SKULL SHAVER HEAD SHAVE – *Pitbull Gold review

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In todays video I try out the Pitbull Gold electric razor from Skull Shaver.

Any product aimed at making the lives of bald men better gets a thumbs up from me but lets put it to the test!

This is a review of head shaving dry after 3 days of not shaving my head. I shave my head because I went bald 👍

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JKnowledge says:

Very nice shave! Alternative use for people with razor bumps.

Adrian Waugh says:

Is worth to buy it I was thinking about buy it

flash boredom says:

Looks like a expensive bit of kit.

Russell Bogrett says:

I want to get one. I was told by a client that they break easily. Im going to get one anyway i think.

Yoni Fishbain says:

plz dont zoom in while your talking;its annoying

Pete Andrews says:

I’m 31 and receding at the front quit badly. Working up the courage to shave it all off, my concern is that I have really dark and thick hair, almost like an afro. When I get a skin fade the stubble is back the next day, worried I’d have to constantly be shaving it to stop having a dodgy stubble hairline… Any advice?

Weird Boy Johnny says:

I notice that with black guys when they shave their heads it looks like a Michael Jordan. With us white guys we can still see the hair inside the skull unless the hair follicles die and fall off then we can look like Dr Phil or Michael jordan

Garry Garry says:

I have the same model. Really impressed with mine. My battery last about 4-5 shaves of my head. No razor bumps after. Easy to clean just turn it on and run that blades under water. Would definitely recommend. So much better than calling my wife in to shave my head at the sink. I shave my head roughly twice a week. Doesn’t cope well with cutting through a grade 1 or above though.

raytupper1 says:

Hi. I tried this shaver, but sent it back. I can get a closer shave for less money with the Remington 360

Aaron Oddball says:

interesting looking product!

ShaquileBROneil says:

Been waiting for this one!! My heads too sensitive for a razor so I’ve just been going no guard but wanna get closer

sleepfighter1 says:

You still got the side shadow
Should shave the sides and back and blend it with the middle’s what I do and it makes it look like just really short Stubble..The thinning is is not as prominent

Ryan Turner says:

Not a bad shave. Could be good for certain guys. Actually might be great for traveling. Could possibly pick this up for that reason.

It seems like too much work though for day to day use. I shave my head every day only with the grain. Still a smooth shave, quick, no irritation. Takes 2 min and then slap on a good post shave balm and good to go.

Guys with irritation, try using pre shave oil (I use American crew), cremo shave cream, and shaving with the grain only. Just an idea.

derRonly2genderz says:

Ever think about using clippers? The Wahl Balding clippers might be worth reviewing. Also how has the omnishaver been treating you?

SharkxBait says:

I’ve tried my foil shaver too and it got most of my head down to the skin, although there are area where I could still feel some hair even after going over them numerous times. I usually don’t mind this, but the burning after the use was insane and worse than enything I had before. Mine is not water proof sadly. I am gonna try it a couple of times more, but if the burning remains, I might send it back and order a decent wet shaver instead. Nice review!

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