Harry’s Razors Test and Review

In this video I take a look at a razor from Harry’s, an online mens grooming company that’s trying to take on the the more traditional shave companies. I put it head to head against my normal razor from Gillette and I’ll let you know which one I prefer. Click on the links below to jump to different sections of the video.

Unboxing – https://youtu.be/U9A183ymQoo?t=91

Shaving – https://youtu.be/U9A183ymQoo?t=352

Final Verdict – https://youtu.be/U9A183ymQoo?t=448

Check out Harry’s here – https://www.harrys.com/

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-Amir Shariat


David Derber says:

Solid review. It’s good to see someone with actual hair on their face reviewing something intended to remove the aforementioned hair.
I’ve been using Harry’s for a few weeks now, and I can’t really disagree with anything you said. I have the cheaper model, because they don’t carry the Winston at Target, and I chose green, because I’m a man, and I don’t need flashy colors to enjoy myself. I would say that I haven’t had any grip issues though, and minus the plastic attachment piece, it’s pretty similar in quality to my Art of Shaving handle which ran $68 and the Mach 3 blades are sold separate.
I’ve made the switch to Harry’s, despite splurging on a razor which uses different blades. thumbs-up on the review.

Westy J says:

great review! just wanted to let you know that Harry’s took your suggestion & now has the Winston with a textured handle (which does take away from the clean style slightly). I’m going to get them for my husband, I think he will like this better than the others he uses. liked/subbed, looking forward to seeing more of your “reevues” love that name lol…

Robert Ortiz says:

Great video although I never had a problem with the hair clogging the blades. The trick, rinse often.

The Shaving Bunny says:

would you consider useing a safety razor in the future?

Alex Waddell says:

The new Winston came out and its similar nice styling with a good looking grip as well!!!

wolfangblade says:

Its like cheese puff on his face

John Bess says:

I love mine.

Doraniner says:

Nice review, convinced me to try it. Are you still using it after 1 year ?

Draken X says:

I just got mine today (starter pack) and I am glad, just instantly thought “oh, now I don’t have to worry about buying cartridges every month at the store, less time to spend making errands, and cheaper, yay”

I was going to go with Dollar Shave Club initially, and decided to try out the starter package for 13 USD and see how it is, if I don’t like it I can pay slightly more for the competitors and try them and compare the 2. So far not too bad with the one I have now.

Kevin A says:

what i don’t like is that there is no one blade on top for a accurate shave to detail like the Gillette

Jared Highlands says:

I ordered the Truman set paid 3$ shipping to try it out. Am going to try it then dollar shave club

Jordin G says:

I got one for Christmas I love it very good Razer.

fatalradius says:

Harry’s is OK. Very affordable and great quality blades. However, for me personally, the razer cartridges don’t have a good flex, being that they are very stiff and can get very difficult to shave around the the chin. Also, no edge trimmers on them 🙁

Augustine Nguyen says:

Nice Dildo, does it vibrate?

1969jmac says:

I have had an issue, in that the razor blades being on the top of the handle like they are don’t have the tension on them that they need to provide a good shave. Using it as it is, the hinges are far to flimsy and I wind up with the razor blades at a 90degree to the handle as I press it to my face. I find that I have to put my finger on the back of the razor head to hold it so I can get enough pressure on it to get a close shave.

artsychic2000 says:

try banging the hair out of the razor more often so the hair doesn’t get shoved further in between the blades. Thanks for a good review

Oasis S. says:

Had a lot of time deciding between Harrys and Dollar Shave Club. Went with Harrys just because the brand seemed to appeal to me more. DSC has silly commercials whereas Harrys has more elegance to it. I’m sure both companies offer a very comparable product though.

pkj77 says:

Not only shaving money you can also sharpen the blade like the other blade like this or at least maintain the sharpness longer …with Razor Pit claims makes the blade last 150 shaves i stopped counting after 80 shaves so it makes the blade last longer ….a cheaper way simply use the under arm or a pair of jeans works just as well as with Razor Pit…search on youtube for videos showing what i just told here 😉

Kenneth Carnie says:

Really a great review. Great flow, production and deliverance. Man, I wish you were endorsed with products to review. You have a great camera presence. I wish we could see more products reviewed in this manner.
Thank you for your time to do this review. It helped a lot.

vrqcwue says:

Careful! Harry’s changed their (five blade) razor blade design (August 2016). The new blade is now the equivalent of shaving with a WET NOODLE. If you have a beard that is rougher than babies peach fuzz, I would not recommend their five blade razor. I have contacted Harry’s, and they basically said to lump-it, the new design is here to stay. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME Or MONEY.

