How-To Shave (my shaving routine)

Today I am going to share my shaving routine with you guys! Its so simple to the point, but I thought a video like this could really help you out if you’re a beginner to shaving or maybe you’re a shaving pro and just want to see my personal routine. 🙂 Either way here it is! Hope you guys enjoy! I LOVE YOU! x

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FTC- EOS was super cool and asked if they could sponsor my shaving routine and I of course said YES! So this video is sponsored by them. But of course you guys know this is the real deal. I genuinely enjoy these shaving creams and would never make a video promoting something I didn’t like.


AshNorfleet4 4 says:


Fiona M. says:

If only I shaved this fast. xD
It takes me about 10 minutes for EACH leg! Help..

Shivani Hutke says:

do you shave your legs daily?

Suga Daddy says:

just here to pick up some chicks!

Lacey Clifton says:

you should actually shave down it better for you do not get cut are razor burn

Lets Have Fun says:

I have the exact same shaving cream and I Looooove it

Tatianna Sanchez says:

You didn’t get any dark lines from shaving?

anivaDyaH says:

I just shaved my legs and I cut my ankle!!

Katie Bromborsky says:

This video was super helpful!!! my mom doesn’t want me shaving my legs until I’m 17 but I already tried. I’m 13 and so I did get knicked so this video is super helpful to shave them!!

it's backwalkover Everybody says:

randy Aldridge WTF

Jing Huo says:

Hello. I have one question. I heard that once you start shaving your legs, the hair will tend to grow thicker. Is this true according to your experience? Thank you.

John Powell says:

Your legs are sexy

Random person says:

I shave every day because my hair grows back in an hour

NanaehLucky7 says:

This is only my own experience but, the eos shaving cream made my legs incredibly itchy. So much that no matter how much I moisturized afterwards, I had trouble sleeping at night and left a few discolorations in my legs from scratching so much. Note that my skin is usually not sensitive, and I have used all kinds of shaving creams and just regular soaps before to shave and I have never experienced anything like this before. So before you try it all over your legs you might want to do a patch test and make sure it actually suits your skin.

Jacqueline Zambrano says:

How do you avoid “strawberry legs” that’s the worst for me! And I stopped epilating because it caused a bunch of ingrown hairs

Jawhar Jabir says:

can u making video saving armpit

AwesomeGlitter123 says:

Okay, so many girls and guys out there say they cut themselves a lot. Here’s my #1 tip that I do myself:
Exfoliate beforehand and make sure your scrub has an oil in it! Even if it’s just salt/sugar with olive or coconut oil, that will definitely works. You don’t have to go out and buy a fancy scrub. Here’s why the scrub works:
1., you’re eliminating dead skin cells and trapped dirt, oil, etc. that’s in the hair follicles, so that your razor doesn’t get caught on that and you’ll get a cleaner shave.
2., the oil provides a lubricated surface to shave so the razor moves smoothly and cleanly on your leg, therefore lessening the chance you’ll cut yourself.
Also, don’t press hard! I used to dig the razor into my legs because I thought that’s what I needed to do, but trust me, the blades do all the work for you.
BONUS: you could even use an oil instead of shaving cream/gel and that’ll give you the same result (although I personally prefer a scrub)
Good luck, and happy shaving!

MarCFloripa Leal says:

very beatuful feets. sexy

Kenny K says:

Yeah…who does you’re toes?
I’m actually interested in some of your other daily routines as well

At10 says:

You have such a nice tub

Marie Jun says:

I use the EOS shaving lotions, too and I absolutely love them!! It makes my legs super smooth afterwards!!

Kieu Trieu says:


Winnie says:

Im 15, gonna shave in like 10 minutes. wish me luck T^T

Satisfying Vids says:

Am 11 am about to start shaving


I’m turning 12 July 7 2017 and I’m really happy for back to school shaving

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