Klai has been asking to shave and shave and shave her legs. I wanted to make sure she knew how to do it properly so she didn’t cut herself. Here is her HOW TO.
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Hayli Mae says:

Lol I shave my legs behind my moms back and I suggest shaving in the shower too

Christusky Going to do gaming and more says:

I did left and right and it looked like a bloody thum

Nooralhuda Mohsin says:

I wish my mom was like that

Grace Barneiei says:

That is a good choice for a razor I prefer that razor because it has a built in shaving cream but best used with shaving cream or gel

Camila Flowers says:

how old is clay

Ashley's World says:

Even I use soap to to shave

Lunar Wolf kaelyn says:

I have really hairy legs, and dark hair so it SHOWS a ton may I ad. Too afraid to ask my mum because I’m only 11

Eliana Rivas says:

You are such a good mom because my mom never was there to tell me how to shave well my aunt was my mother figure so yeah good job!

Littlepup says:

I don’t have to shave my knees

Maisie Angelaine says:

Im going to my dads tomorrow and im going to leave my mom a note is it a good idea to ask???

Emma-Kayla Harrington says:

I shave the same way

Jordy's World says:

Omg my first time shaving is when I was 10 and I am almost 11 on November 7

MissMI.episode says:

I shaved my arms and legs but my legs turned out fine but some parts of my arms felt spiky and there were red bumps. Help plz?

Melina Grande says:

I shaved my legs when I was 15 for first time

кактус says:

*is 13 and has never shaved* HAHHAHHA PLEASE TEACH ME

Holly Foxk says:

I’m nine and I have hair on my thighs and I hate it

Cutie Pie111 says:

I wish I had a mom like u…….at least I have my neighbors bc I met them ever since I was three!

shawn tice says:

My Mom said I can shave when I’m 13, but I’m only 12

Savanna Stephens says:

Isn’t that razor one with soap on it just wondering

Hailey Weaver says:

I use conditioner

Joann Carrillo says:

i did that

livyloverodriguez 11 says:

I’ve been shaving since I was like 8

MsSoySimmer says:

I never knew that she was filipino! I am too! But I have really thick hair.

PurpleStrawberry19 says:

I have like no hair
(Except for you know where)

nasdavinci HipHop says:

Tf is a shave party

Lulu Torrealba says:

I look like Harambe if I don’t Shave!

K Vlogs says:

I was 10 when I started only because it was much needed

Celina Riley says:

Me the thought of Shaving the first time my mind OH HELL NAH NO BAND AIDS 24 7 ON MY LEGS!!!!!!!

Hannah Masoud says:

Are you filipinos

baby lexy says:

I started shaving when I was 11 and my mom help a little bit but I learned my self!

Maria Pierce says:

Im 10 i have hair all the way up my leg my mom won’t let me shave

Ruby Stone Kay says:

I have big pores on my legs so when I shave it stings

Ava Francey says:

I started shaving when I 9 years old

Holami aj says:

oh god when i am 8 i am shaving mah legs and arms


When I was little I found my mom’s razor and I razed my fingernail down to where it hurt to the skin. Never doing that again

hafsa said says:

I don’t shave coz I found out if u do than more thicker hair grows

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