Flawless Hair Remover!- Does This Thing Really Work?

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FTC- I am not being paid by any of the mentioned companies or designers to make this video. The views in this video are strictly my own and I am not affiliated with any of these companies.


Una Lita says:

Would this work on the bikini line,or just fine facial hair?

Lili says:

Why did I just notice the dolls on the top shelf..?

Silly Bears says:

ignore her and just look at the back….

Terrelli 9 says:

The inside looks like a teeny tiny incredibly disturbing cotton candy machine. Oddly appropriate for Bunny.

Kmetz723 says:

Thank you so much i was wondering about this. With pics it’s hard to find a way to get rid of hair that won’t make your face break out. Love you bunny keep being you!

Wolf_ Samika says:

For me it’s literally 11 pm and I should be going to bed hahaha

Heather Elmore says:

Thank you for making this video I have seen this product in the drugstore and really wondered if it worked I have a problem with hair on my upper lip and my chin

WitchesWithAB says:

Anyone else seriously creeped out by the dolls?

yew tree says:

It’s this shave?

Destinee Vasquez says:

I like her but her dolls are creepy

liizziieeLEWINSKII says:

I keep looking in the background incase one of the dolls move lol

Wolf_ Samika says:

This is my first time watching you…. you remind me of myself lol

SkeyeU says:

Can someone use it on their arms or is it for face only?

Sam Dingman says:

I just saw this on my tv this morning

April says:

I don’t have a problem opening it lol but that’s funny

fa chenouf says:

توجع القلب انت مبجقة وزدتي بجقتي روحك لڨية تلڨيك وطاعون يطوعنك

Wolf Warrior says:

I hate u

Keisha Inda says:

It looks like lip stick

Randi Garcia says:

you should try the “sock slider” or the “hurricane fur wizard lint brush”

Jennifer Haskovec says:

What’s the older one you use for your brows?

Tonya Perry says:

8 million subscribers?! 875views on this video?!
An almost 12min review that would make any normal human being have an anxiety attack!!!! With the large amount of numbers of subs and views on this girls videos made me think this should be a great channel for reviews.
I have to say I was totally shocked!! I don’t know if she thought she was being funny or goofy and oh!! thats so great, right?
For me in search of a product review from NORMAL everyday persons instead of reviews from various people which actually are only promoting said company that is pushing the product. So yeah, its great to hear a true review on a poroduct of ones interest. The only problem fir me is the fact i coukd NOT wven make it to the end of this video!!!!!! Almost 12mins of non-stop rambling, twisting and turning, moving and slinging her freeking head and arms while saying NOTHING THAT MATTERED has to make one think what the hell?! What the hell? Get on with the review, ditch the drama act or whatever you would call all the adhd figetting!! One video like this and you should be screaming “Would you freeking shut up already???” Thought she would calm down a little so I could make it through the so-called review, but NO, oh NO!!! She only got more wired up or fired up!!! That was enough to nake someine want to pull their freeking hair out!!! If you don’t have anxiety, you would have after watching 12mins of this drama!!!!
(I suppose it was to be comedy like??)
I suppose everyone for their own cup of tea!!
Apparently it was entertainment for many?? Make one wonder what the heck happened?

Sarah B says:

those dolls

Kim Large says:

I’m trying to pay attention to you but the dolls in the background creep me out. It’s like I’m waiting for a doll to move or something.

Charlotte Louise von Bülow says:

Please tell if the hairs came back faster or darker after This trimning

Alex Grey says:

i just got one of these for christmas lmao it works for me

Lori Quaresimo says:

You know what the head looks like to me? It looks like one of those rotary things on a men’s electric shaver lol. You are the second person I saw reviewing this product and both of you are satisfied with it. Thanks for posting this!

Jb0ss Rocks says:

No offense, but I hate dolls. WHY ARE THEY EVERYWHERE!!!

Tr'e Miller says:

Can you do the wonder bible

Cris Cardona says:

Why does she have so many dolls

Mallory Belyeu says:

it turned my face green lol

Dr. K says:

Epilady… I’m triggered… Have not gotten over stealing my mums Epilady at 13 and I’m still not comfortable talking about it… I’m pretty sure it’s post traumatic stress disorder…. If you’ve never used it…. Well, just DON’T

Penny E says:

I’m late but I have very dark facial hair (I’m a female) and I use this daily. It works wonders just like shaving

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