Whats The Easiest Way to Shave Your Head?

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DW says:

May I ask what happened to your chest/arm area? I have a similar burn all the way down my right side of my torso.

caljn 1 says:

You gotta have a good shaped head to pull this off. Some don’t.

Michael Brady says:

I use the Gillette Mach 4 that vibrates, comes off like a hot knife through butter.

Rasheed Wall says:


toneman335 says:

How do you manage an oily scalp especially when you are out and about?

diamondrmp says:

I’ve been shaving my head for 30 years and tried many different razors. The one thing that is a constant is, shaving in the shower. If you take a decently warm to hot shower you wet your skin really good and apply your shaving lube. This makes for an easy shave because the steam helps keep the hairs soft for both head and face. I’ve tried razors similar to the one your advertising and they were the worse razors I used but the one your advertising is a bit different and I’m always looking for something new!

Ordered! We’ll see how this razors works out!

toneman335 says:

Do you have an oily scalp? How do you deal with that when you are out and about?

Falcon Black MGTOW says:

Man skills…Thanks for teaching me – Your black son

Lord Nox says:

I use Gillette Mach3 (no pub intended).
It has a great price/quality ratio.

Robert Schmidt says:

Hot Stud ,hot as hell

sgorno says:

Whats The Best Way to Shave Your Head? Have a badass beard.

Goremeister100 says:

Regular razor works just fine.

Legrand Salame says:

Sorry for the question, but how old are you?

Shelby Albrecht says:

I personally hate the foam shave creams. I switched to an oil based one a few years back and I’m still glad I did. It’s a much better experience.

MyMusicMeal says:

lol ur so vain. i just trim it every 6 weeks. smh

brama says:

Sexy body but you look better with some head stubble.

Larry Moheng says:

I use clippers. Leaves just a fuzz and nothing more. Quick and easy.

Kevin OConnor says:

Going bald was a blessing in disguise for me. SMV goes down, no nag hag to rip me off , a silver lining on every dark cloud when i think back

Bjornhuhu says:

thing that worried me about the shaven look is the time it takes to shave my head. But you did it in five minutes while talking. Relieved

Luc Karbo says:

What is your solution to the glow one has post head shave?

Niall Walsh says:

Anyone know where I can get similar finger held blade in europe/uk /ireland? shipping form the states doubles the price of the halftime razors

Gerald Jordan says:


jasonffx01 says:

Kratos is alive

Jorge Sabori says:

I have very sensitive skin on my head. If i use that half time at the speed Rich is going my head would be on fire the next day with bumps burning like hell. I have no choice but to go ALWAYS with the grain and very gently.
Excellent video!

Kevin Weller says:

Looks good my man! Being 24 and balding myself, I prefer to keep a short trim (~3mm) in combination with a short and accurately trimmed beard (7mm) – it looks quite nice. Requires a lot of maintenance though.

get wet says:

I’ve been shaving my head for 20 years. I soap it up in the shower, and shave it with a cheap plastic BIC razor, then I smooth it up afterwards with a Norelco electric razor. You don’t need to spend big bucks to do it.

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