Beginner How To: Wet Shave DE Straight Razor Shaving for Women

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John Buggy says:

Lovely lady. Lovely shapely legs.

MrInconspicuous says:

4:27 what I stopped by for

jeffmack57 says:

I’m sure glad I don’t have to shave my legs everyday.

LowLife. says:

You’d be an awesome girlfriend. I’d love to have you shave my beard with my straight lol

John Fuston says:

Great tutorial! I’ll be sure to show my wife.

Valdi str8shaver says:


Stuff says:

What’s the difference between this straight razor and a regular multi-bladed razor?

Dana Church says:

Super helpful. I’ve been using a de for over 2 years. I’m ready to switch!

Andi Mack says:

I knew women did this, but this is the first time I’ve seen it!! I’m definitely going to give this a try, thank you!!

Allen Sandusky says:

Good video Melissa. I am so glad to see videos that introduce women to wet shaving. After 30 years of shaving with an electric razor, I switched to a double edge about 3 years ago. I look forward to shaving every day. So many wonderful soaps out there. My favorites are Tiki Bar and Soap Commander.

carsmasher says:

Ladies, here is some advise from a man who has been using straight razors for many years. First, just don’t dip the razor in water, it is better to wipe it off with a tissue or toilet paper. Once finished rinse it off with cold water and wipe with cloth but do not touch the edge. I ususally dip it in alcohol (rubbing alcohol and wipe off again and then let the blade rest for at least 24-48 hours to allow it to relax.

Amanda H says:

you make shaving look pleasurable and your legs look sexy smooth!

ncmcgoverns says:

I am sure my wife will be watching this one as the other videos you were in got her started and she has not looked back and threw all the cartridges away!

Holly Kaufman says:

I tried this today and was so excited but am not impressed. I had to finish with a disposable razor because the straight razor didn’t get all the hair. Suggestions?

Jammin GI James says:

Excellent job Marisa! (sp?)

Lizann Michaud says:

Perfect! Thank you for posting this great simple video for women. Are you swooshing in water with the double edge every now and then?

PipenFalzy says:

Wow woman wet shave!? Huh who would of known!

John James says:

i am so glad i am a guy who just has to shave my face

Lover Of Women says:

She has sexy legs

Jed Knouse says:

wow! shaved her knees like a boss!

Dale Zaugg says:

WOW, my wife has got to see this one. watching a woman shave with a straight Razor just blows me away. GOOD JOB Marisa!

Johnny Petree says:

That was a very nice video.  I will be sure and show this to my  wife.

Jammin GI James says:

your camera voice and personality goes well for this demonstration 🙂

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