A Barber Shaved our Legs With a Straight Razor! | The SASS with Susan and Sharzad

There’s something glamorous about getting a shave with a straight razor. So we thought we’d get in on the fun and visit a professional barber to shave our legs with a straight razor. Watch this video to see what happens!

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Treatment Cost: $55

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AaronP11 says:

Did he do the back of Sharzads legs??

Jenna Harrison says:

Yall stole this from michelle

Tanise Martins de Mello says:

Brig your men! We want to see an episode with the guys in this place!

KH says:

i looovvvveeee itttt, you both are so incredible you bring me so much joy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Stefanie Medina says:

This is fascinating. I am hairier than my husband, he doesn’t even really have to shave, he only grows a mustache. I shave my face, I think this would be lush!

Joyce McDaniel says:

No way I would let a man shave my legs. Fun video.

FlowersInTheVase_ says:

Did you notice a difference in the way new hair grew?

Amber Klaire says:

Michelle Khare did this video and came up with the idea first… Please give credit where it is due.

Ashley Keasler says:

Y’all need to do emsculpt!

rocomedyisawesome says:

I am a guy and I always love your channel. Thank you for doing this special, it was awesome. I did one of these to get ready for my brothers wedding here in San Antonio Tx about 8years ago and it was amazing. They even gave us a complimentary cold beer in mug.

Lol Lol says:

The new trend for girls is to stop shaving

Elite says:

But what about the back of the legs, the knees ad the thighs?

Jayden Drew says:

*stares in keratosis pilaris*

Rose Winton says:

Sharzad looks soo good

Menchu Alcaraz Moreno says:

Gorgeous, ladies!

Nellie Rutten says:

$55.- that’s a bit steep for a shave, could shave myself for a few months for that money.

Bizzbarber barry t says:

how about you ladies getting a trim in a proper old school barber shop to show that ladies have an option for a simple low cost trim rather than salon prices . great vid

AppleAmor says:

Israel was so sweet and informative. He talked you through every step. He’s like, y’all aren’t about to leave here saying “me too”.

Eva Hall says:

He is the sweetest!! Looks so shy!!!

morgan raymo says:

Didn’t Michelle Khare do this first? Give her credit at least. This is not original.

I Am Aurora says:

You guys should have told him that women shave in the back of the leg too.. because out of the whole leg that women shave hes getting only a querter of what we shave.

Brenda Gonzalez says:

I can imagine his wife watching closely making sure it’s all legit professional. “Honey, it’s good for business”! Lol

Kitty Cat says:

I’m watching this and I look down at my hairy ass legs they look like they belong to bigfoot.

Rebeca J says:

Whoa! Your legs look so soft and glows!

Barbara says:

what about the thighs

Proudmommaof1 says:

Sharzad I am the same way!! If I don’t shave everyday or at least every other day I can’t sleep at night!! When I tell people that they think I’m a freak lol!!

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