How I Shave My Legs & Stop It From Itching.

Wonder why does your legs itch so much after you shave? In this video I show you the best way to shave sensitive legs, what products to use to reduce razor rashes, bumps and in growth.

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Gillette Venus Razor:
Gillette Venus 2 Cartridges:
Forest Essentials Cleansing Shower Butter in Nargis:
Forest Essentials Sugar & Tamarind Body Polish:
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Butter:
Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Lotion:
Organic Loofah:
Exfoliating Hand gloves:

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tejaswi bynagari says:

she said in the other video that she shaves underarms.. and here she is telling she waxes her underarms..!

y upload nonsense wen this is not wat u follow regularly?


all your vedios are very long! although the content is good. it would be good it the vedios would be short.

Aurora Henderson says:

THANK YOU!!! This is the most informative video I’ve seen about this problem.

Aparna Nanda says:

Absolutely LOVE your eye makeup !!!!!

Shloka Mirchandani says:

Even my whole legs r full of scratch marks due to the hair re growing after waxing I don’t shave as I have quick n thick hair growth n it’s so painful coz all my hair is ingrown no matter how much I get in scrubbed in the parlour no use

Alanna D says:

Electric trimmer is way better….. give it a try.. you might never shave ever again… I’m saying because I did try it on my legs.. and it was really the best thing

Angel Shaguftha says:

how did u make that white mixture???????

Kourtney LeBlanc says:

Do you have a lot of residue left in the the tub after your done? Is there a tip to cleaning it?

Shikha Beautyworld says:

very nice and useful video…

Dulse Ramos says:

Thank you I have tried everything for the itching!!!

Pale Horse says:

you are beautiful and I love the you way talk. I had to watch twice….I couldn’t stop looking at you.

Little Sarah says:

i love your makeup so much ❤️

Jessica flores says:

My legs be itching too

Majidah Ramli says:

hi thanks for the video! i have the same problem. do u have any tips to heal the scars on your legs? i have a lot of scratch marks.

Don john says:

Yap yap yap. Show me those legs already.

mandira khotkar says:

after the diy do u rinse it off??? plzz help ,,,,

seema sharma says:

I lv to do makeup but i’m not vry expert yet..plzz give me some suggestions to do it well and good looking plz help

neha Shaikh says:

hi Debashree…thank u so much fr such lovely tips on shaving…just wanna know if v can use d same technique to shave hair on arms?please do a vdo on shaving hair on arm’s…


Shaving underarms is safe with the way u have suggested in video??

San Ul says:

In which direction should we shave?

gourav sharma says:

any girls us to save information contact pls

Dhwani Maheshwari says:

thanks for the video i hav the same problem n i have marks on my legs as well….any suggestions to get rid of them?

Archana Sharma says:

same with me i too get itching

ShinyPrettyFancy says:

I’ve never heard another girl talk about the unbearable itching and subsequent pain from shaving! Thank you for this video, I can’t wait to try all your tips.

iluvpure says:

ohhhh god…thanx a lot gal..u knw wat m also sufferin frm d same prblm..even ven m waxin it happens..i tried lots n lots of different products but in vain n i even went to d dermologist..she also didnt had any clue abt my itching…but after seeing ur video it was like m seeing myself…n my legs are also in d condition as urs…definitely gonna try ur method..

Onika Darko says:

Can I use it for down there?

Vinita Sharma says:

It’s helpful but compared to the amount of products you have used, waxing would be much cheaper.

Piyali Debnath says:

this video is extremely helpful
i go through the same problem and now i know what to do about it
thank you so much.
lot’s of love❤❤

Liza Parida says:

u supposed to say the each quantity of coconut oil,oilve oil n sugar to make it????

Paroma Ghosh Arora says:

hi Deb… wanted to ask that I don’t have stretch marks… but still can I use Palmer’s lotion…??
if no then tell any other…
which keep my skin hydrated.. thanks

Natural beauty & styling says:

Nice video

baby spice says:

thank you so much!

Saara Brights says:

I loved your makeup please do a makeup tutorial on this look

Sarah Mills says:

I am so excited to try this!!! I will follow up to post if it had worked or not, as shaving has always been a struggle for me! Thank you for sharing!!!

Makayla Wolf says:

I shave with men’s shaving cream and it works a lot better than what the women’s does

Bhavita Modi says:

Hey, firstly thanks for such an awesome video. So i would like to share my grievances with you in regards to shaving and i hope you would be able to help me. So i brought this Gillette Venus razor new and fresh and used it to shave almost my entire body. I used conditioner only to shave. So, i started with my legs from ankle to up and unfortunately i didn’t feel any smoothness ony legs and also when i touch my legs i feel a hard pricking touch. Then I shaved my vagina and there i get itching like hell and i have also read that shaving vagina causes harm to it. The only and only pleasure to me was that yaa my arms feel smoothed ever. I would also like to mention that i have almost high hair growth on all my body parts Can you please comment on this?I would also like to mention a thing in general that shaving in principle just cuts off our hair from the surface so Which logically leaves my legs to look darker beca of the small hair left on the surface which anyways are left while shaving!

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