The Easiest Way To Shave Your Head Bald

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NeonGlocKz FTW says:

u look like my teacher
and sound like him

WolverineXXX21 says:

If shaving is not your thing try magic razorless shaving cream I’ve been doing that for years now for best results use it every other day or that grow back will irritate the hell outta you

TheFakeKP says:

Yooo have you tried the Bevel Shave system you should do a review on that its supposedly designed for people like us.. Its hella expensive so I dont want to get it until I see more of it.

Akeem Raphael says:

I get razor bumps like crazy or maybe its just irritation. How do I avoid that? Btw I love your video brother, I just went on amazon just now to get some of the things you recommended. I’ll let you know how it goes when I get it and try it out 😉

WordDwn says:

You just enlightened me, bout to buy everything u listed

Logan Viral says:

Awesome video man, just what I was looking for.
Liked and Subscribed

jose medina says:

try headblade with that proraso and apply the tecnics youve lerned using DE blades

badboymarshall says:

do u die ur beard

AllAmericanGuy01 says:

I see you still rocking the double edge. I hear those don’t cut nearly as close as they should. You gotta try Shickhydro 5. One shave against the grain and it’s game over. Crazy smooth and clean shave.

User NotFound says:

Thanks, followed the exact steps. looking fresh. Going bald was a good move

sharrieff rabb says:

Question I use to use Nozema, why use it after shaving?

Bailey Paranormal says:

dude this is awesome. straight up, doin this. loved the vid!

Mark Palcko says:

I have the most sensitive skin but this has been the easiest way for me to shave my face & head so far. I bought all the products in the description. Thanks for listing everything and the video!

Travelin Thru says:

this video showed absolutely nothing

C412#14N B54D34 says:

is it tedious and/or time consuming to shave your head every day? I’m going to college and I’m considering taking the plunge and saving up for a scalp micropigmentation tattoo.

David Lockhart says:

I enjoy your videos, also try shaving oils, it gives a close shave without any skin irritation.

Joseph Estores says:

Damn bro how do you shave your head with a safety razor like a cartridge razor. You’re aggressive with it lol. I’ve only tried shaving my head with a safety razor 4 times and I’ve cut myself a gang of times. I’m extra careful with each shave now

Reggie Encalade says:

How often do u shave to prevent razor bumps became I always get them the only thing work for me is Magic Shave but I hate using I prefer razor but always get razor bumps

4KGaming says:

Hi Man, Shaving How Many times per Month is good for health? I Mean twice or thrice a month

Dan Wills says:

As we age as men we start losing abit of hair from front or back and we have two options 1 go the honestly I’m not bald comb over route or 2 take it all off I went for the 2nd option

Zack Zachary says:

yes you paint it on. check out some you tube channels like shave busta, nick shaves, or geo fatboy. they have all kinds of tips.

Bobby says:

Easiest way is blind, in the shower. Use bar soap irish spring w/ aloe to lather up your head and use a gillette fusion (or another 4 blade razor). You follow your swipes with your other hand to feel if you missed anything. Takes me 1 minute, daily- been doing it over 10 years. My 2 cents.

BigDaddy´s Diner says:

great video man! been shaving my head for a couple a weeks….
I have a questipn bout the Noxzema… how long do leave it on before you wash it off.
keep it up!

BabyTrexSmelly says:

How to be bald
1. Wear yellow shirt
2. Wear blue short jeans
3. Be 5 years old
4. Shave your head bald
5. Sing calliou song
Just kidding now your calliou hahahahah

Don’t get offended bald men or
Calliou fans

Ernest Jack says:

looks like your shave is BBS do you ever shave ATG?

manny2hotty says:

Is it okay to get Proraso shaving cream? Like from the can?

Any difference?

manny2hotty says:

Can I use all of this (particularly the Noxzema and Dare To Be Bald) on my face when shaving?

sharrieff rabb says:

keep doing ya dizzle, I appreciate the knowledge.

Josh D says:

You look like Stefan Burnett from Death Grips.

Sandra Covert says:

Why did you put the Noxzema on after shaving?

Don Johnson says:

Never shaving my head like this until i’m 50.

Klash says:

I use balding clippers and a precision electric shaver.

Immobile says:

Fuck my life! A week ago i shaved my entire head, against and with the grain. Now my entire head is full of razor bumps, i can’t even sleep it hurts.

Damon M says:

I just used a razor on my head for 1st time in years. I saw a channel where the brother used coconut oil to shave. I tried it and I used black soap to wash​ my scalp afterwards. I used the coconut oil to make sure that my head doesn’t get irritated. I will shave again tomorrow and this will be the true test because I can’t shave with a razor every two days and not get razor bumps. loved the vid btw **subscribed**

Richie Chilli Staggers says:

i really need your feed back after i did this i really am mad but i learned from my mistakes…in the process of going bald so ive been zero clippers cutting my hair…then decided hey lets use my electric shaver but now i would never do that again…my head you see few bumps but my head has a different even to the touch. how can i reverse this process. just simply let my hair grow back in or cut now …what i do work wise really matters

John Fadimiroye says:

Although this is one of your older videos, I have watched this ATLEAST 10x in order to have this memorized and down packed.
Great vid!

Preston Thompson says:

Great video man! I’ve been shaving my head in the shower for a while now. Seems to work just as well, shave and leave my head just as smooth as shaving out of the shower.

I just buy the cheap Bic 4 blade razors lol considering to buy the OneBlade.

Any recommendations razor wise? I’ve used safety razors as well, but IMO they take way too long because I’m always afraid of going too fast. Wrong angle and you’re gushing lol!

Darel Williams says:

but nice job

Jeffery Porosky says:

I want to go bald as well but what do I use?

afe garba says:

What is the song in the end?

Lamar says:

what does the “shave secret” do?

Silvafox says:

i wonder can a 3 blade razor shave bald head clear cause i normally i use 5 or 6 blades

TJ MaxiMillion says:

Hey, Nate, thank you for this video. It really was helpful for me. I’ve been meaning to shave my head real good for some time now. I just didn’t know what to use exactly. So, again, thank you.

Justin Aames says:

Use witch hazel twice daily on all exposed facial skin, before and after shaving. Apply with cotton pads. Use even on non shaving days. You will never have razor bumps again. Dare To Be Bald works well too! Use both daily!

Eric Pena says:

The most effective,yet dirt cheap shave oil is something called Africas Best Ultimate Herbal oil. Costs 2-3 dollars for a whopping 8 ounces of all natural ,herbal oils.Find it at Dollar General or Walmart. It’s a nice, smooth,thick oil that I can slather over my face and beard as a pre shave, and is so effective, sometimes I dont even bother using a lather or cream for the actual shave. Just apply it over the area before a few minutes before you shower and/or shower shave, lather up with bar soap,-seriously ,even the dullest blades glide through your skin.Forget the overpriced shave oils,youre being ripped off.Just hope the price stays as reasonoble.

Darel Williams says:

i had some dare to be bald but ran out and cant find it no were

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