Review: OmniShaver Fast Head Shave With Large Mole

Neil can shave his head quickly with the OmniShaver even when there is a mole on the back of his head with no problems. See how quickly he can shave his head.
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The OmniShaver can give close, smooth and no stubble shaves. It can “self clean” meaning it reduces the need to rinse during your shave. It can also “self sharpen” during your shave while moving the razors backwards and forwards on your skin like stropping a straight razor.

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M says:

Awesome! I’m very sensitive & the OmniShaver is amazing! My left shoulder is collapsing from Osteonecrosis from autonomic failure, now it’s a breeze to shave w one arm. You’ll see my video soon & see me how I am. Thank you OmniShaver!

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