Skull Shaver PITBULL Prototype Head Shaver Unboxing and Review

This is an advanced look of the yet unreleased PITBULL from Skull Shaver, all new design! Check it out!


Skull Shaver says:

Thanks for taking the time to share your initial thoughts! Your assessment of our history and product is on point. We have had ups and downs throughout the years, but always work to do best for our customers and we always stand behind our warranties.

We are noticing that many of our customers who received one of these Pre Launch editions are attempting to remove the blades in the same manner as the old versions. It looks like we need to revise the packaging to make the new twist lock a little more clear.

The Pitbull Platinum will come with its own custom made Travel Case. As you noticed, the Pitbull shavers are a little larger, and the Pitbull case is made to fit. They weren’t available when we received the Pre Launch samples, but the retail Pitbull Platinum will include the correct Travel Case. Pitbull Platinum will also come with a better fitting Rinse Stand, which will be available beginning 2018. Previous Pitbull Platinum customers will be able to request their free Rinse Stand through our website.

Maybe we can evaluate oleophobic coating options to reduce fingerprinting. In the meantime, Pitbull shavers are completely washable and shower proof (IPX5 water resistance), so they can be run under water and cleaned without worry.

We deeply appreciate your continued loyalty and that you took some of your time to share your thoughts. For better or worse, we would love to hear your thoughts after a few months or years of use!

Steven Hughes says:

YOU SHOULD NOT BE RUINING YOUR REPUTATION BY HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS PIECE OF SHIT . ANOTHER FINAL UPDATE . I SHALL NOT BE GOING ANYWHERE NEAR ONE OF THESE EVER AGAIN AND I SHALL BE TELLING ALL MY SHAVEN HEADED MATES , and there are many , NOT TO BUY THIS PRODUCT AND TELL EVERYBODY ELSE NOT TOO . After paying £70 and having had this piece of garbage for 2 days it no longer works . So I contacted skull shaver and told them if they send one out to replace the garbage that does not work then I will try another and I will return the naff product with the return envelope to the person that delivers the new one . That way it saves me having to be messed about because of their garbage product . I was told NO you have to send in the other first , therefore I shall be returning it for a refund … GARBAGE PRODUCT DO NOT BUY IT WILL BREAK VERY QUICKLY .

wibi Youtube says:

Thank you for your honesty and not being biased. You got my respect.

And good for Skull shaver people for their care and their attitude towards customers.

alexb0i says:

how often do you have to change your blades?

Jermaine Burgess says:

To me it looks like the same bullshit as the second model

Jermaine Burgess says:

That’s what happened to mine never turned back on I’m scared to buy 1 again

Steven Hughes says:

After a few days my NEW skull shaver has decided to NOT TURN ON after multiple compressions of the power button and then suddenly came on . Not only that the battery seems to be only lasting up to 20 minutes on full charge , considering it is claimed it should last up to 90 minutes there is a very significant short fall there . Mmmmmmmmm considering it is called a skull shaver it does not seem to be that in reality when put into action .
Comments below from previous video on skull shaver .
Mine arrived today . It would take you all day to get anywhere near a proper razor wet shave on your skull . Great for the beard area of the face but if your expecting to get a smooth as a wet shave then forget it ( on the head ), but it’s close . You will be able to still feel the stubble if you go against the growth of the hair …. unless you spend all day and press down on your head with the force of a ten ton truck , although I can’t prove it would actually get to a smooth silky standard because I am not going to spend that long rubbing a shaver over my head and it would be easier and faster to use the traditional method . But it is great if you just want to keep the growth down without having to get the blades out on alternate days etc . Great on the beard zone for following all those contours with ease 🙂
2nd UPDATE :
Placed on charge . After having charged the battery the skull shaver no longer turns on the motor . The lights on the battery come on but no moving parts kick in . CHEAP GARBAGE …. SAVE YOUR MONEY AND BUY A NORELCO .

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