Halftime Razors Review – 12 Blades!!!

I’d sworn off cartridge-style razors for good, but this one intrigued me.

If you’re interested in the Halftime Razor, find them here:

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Michael Z says:

if I shaved my head, I’d use this to travel

Kyle Kelly says:

I shaved a my legs with a straight a few times. So shave my knee caps. to test it.

Quentin 33 says:

Thx! I subscribed.

Nate Nakao says:

I’d probably shave my stomach. I get annoyingly hairy down there

parmar gurdeep says:

There is another one with rollers on the front and blades on the back that seems a little more practical. Ilather did a review. I am not a head shaver though.

Lance Anderson says:

I am in, I would shave my head with it. Have a good day.

Dan Bowe says:

I’m a headshaver. I’ve used the headblade in the past before I moved to DE. This looks like it simplifies that type of design even further. I’d be willing to give it a shot. Like you had mentioned, probably only for quick shaves. I relish my DE experience too much now to ever give that up.

Octhomason says:

I would shave my head.

Stephen Davidson says:

nice review man. they don’t offer refill blades do they?

ronnie greher says:

Head only. Thanks for the comprehensive, honest review Scott. I’ve been using HeadBlade for some time. I’ll give this a try.

livnaway says:

It’s harder to relate to your videos now. I know this sounds not picky, but I am not bald so it’s harder to relate to your videos now that you have a beard and focus on shaving your head. I used to enjoy your videos more than anyone of the 10 or so wet shavers I follow.

Nisim Romano K says:

i shave my head daily so this razor will be very good for me, i will order one, great review as usual thxs, and i hope to win

don't tread says:

/looks & seems like a kool concept for sure. would be nice if they are refillable cartridge but, seems like u must buy the whole thing all over again . i might come up with my own & patent it on a refillable type 😉

Ricci Rich says:

my face and my sack are all that get shaved.. I can’t use that razor for an either one of those.. seems like it would come in handy for the people who shave their arms or heads but besides that it seems useless

Connor Ramirez says:

id shave my head

Luke Falkenholm says:

I would gift this to my SO as she would find it useful. If I win please pm me 🙂

Sergio Castillo says:

I’m loving the mini lawnmower…or should I say “Hairmower”?…(That was a baaad joke).

Nice thing! I’ll totally use it to shave my head. I like the idea of being basically shaving my head with the palm of my hand, like I have superpowers 🙂 You know, I seem to remember one of these but it had wheels, like a toy car but I might be wrong.

Happy Friday! 🙂

The Shave Lion says:

I would shave my head. I like the design and it is a cool razor. Roger The Shave Lion

Gillythe_kidshaves says:

I would probably give it to my uncle who shaves his head.

Russell Bogrett says:

As a barber with 40 years behind the chair and someone who shaves his head for the past 20 years i tried the half time razor. Its the best product to shave my head. I use it every other day and would recmmoned it to highly.

abe frohman says:

It’s a variant of the Head Blade which has changeable blades. I haven’t tried the Halftime but I’ll stick to a DE blade.

P0NA says:

These were really really good. I bought two and I will dare say that it is one of the best razors I’ve tried.

htek38 says:

Very interesting design…quite reminiscent of a headblade. I would most definitely use it to shave my head.

Shane Isaacs says:

I would give it a try on my head. Might be especially good when I’m traveling by plane and can’t pack my DE blades in my carry-on.

Kyler Williams says:

I sometimes shave the back of neck, shoulders and hands. This is where I would use it.

Milos Darmanovic says:

I would shave my head with halftime 🙂

Marty Bickle says:

I would shave my head with it

Gary Bryant says:

can you buy replacement blades? and what are they?

srinivasan ranganathan says:

It is the company with the worst customer service I have ever come across. On complaining that the product is not reached me they want their customer to talk to the postal department to ascertain why it was not delayed instead of ensuring that the product reaches me. Lousiest company I have ever come across.

Helder Luciani Casa Grande says:

I would not use this razor. WTG with lather then ATG with NO lather, no way for me.

Roberto Fuentes says:

I’m a head, chest, armpit and arm shaver so I’d definitely get this. As a matter if facet inn’s go check it out now.. Love your vids and always look for new ideas especially when It comes to head shaving.

Joe Jackson says:

Good review. I keep debating on shaving my head. Just too chicken I guess. Pretty soon I’m gonna be that way on top any how. lol So, I starting to research now.

Renee Paz says:

my head

Linda Knight says:

So a single razor is 9.99 the double razor pack is 14.99,, just ordered it so we will see

T-417 says:

This would bump the shit outta my head, ill stick to my safety razor lol

Tice says:

I would shave my head and those damn knees!

Adrian Waugh says:

I would my head with the half-time raver

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