Are Chinese Weishi Razors Junk? Weishi 9306-I Razor Review

Is a Weishi always a Weishi? Are all Chinese made razors always junk and useless? Watch and see. I have a lot of things to say about these razors.

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Aled Long says:


Mark O'Cain says:

Got mine today and had a go with this. Not bad! Yeah I had to go over some spots a few times but generally speaking, this is quite a serviceable razor for cheap. The alignment was spot on, blade reveal and gap was consistent and even and once you found the angle, it was quite pleasant. I would liken it more to a Gillette “Blue Tip” in feel and how it shaves. This is a great value, John…you’re right!
This would be a great beginners razor for sure or for someone who loves a Gillette Super Speed “Blue Tip” shave.
Will I pop this in my rotation here and there ?…heck yeah! I think I can dial in a better shave as well with some practice.

Sting of Truth says:

i got an mt1 from walgreens about 3 weeks ago, my first DE razor. it was chrome plated brass. i must’ve got a good one. but from what i can tell the weishi and the van der hagen are chrome plated brass as well.

RobotShlomo says:

I bought this razor on ebay, and I finally got it the other day. I’ve been trying to acclimate myself to using a DE razor for a while now, and there’s nothing I can seem to do alleviate the blood loss. I shave when I’m out of the shower, load up a new Wilkinson Sword blade, lather up, I’ve even resorted to using a pre-shave oil from Pacific Shaving Co., and I still look like I’ve been attacked by a rabid barber.

I do the whole with, cross, and the against the grain, but the results are the same. Skin and blood loss. I’m about to go back to disposables, but I hate the thought of waiting three weeks for this thing to suddenly discard it.

Dismont DeSire says:

Thank you!

Atblueram1500 says:

I have a gold one and the finish near the hinges started coming off after a 2 weeks of use. Pretty good shave but I doubt that it will look good after lots of use.

surfzombie2 says:

Nice after watching your video I went and ordered one on ebay for $10.99 shipped. Can’t wait for it to get here. great video. I love all your videos.

surfzombie2 says:

Hi, Any updates on the durability of this razor?

David Mallette says:

Enjoyed your video.

JM JM says:

a little confused about the numbering. According to current eBay listings the 9306I is a bronze finish and 65g. Same indicated here: I much prefer chrome which seems to be 9306e??.

Joe Heim says:

I just ordered the 9306i for $7.54 on aliexpress and can’t wait to compare it to my 54 and 69 super speeds. If it’s even close it will be a good deal.

Duff Vader says:

Gonna ditch my qshave adjustable for this.

Gábor Lipcsei says:

I bought a Weishi TTO a several years ago. It was good quality, good chrome (better than my Parker which was chipping). The problem was that it was extremely (almost unusably) mild. I still have it but not using it. It will be good for my son when he will learn to shave (it is hard to cut yourself with it it is as mild).

hmaren says:

These are the same as the Van der Hagen, isn’t it?

Joe M says:

Thanks for the video. Just curious, when I tighten my weishi the bottom piece inside the part you twist to open/ close rattles around. Does yours do that too?

Max Quigley says:

Excellent review, very well thought through, reasonable, honest and logical. I recommend people watch the video at 1.5X speed. It becomes quite watchable. 2.0X looked a little dangerous but you could understand MS just fine.

K Theodor says:

Hi there

I’m quite intrigued by how impressed you are by this razor. I should clarify, not because I necessarily expected a Chinese razor not to be that good, but more because of the money you paid for it. Some weeks, actually months, have gone by since you did that video and I was wondering whether to now you’re as happy with this razor as when you did the video. I own a Timor 1321 TTO Double Edge Safety Razor, German make, which looks just like your Chinese one. That Timor costs comfortably more than twice what you paid for your Weishi (I paid in UK pounds, but even in US dollars the Timor’s much more expensive than your Chinese razor), and I have to say the Timor is one of my *worst* razor purchases. The Timor is unbearably, dreadfully mild. It is only fit for a 16-, 17-year old lad who’s just starting on his regular shaves. Yet it looks just like your Weishi, and you have nothing but praise for that razor. I’ve seen other videos of yours, where you’ve said that in all you prefer rather aggressive razors. So, it’s unlikely that you’d have been as happy with the Weishi had it been terribly mild.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’d be curious to know whether you’re still as satisfied with the Weishi.


