behind the shave heads unlike a razor which has the blades exposed

Meee! says:

Hey a lot of people talk about the omnishaver, if I have a sensitive skin does the skull shaver is a better idea?

Paul Bennett says:

thinking about going bald or near bald… does it HAVE to get razor close? I don’t need a shiny dome, but it it allows me to use a couple of times per day, touching up when I need it, shouldn’t that be enough?

Andrew Brownlie says:

Great video, do you know how the closeness compares to the Wahl Balding Clippers? I’m happy with that length (or closer) of them, but I like how quick these seem to be

Robert Alexander says:

Dude, you have way too much time on your hands. Get hobby, go work out, something!!!!!!

Bindlestiff Games says:

Very keen to pull the trigger on one of these, but am concerned about knicks / length etc, plus I guess you need to keep on top of this (as in re-shave every day or so?) to get the most out of it?

Avatar Rhen says:

When I use a good shave cream (not the cheap can or gel), I can get it really close with the pitbull Gold. Very important to rinse a couple times throughout the shave. I also keep the plastic cap OFF when i store it, or else it can get a funky smell. Its pricey, but i can shave my head with one hand while holding my clingy infant son with the other, so its been worth while.

Giving a really hard look on the omnishaver though. That thing looks awesome

Johnny Parker says:

This product has never worked for me but I didn’t know you’re supposed to progressively shave hourly like you did. Is this what I’m supposed to be doing?

Ruben H says:

Does it have different hair length options?

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