How To Get The Softest Legs Ever | Tip Tuesday #77

Your Smoothest Shave Ever – IN DECEMBER! Yes it’s possible ; D Today I share with you my favorite way to pamper my skin & get a super close shave during this time of year!

Thanks So Much For Watching!!! xo’s ~ Tati

Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Firming Body Oil
Exfoliating Gloves *Mine are Rite Aid Brand
Hempz Sugar Body Scrub
Gilette Venus Tropical Razor

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Ashley Johnson says:

When I did this with coconut oil my legs burned and turned bright red for hours until I got back in the shower and rinsed them off. Beware if you have sensitive skin!!

Danielle Inama says:

This has changed my life!  Seriously, I will never go back to shaving with soap and water again! <3 

Nairuz G. says:

great idea!

Suzie Smith says:

There is a product called LEG GLO that gives you the softest legs with a real pretty sheen

puggiespapers says:

Thank you so much, Tati, for this awesome tip!! I did this tonight and it is amazing! I live in Minnesota, so the weather has definitely sucked the moisture out of my skin and this definitely worked to help get it back. The razor also went over my legs like a dream! Thank you a million!

Shizuma974 says:

I kind of do the same thing when I do my DIY body scrub with grape seed oil, coffee grounds and honey. My skin feels super duper soft after this. 🙂

Alina Abayeu says:

would Jojoba oil do? 
will try this tip…. love it:O)))

Jane Vt. says:

Slippery shower – slippery tub what’s the difference, you still are going to slip if you are using oil. I know from experience, believe me!

Rebecca G-mestargazr says:

I haven’t had a bath in 10 years. I only get to shower and I barely get 10 minutes most of the time. 5 kids has ruined being “feminine” for me in a lot of ways. lol Maybe one day I will be able to try this technique.

Sarah Ecker says:

Now I want to take a bath…

brittany townsend says:

I use oil, but my razor clogs… what do I do now?

Jaime Bellon says:

going to try this! Thanks Tati!

Emilie Ruiz says:

Isn’t it bad for oils to go down the drain? Will this be ok for the pipes? I’ve always wanted to try oil, but didn’t want to clog up my pipes.

Jenna K says:

HA! Who shaves in the winter? I look like I have bear legs by the time spring happens.

Jamie Grant says:

how do you keep your razor from getting clogged? 

Chrome Heart says:

I love the shea moisture body oils!  The shampoo and conditioner is great too, and they just launched a surprisingly good makeup line.  

Chlohohed says:

Tati help! I love this idea but I can not do it, the oil clogs my razor immediately!!! Does this happen to anyone else?

Carrilyn Smith says:

I love that Black Friday scarf on you. That was a good choice.

Morgan Troia says:

I shave my legs with baby oil and it works like a charm. makes my legs SO soft. I do it in the shower and have never had any problems!

Mir See says:

I ❤️ this tip!

Jennie Petro says:

I have a silly question, I know you put the oil in the tub but when ur ready to shave do u put the oil over Ur leg again right b4 u shave? 

RebeccaV 04 says:

My mom is forcing me to shave in the morning. I was looking for some tips, then I found this and I frieaking uv uuuuuuuuu

lissy ferrer says:

Coconut oil is great for this because of its antibacterial properties

Lacy PolkaDots says:

I have always found shaving so irritating for my skin. I thought I’d tried every trick out there to make it better, and then I ended up switching to hair removal cream, which is kind of a pain, but I found it less irritating. I think I’m going to try your tip. I’m hoping it will convert me back!

Abby Mueller says:

Thank you for this video because I either get razor burn or my legs dont feel smooth once I’m done. There is no in between.

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