Joseph Wilber says:

Great video!! The other day I went to the store to by some new cartridge razors and thought man in tired of spending this kinda of money, I look over and see, Van der Hagen de razor, 5 blade about 3 bucks, and always thought about trying these type razors. So I bought it, around 17 bucks and some change for the Van der Hagen with 5 blades at Target. it looks identical to the weishi razor!! I’m brand new to this so I’m still learning my angles and such, and the shaves have been way less irritating then any cartridge razor I have ever used. Man I’m sure having fun with it!!! I going to order some sample blade packs to check out different blades. any recommendations for a begginer would be great!! thanks, I love your vids!!

mark warnberg says:

First shave today with the Weishi 4½” long handle razor that weighs in at 40g. on my scale. Very surprised how nicely made it is, opens and Closes smoothly, the blade sit perfectly, nice balace, a mild shave as good as my old Gillette TTO 4½” Slim (made in England). Strainge thing is there is no stamp or markings on the razor, just the name Weishi on the box? I Believe China like Japan back in the 50s-60s flooded the market with poor quality goods untill they lost sales and had to induce Quality Control and their Products are getting better. The one I have is crome, I Believe you are holding a Brass (copper/tin alloy) or Brass Plated model, copper would be a rust red color and the problem with copper is it will oxadize and truning green, my ancesters had green hair from working in the copper mines. Thanks for the video.

thomas grim says:

Great honest review, thanks! I bought one myself(long handle) as my first DE. I really like it as well, very surprised at the quality. I ordered a Merkur 1904 open comb. I have heard that as a whole the Merkur is not very aggressive to say the least. I hope i like it.

James haury says:

NO.My micro touch one is heavy and it claims to be solid brass with chrome plating. With a decent blade it shaves well.

Ed Fozo says:

Bought a Weishi 9306, gun metal in color from Amazon. Very impressive razor. Was made fun of by a friend that I should graduate to a more expensive Merkur or Parker. I told him this razor has been excellent for me. Very good quality, good balance, nice head weight. With the right blades (Astra SP or Feather), awesome shaves. My friend is clueless how good of a razor this product is.

mapp47 says:

very interesting video.was this a long handle version? i did like the looks of your brush also! thanks

Detmar Kleensang says:

With not watching this video of yours before i had ordered a Weishi 9306C last week from Amazon here in Germany. It was 16 Euro. Damn! What i have paid for razors! She Mühle R89 was the best daily shaver so far. The Merkur Progress was scratchy as hell in every setting with every blade. My Parker OC was the only effective razor, but shaving daily with that? Forget it! And that one was cheap. Not so cheap as the Weishi. The Weishi with Astra SP-Blades: 4 such great shaves out of one Blade! Shave 5: Nope, change Blade. Even good! But not so unbelievable fu…. great as the first 4.
I don’t know what they are doing there over in China, but that thing is a thing! I will be ordering another two of them. One as Backup and one for my father. If these are the same as that one i already have: You can’t doing wrong with the Weishi 9306! I am blown away!

robert stockton says:

I have the van der hagen version I got at walmart. It has better knurling and a bit heavier than the MT1.

golforfishing says:

I ordered a 3 piece Baili with the upgraded handle on Nov 2017 and OMG it peels my skin off. Such a shame as the production quality is alright, and the mirrored pastic case is nice. The Muhle 41 is super mild compared to this Baili

Valdi str8shaver says:

Hello not so big (anymore) John.My Weishi razor has arrived a week ago. John I shaved with it twice  and let me tell you that’s amazing shaver. I haven’t  shaved with DE razors for last 25 years or so (last time in Poland where it was only razor available). As I said I shave with straight razors and this Weishi razor shaved as close as any of my 28 straight blades I own. Thank you for your recommendation and I guess now DE Weishi razor will be in my rotation. I’m big cigars and whiskey/bourbon lover and in case I’m hang over I will have wonderful tool to shave with. I was amazed after 25 years how easy it was to shave with that razor. I had two BBS shaves. Amazing!!! Excellent bang for the buck. Thanks Brother and please spread the knowledge.

