Braun Silk Epil 7 Epilator Review | My Epilation Routine + Giveaway closed

Hey Guys,
Thank you so much for all the love and best wishes on my previous video, i really appreciate it.
Sorry i could not post any videos last week, I think this giveaway will compensate for my time away from you guys.

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abdul moiz says:

Is this safe!

Tatiana says:

After I have reviewed the market of epilators for a couple of weeks, I have found a lot of videos and reviews about Braun Silk Epil, where they state it is one of the best on the market. Therefore, I have bought the Braun Silk Epil 7-561. I am disappointed! First of all, I have to go over the same place around 10 times, till a small portion of my legs are clean. Then, at a point, I am just taking off the anti-pain head, so the whole process would go faster. I still have to go around 8 times on the same hair, in order to remove it. Note, I am epilating my feet for about 10 years, so I do not have much hair at all, and never did.
Another disadvantage of the epilator is that, you cannot use it while it’s charging. And sometimes, the full battery is not enough to epilate yourself. I have the epilator for about 1 month, I wonder what will happen in 1 year and how fast will the battery get low.
The only advantage is the light, it really shows even small hair.
Apart from that, I am rating this product with 4/10.

Ria Das says:

The giveway condition is bad! Not everyone has these accounts!

maria taylor says:

how much does it cost?

Emily Clow says:

I hadn’t heard much about epilators before, so thanks for showing us this product! I’m definitely going to give one a try. Seems easier and more cost effective than waxing.

Uthara Navin says:

Awww closed… a bit late

harshada cullen says:

does it hurt??

Priyanka Bhowmick says:

I have a coupon valid till 31st August 2017. Since I won’t be buying one, if any one interested, buy it from nykaa. Here’s the coupon code: NYKAABRAUN250

Purohit Akansha says:

how many twesers r thr

L S says:

Spanish please

Rinki Biswas says:

I got brown spots on my legs ..may b because of makes my legs like cactus..and ugly.. how to get rid of those ingrown hair and brown spots please ma’am ..give a solution

Sanghmitra Aatreya says:

How should I clean the shaver head of this epilator. The manual says not to clean it under water but without doing so how can I clean it thoroughly. Please help.

Angana S says:

hi… I want to know is this epilator head rotate in both direction or in one direction coz it’s showing two arrow in opposite directions?

soumya srikanth says:

hey can it be used on underarms?

Romesa Khan says:

Personally I used to go to someone to wax my face and then thread the remaining hairs and it is painful as a bitch without a doubt! At least that’s what I thought until I decided to try epilating since going to a aesthetician every few days was difficult and I’m telling you it is the most painful SLOW pain ever. At least with waxing it was quick this on the other hand is so slow and even more painful especially if you have thick hair! What I do instead now is wax the surface and then epilate the rest. The wax numbs the area in a way so when you go over it with the epilator there is literally no pain.

Pooja Puri888 says:

My Instagram id is – pooja.puri.121
Twitter id – poojapuri888
Facebook id – Pooja Puri

sandhya radhakrishnan says:

What is the Price point of it in India

Syeda Fatima says:

Hie such nice review, would really love to win this epilator as I’m one of the person who suffers from ” Hirsutism” a condition occurs due to PCOS I tried many ways but in vain and it was too expensive. It would be great help fr me to get rid of facial hairs atleast by this.thank you

Nibedita Das says:

is it safe for Face… and does it cause open pores..

Benzina Bhate says:

She is talking to much about herself …. Instead of the product

Sweeti Rajawat02 says:

This is waterproof ???

Zahra Naseem says:

If we are from pakistan,how we buy it???

Neha Garg says:

After using for last 4 years I can vouch for the effectiveness and safety.

Parneet Bhasin says:

You look pretty as always

fun ,fitness and education says:

Is any girl answer me ?? I m a boy and want to epilate my body hair with this Barun silk -7561 on my whole body ,even on my beard to get fully shave ,, should I use or not ???

Mehdi ali says:

My IMO&watsip mambar 923480581135

Pooja Puri888 says:

Pretty legs and hands is women’s one of the greatest assets. If you have beautiful hands and legs, you can wear flaunting dresses to show case your perfect hands and legs.You can wear dresses like miniskirts, light leggings, trousers, sleeveless dresess etc.When i was in college – I learnt how to do waxing from friends and got my own cold wax and waxing strips to do waxing at home. It did work for a while. Then I got irritated because the whole process of doing in at home was so messy. Then i heard about Braun’s Silk-épil epilators are the ideal choice for first-time users. Their High Frequency Massage system softly stimulates your skin with micro-pulsations before removing the hair, leaving your skin more relaxed. Moreover, epilating on wet skin with the Silk-épil 7 epilators is especially gentle. Still, if you are inexperienced, you may feel a little discomfort during your first epilation sessions. This will decrease with each session, as the skin adjusts to the process and the individual hairs grow back at different speeds, so that there will be less hair to remove after the first session…I really want to win and try this EPLIATOR…..HOPE TO WIN….

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