SKULL SHAVER – Product Review – Bald Eagle / Butterfly

This is an unboxing and review of the SKULL SHAVER Bald Eagle and Butterfly shavers.


Justin Chase says:

Hey can you give me a shoutout

Praveen Sawh says:

didn’t expect to spend 20 minutes looking at this whole thing, but you’re a funny dude lol

Chris Blount says:

This is in reference to the Bald Egle. I got one and my lady got me one. The one she got died while in use. I returned it and the other one did the same. So they said I did not fall within the 30 day return policy. I did not fight it because I had another. Now that one has died and of course, they did not honor their product. Yes, I rain it in water after each use. You will see.

Ease Del says:


can’t grow a beard, im an egg

Hesham Osman says:

I used to shave my head by a normal Gillette and then i switched to straight razors 😀 but i really like this one here
I think i’ll give it a try, much easier for my lazyass

brooklyn560 says:

Mine broke are it’s first use

Dave Lemos says:

Epic beard, epic suspenders, epic wallpaper. There might be a razor in here somewhere….

Rohan Weston says:

Holy shit I lost it at the balls comment. Didn’t expect that at all.

vxthunder says:

Excellent review from a fellow Bob(by)! I’ve been using Headblade products for years but am looking into something electric/a little longer-lasting.

The Dutch Texan says:

I don’t shave my dome to the chrome, but I keep it nice and short most of the time. I give absolutely 0 about what other people think about that either. And hats? I wear mine when out and about, don’t want to burn my head!

Gary a says:

Nearly made me spit my drink out with that ‘look like an egg’ comment

Thanks for the review.. The item looks handy to use, nice design, but from what you said i think i’ll take a look at the other type; the Norelco

Alexandre Kiss says:

Usefull video !

Diamond31325 says:


M Francis says:

Nuff respect to your review and your ideas, big thumbs up…

Ferrettable says:

best reviewer on youtube tells it as it is

Skull Shaver says:

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts and experiences with our products. We very much appreciate the long term patronage, honest feedback, and that you took the time to share your thoughts with us and your fans. Many companies work very hard to get feedback like this!

Like many growing companies, we have experienced certain growing pains and do our best to fix issues before they become problems. You touched on many areas that we are working on or have recently updated.

As you have experienced, we stand by our 1 Year Warranty and soon we will begin offering Extended Warranties to further protect our customers. We also recently grew our customer service team and revamped our return/exchange process so it’s easier than ever to get defective shavers exchanged.

We are taking steps to increase our production quality and have some really cool things coming this later year. Even though we recently expanded our customer service team, our ultimate goal is to increase production quality to the point that they’re bored out of their minds because nobody is calling in about defective shavers! These things take time, but it is the direction we are moving and we are SO excited to go that way.

Thanks again for your feedback, and thanks for sticking with us!

PS: If you’re using one of our shavers at home, running the shaver blades in a bowl of water (Delorean Time Machine cleaner will also work) or our rinse stand will help keep the blades clean without the need for disassembly. We found this works best if you do this a few times throughout the shave.

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