K Theodor says:

Many thanks for coming back, and very pleased for you that you’re still as happy.

By the way, you’re spot on when you observe the Gillette super speeds have got to be the most copied style of DE razor. You can add Timor 1321 TTO Double Edge Safety Razor, as one more copy of the super speed although simply incomparable with *any* of the Gillette super speeds.

Many thanks

pa maj says:

I just ordered one of these, the brass looking one but still a 93-06i, I like aggressive shavers but this may do when skin is a little sensitive or daily shaving as usually every two days is more than enough for me, looking forward to it arriving £9.64 inc postage.

Cheers John.

SpikeG. jr. says:

people underestimate the weishi I have the van der hagen version and it works just as good as the more expensive de razors

stephen kirkey says:

One of my first buys 3 years ago a 9306-F. I wanted something in a traveler case. This fit the bill. A great shaver.

Christian Reiss says:

Yes. I tried one and got shredded. I’ll stick to my Muehle

Jim T says:

Hi John from sunny Scotland …. I ordered one of these 9306-l after watching your video just to see how it performed. I usually use a Parker, Muhle or my Merkur Progress (I don’t really like the Progress). I have to say I have been impressed and like using it. Will see how it lasts. Atb Jim

John James says:

i now have a bronze version and a dark gun metal 9306.
i can now say that i agree with everything you say about the weishi, fantastic
if the Chinese came up with a version of the se gem then i would have one straight away ….the market is there for it

Chris says:

Heh – the look on your face and the hesitation when you are about to shave with the Weishi. I totally understand!

Texas Tom's Shaving Tips says:

I have one of the older Weishi razors:
Feel is just “OK”(lighter in weight with a cheaper feel than a vintage Gillette Super Speed).
Fit is pretty good(no discernible slop or blade alignment issues).
Finish “OK”, but could be better(can’t expect perfection for the price).
Shave quality is fairly good also(NOT a BBS shave, but a passable shave with very little irritation).

I have a newer model of the Weishi(in chrome finish) that I bought on eBay 2-3 years ago.
A Micro Touch ONE(made in China by Weishi[also in chrome finish]) that I bought at Wal-Mart this year.
And a VAN DER HAGEN(made in China by Weishi[also in chrome finish]) that I bought at Wal-Mart this year.
All three razors are exactly the same model. Fit, Finish, and Feel is good to very good with no discernible slop or blade alignment issues with any of the razors.
All three razors will give me a good shave with the right blade and pre-shave face prep. Did I just get lucky? Only time will tell if these razors will hold up for the long-haul.
I hope this helps.

A great day begins with a great shave. Have a great day.

Michael Edward says:

RIP Headphone users 0:00

Joseph Fragosa says:

Your videos are great and informative!

Raul Reynoso says:

Great review! Today I tried one that ordered based on your video but in gunmetal finish, and what a good shave! I´ll replace my 62 Slim as a daily shaver. Thanks for the good work!

Mike Baker says:

I have the Micro Touch One, purchased from Walmart around a year ago. I can’t speak for the MT1 that came before, but mine is a solid razor, weight is 65 grams on my scale, blade alignment is just as good as anything else I own, and shaves just fine.
Will it replace my Super Speeds or other vintage razors? No. But it is good enough that it can shave right alongside them with no reduction in shave quality.
If shave quality was all I was worried about, it would be all I needed.
But I just really like my vintage DEs, for more than how they shave.

Blurry Face says:

Appreciate your in depth review/analysis of the weishi mate. Multi bladed razors have always bothered my skin a tad so I been considering a double edge razor to get a better shave and save some money at the same time. Found the weishi kit for $10 on amazon (prime shipping eligible too 🙂 think I’ll pull the trigger and see how it goes. Thanks mate

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