HOW I Shave My Face! Carli Bybel

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*As I mention in this video!!! This is Not for everyone. Do your research and try at your own risk. If you have very thick dark hair I would ask someone else who has done it before trying. IT IS A MYTH that your hair will grow back as a beard. Don’t always believe what you hear and do your research as I previously said!


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Hey beauties! Ever since I mentioned this in my September favorites video, I have seen a lot of requests for a tutorial! As I mention in the video – the past two days I couldn’t wear makeup. So instead of taking the day off I figured – Perfect time to teach this! Make sure you are doing this on dry clean skin! Don’t use lotion beforehand either. AGAIN do your homework and make sure to ask permission if you are younger!! I personally never did this before a few months ago. So don’t feel like you HAVE to. This is for all the ladies who asked!! I know its a weird topic but IDC thats what i’m here for! Any tricks I learn I will always share with you 🙂 & Thanks to my muffin NIC For always teaching me fun new tricks!!! Goodnight guys!! XO Carli

*Face Razors:
*Image Skincare Vital C Repair Cream
*MAC Boldly bare lip liner:
*I’m not sure my nail color it is gel! I will find a Dupe! x
*Headband is Asos:

*For my upper lip i’ve always used this:
It doesn’t work on everybody but I am allergic to wax. 🙁 That hair is different than the rest of your face, so if you have darker hair I would recommend waxing there!

*I do this 1 – 2 times a month
*I wouldn’t use a regular razor for this- single blade is better

-Removes dead skin cells
-Removes Peach Fuzz
-Gives your skin a Glow
-Smoother Skin
-Anti aging treatment
-Products absorb better on your skin
-Makeup goes on smoother

Shout out to my cute pimple on my chin starring in this video. He had to say hi.

*ALSO it IS a MYTH that your hair will grow back darker and thicker. For your face at least 😀

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Will Hedley says:

Jheez your so pretty, that’s coming from a teenage boy.

Jessica Jaeger says:

Hair doesn’t change after shaving. Pores don’t open. Misinformation. 🙁

jasmine amer says:

You might not have much of a problem now but the longer you do this you will end up with a unwanted hair problem.

Maria Sosa says:

she says its day time..but its dark out lol

कुशल इनामदार says:

sexy neck

The Glam Mafia says:

She’s so perfect

#Fox Queen1385 says:

You look so beautiful without makeup!

xXfearlessbansheeXx says:

ok, so I did this and now I’M SCARED FOR WHEN THEY’LL GROW BACK.

mira Ben says:

twice a month hahahahaha (lucky woman -_-)

Gillian Zaldivar says:

my only concern would be having to go back every week to do this bc my hair is soooo thick. i have hair on my cheeks and stuff but i know my facial hair grows back fast

Iriskenia Fernandez says:

I don’t shave I wax!!! Lol I have peach fuzz but me no like it

TheLivvieLove says:

I want to try so bad. Think I’m just gonna do it

TheTruth 777 says:

You are so pretty even without makeup!

Lisa rosso says:

is this better than derma rolling?

anay soto says:

Girl u look like kim kardashion

Txmilx ssi says:

But won’t that make your baby hair grow thicker?

Grayriana says:

Can you use a regular shaver? Or do I need to get exactly this one?

Bethany Paradis says:

will wax work better or is shaving going to be better

oatmeal says:

does alcohol dull the blade

Janeth Leija says:

There is a specific name for it called dermaplaning

Jessika Tubbs says:

What products do you use now that your vegan and cruelty free?

Kanika and rich Johnson says:

I tried these and it pulled on my hairs

Bath House Becky says:

Oh man I love dermaplaning, or as most people know it: blading. I use a different blade than yours, but it’s nearly the exact same result. I learned how to do it in cosmetology school & I was so scared my facial hair would grow back thick, but it didn’t! I was amazed. And I was super happy I learned how to do it myself because my coworker charges $255 & I couldn’t imagine shelling out that kind of cash every three weeks. Love love love how my skin looks after doing it.

But why says:

So i can shave the fuss on my overlip? And not die?

mymidgëtbæ says:

She’s pretty even without all the makeup. Like, really pretty bc she doesn’t weird me out even for a sec.

Jang Eve says:

Derma roller is really effective for acheiving a flawless skin. Get your premium derma roller here==>

Karen Sue Pohlmeier says:

I shave my entire body everyday…except my hair (which is quite long) my eyebrows and lashes. I don’t know why but I can’t stand to not shave everything everyday. My hubby says I have OCD…maybe…but it’s not a bad thing.

Lu na says:


Brenda A says:

Carli is this still something you do in your beauty routine?

Megan Izzy says:

How often should I do it?

loveisforever says:


eunrod4 says:

I’ve been using those for years. They’re awesome.

parker carbad says:

Hey carli ! I just clicked on your posting by accident but started watching it,not my thing at all young women,make up etc,I’m an older bloke ! Just a really good tip and tell your friends too,if you ever get a sty in the eye take a peice of gold and rub it on the affected eye periodically for a few days it will disappear ! My old mum (she’s long since dead) taught me that as a kid i don’t Know how but it 100% works tc and by the way,your young gorgeous and seriously dont use heavy make-up you dont need it love bye !!!

Issa Lit says:

But will your facial hair grow back quick???

juandanada says:

go to for blades or come into the store Tucson,az

Katrina Frances says:

Carli is WAY prettier without makeup on.

The Winged Passions says:


Margaret Mongan says:

I wish i looked like you 🙁

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