YoSpiff says:

I’ve been using Harry’s for a couple of months now. I’ve been using Gillete Mach III for many years. Harry’s seems to be grabbier and not as smooth going across my face compared to some generic Mach III cartridges from Target. Not sure if that indicates it is cutting better or worse. Will need to use both together and compare the shave I get.

Christopher Kopek says:

I went out and got Harry’s and Dollar Shave club trial sets. I normally use the Gilette Fusion pro glide. First, I compared the DSC vs. Harrys on my head. Yes I shave my head, and have a beard, so more real estate to work with. Harry’s felt sharper and less tugging than DSC. Then I compared the Gilette to Harry’s under the same conditions using fresh blades and my usual shave cream. Harry’s won again! Great product at a great price! And they sell Harry’s at Target now, so if I run out, it’s just a quick trip down the road.

Christopher Aburto says:

great review, just ordered my Truman trial set

Angelica Magaña says:

I think this is my first time seen so many good comment awesome good review

Jose Avalos says:

He mentioned the clogs of hair that you get with the baldes while you shave, what are some hacks to maybe getting rid of these clogs

RK 516 says:

Great review, I bought the Truman and noticed that the whole blade has a slight side to side play in it. Does yours do that? I called Harry’s and they said to return it to target for a replacement.

Jay C says:

Great Review! Are you still using Harrys?

Mike says:

Best review I have seen so far. Well Done! Since this review Harry’s has improved the handle. Been researching to get away from the crazy priced Gillette Proglide razors that I like. Harry’s will be my next purchase when I run out of the Costco 16 blade purchase.

ediot6969 says:

This might make a great option when I am traveling, as I hate having to take 30 minutes to shave when I’m on the rode.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the shaving experience at home with my safety razor (currently running a slant), but I like to save time when on the road.

DreadKnotV Gaming says:

Harry’s needs to space out their blades to make it easier to rinse

TheJosh9150 says:

Damn Harry’s razor transformed him from a bum to running a Mexican prison gang.

Joe R says:

Oh man. You look like Ben Stiller in “Dodgeball”.

robert crosier says:

I am not impressed with it. The Trac 3 Gillette is better. I like it because I can work it better.

gazza b says:

I’ve tried the Harry’s later week and it is no way any good as fusion or wilkinson sword hydro the Harry’s left me neck red raw and sore and it left a stubble so not a very close shave I used my blunt fusion 2 days after the second try I had with the Harry’s and I got a smoother closer shave with the blunt fusion so I wouldn’t recommend Harry’s I am going to try cornerstone to see if any better

Narayanan G says:

Great Review. You sold one to me. Thank you!

Christian says:

this video is uploaded on my birthday

Kirk McCoy says:

Hate mine. Head just falls off. Harry’s sucks.

The Pink Envelope says:

I am at 3 weeks of use on mine and it is just now getting dull.  I have been very impressed with mine!  I do recommend (video explaining more on my wall).  I did not have a chrome grip, mine is an orange rubber so no slipping.  I had the same amount of hair storage in the blades as I did any other razor.  These blades were awesome IMO.

WolfRanger2008 says:

Either toward the very end of the year 2015 or early 2016 Harry’s did a redesign of the base razor and added a rubbery substance in a patterned format to the handle. I believe there was also a slight change to the replaceable blade too. The redesigned blade will fit the original model handles. I think(but am not 100% sure) the metal handle razors are the still the original design but have other color options such as black and copper.

I have “Movember” model(plastic handle) from 2013 and it works fine and is never slippery when wet or soapy. So, if this reviewer’s finding of slight slipperiness is an issue try one of the newer Plastic-Rubber coated models.

drakeanton2000 says:

Their razors are great but the shave gel that comes with it isn’t that great

Nadeem Aibani says:

wow quality video

ripdaddy KC says:

I received a Truman set and an 8-pack of replacement blades. So far only 2 of 5 blades have felt sharp. The other 3 felt dull and pulled at my beard, leaving my face red and irritated. I threw those 3 away after only 3 or 4 shaves.

Herrick says:

Nice objective review. Thanks!

Dylan Peterson says:

If you get the Truman you don’t have to worry about the grip because it doesn’t slip since it’s a different material

MBE L says:

Gonna get this for my husband and see if he likes it. Thank you for the review and demo!

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