Electric Razor for Women? Clio Palm Perfect Shaver Review

Hi guys… i decided to try something new… and electric razor for women. Here are my thoughts 🙂


Marcela says:

I bought Clio Palmperfect epilator and it sucks, it doesn’t uses batteries, is connected to electrical source, but it won’t take any hair. :S

angelic9889 says:

My hair is super fine and razors never give me a clean shave. Nair does meh. it doesn’t get all of my hairs and my skin is too sensitive so I’m tender and red for 1-3 days. I just bought this and so far it’s the only thing that has worked for me so far. I don’t try to hit it with both sides of the razor though. I use the middle part for low, easy to cut hairs. For longer or coarser hairs I cut them down with the side bar first and then finish off with the middle part. I got mine for about $7-8 at Wal-Mart.

Joso Anani says:

Yeah… maybe the brand in general is just bad LOL… the emjoi epilator works great for me…I heard braun is good too 🙂

BeautyWithMC says:

does it cut please reply

Joso Anani says:

lucky! i actually just shave my legs now and I use the epilator for my underarms lol

Sassy Gal says:

Aww man I hate it didn’t work for you.  I have one and I really like this.  However I have the newer model that is cordless brand. I use it on dry skin.  I use it on underarms and legs.  

V0larevia says:

Ugh, I don’t know when I will get used to the pain. Sometimes I wonder why we torture ourselves! ;D

gaga599 says:

I’ve never heard of electric shavers giving as close a shave as a razor but it should close to it. The electric shaver I use is marketed towards men. I haven’t replaced the blades yet so it’s pretty dull but I use it to trim down the hairs on my legs to make it easier to shave with my cheap razor.

LaLa says:

i had the same problem, but you have to charge it fully so you can get the max power and then you don’t have to pass over the spots again

IjeomaD says:

I got mine from good will for $5 what a deal

Susan Baker says:

Thanks for the review! Was thinking about buying it but wasn’t sure 😉

Alina Mansuri says:

anyone know how to change it’s blades? mine stopped workingmaybe its because i couldn’t clean it?

Joso Anani says:

O really? i still have it so i will charge it and give it one more shot LOL 🙂

My Life As Key says:

I love mine..

Marcela says:

I have the Palmperfect corded epilator for women, I bought it like 2 days ago, but I haven’t been able to try it until this morning, it won’t take off any hair, I had to pass it over and over, in the manual it says that you must make circular moves, but even when I made this it takes soooooo long to remove a single hair, so right now I’m going to take it back to the store. Braun epilators are very very good.

anony mous says:

mine wouldn’t even turn on

Katelyn Hutchins says:

I just bought one and it didn’t work at all

ApplezNBerriez says:

I loved it>

Sassy Gal says:

Try http://www.dollarshaveclub.com/ 
You pick a razor (traditional) type as in good, better and best (prices vary from $1, $6, $9)  this company mails you out 4 razors every month for the price of the razor type u picked (as listed above it can be 1,6 or 9 bucks a month)  Just a thought.  I bought the $6 razor for my hubby and I use them too.  Good luck 

Joso Anani says:

yeah… don’t get it! Have you considered an epilator? I use the emjoi one and it is painful but you get used to it LOL

Sarah Apel says:

I just bought this today at Walmart for $9. i loved it at first. It even cut my “hoo ha” hair. My only complaint is that the brand new batteries were dead after 20 minutes of use….so invest in rechargeable batteries.

Q Teague says:

I use it but it doesn’t get my legs as smooth as it should. Although I haven’t cut myself with it and use it on my dry legs it doesn’t work for me either.

Joso Anani says:

It dosent work for me unfortunately :/

Yani Labor-Koroma says:

mine works! and its amazing! I use it on my legs and i love it! I have thick course west african hair and the same exact Clio.

TheWildcatmeg says:

I bought this it was listed as an epilator in walmart..it does NOT work.

megan kunich says:

Mine pulls and gives me razor burn and just is way to loud.

Juliana Silva says:

That’s a shame it didn’t work for you! I got this as a gift from my yoga instructor, and I LOVE it! The best thing after wax! Well, I guess, keep trying! Good luck!

Juliana Silva says:

That’s a shame it didn’t work for you! I got this as a gift from my yoga instructor, and I LOVE it! The best thing after wax! Well, I guess, keep trying! Good luck!

Aja Nile says:

My hair is very coarse too and it works great for me. It took me a little while to get the hang of it though, but once I did it was worth it. The middle IS for stubble, but I’d say go over it after to see if anything is left rather than holding it at that angle…

Joso Anani says:

aww!! did it work? apparently it works for some pple LOL

Joso Anani says:

O… never heard of that actually… I still have it. Maybe I will give it another try 🙂 I just thought maybe my hair was too coarse or something cause I know it works for other pple. I started using an epilator for my under arms only and I love it. IDK if i am willing to suffer through the pain for any other part of my body tho Haha! Thanks for watching 🙂

VloggingWith Julia says:

dang i kinda wish i saw this video before i bought mine this afternoon :/

Vera Mixx says:

its absolutely useless . not working at all . how actually it can work, if except the sound that it makes, it doesnt do any moves . just metal , not sharp piece . its like to take a spoon and try to shave yourself .

Mariah Johnson says:

how do you clean it and get the hair out?

katrina holton says:

I bought this for my 12 year old that just started shaving. It works for her but not me.

Joso Anani says:

l guess. I have moved on to an epilator for my armpits and hopefully i will gain the mental strength to go for it on my legs as well LOL

monica webster says:

that was helpful, good video, thank you

Socially Awkward says:

Didn’t work for me either

angelic9889 says:

Ps: for those of you who have trouble with pulling, as a mom who cuts her son’s hair with clippers biweekly, I suggest you use the long bar for longer, coarser hairs and oil your blades with few drops of mineral oil. (Clippers/shavers usually need to be oiled. As women who don’t use them, most of us don’t know that.)

Elyse RQ says:

I have used electric razors on and off for a few years now, my skin needs to adapt to the electric shaver, i know after using and electric razor a number of times you skin relaxes and allows you to get a closer shave. It sucks that its not immediate but i find after persistent use i do get great results.

Zitlali Huerta Patino says:

Mine didn’t work either

Micsnutty says:

I bought one at a dollar store about a yr ago but only just tried it for the first time today, and it worked wonderfully for me. I lost the packaging between the time I purchased it & used it, so wasn’t following any directions, but it seemed that sliding the blade edge worked best for me, but I was not trying to use that at the same time as the foil top. I thought the foil top was more for the stubble after using the trimmer edge. Totally based on a prev razor I used to have a long time ago. But for me that seemed to work. Only thing I’m trying to figure out now is HOW to remove the blade assembly for cleaning.

Trenessa Faith says:

and here i come several years later to find this cute shaver on sale. I completely agree with you, this shaver looks cool and high tech hanging on my towel hook, that’s it. this thing is worthless. it felt like I was cutting up my arm pits-painful. I still have the receipt, it’s going back to the store for a refund.

Joso Anani says:

hmm good to know.. I have the emjoi pink epilator and it works really well. Maybe this brand is just simply not the best.

Alice Nora Chavenet says:

It works for me… It cleans everything up.

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