As promised here’s a video about shaving!!! I think I have covered everything from how to shave to myths about shaving in the video but if you still have any questions please leave them in the comments 🙂


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Gillette Venus Razor

Gillette Venus Female Razor Blades Cartridge

Gillette Satin Gel Care Shaving Gel

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Bhavita Modi says:

Heyy Scherezade, firstly thanks for such an awesome video. So i would like to share my grievances with you in regards to shaving and i hope you would be able to help me. So i brought this Gillette Venus razor new and fresh and used it to shave almost my entire body. I used conditioner only to shave. So, i started with my legs from ankle to up and unfortunately i didn’t feel any smoothness ony legs and also when i touch my legs i feel a hard pricking touch. Then I shaved my vagina and there i get itching like hell and i have also read that shaving vagina causes harm to it. The only and only pleasure to me was that yaa my arms feel smoothed ever. I would also like to mention that i have almost high hair growth on all my body parts Can you please comment on this?

English Squirrel says:

the way you talk and use hands makes you look like a baby girl.

Janki Tailor says:

what for hand shaving ….plz give sum direction

gayathri kandukuri says:

is it okay to use the shaving gel often ? does it damage the skin ?

Ekta Sheth says:

hey sherry! am so much inspired by this video that I can hardly describe it in words! thank u for making such an informative video and bursting all the myths around!

inspired by this I went ahead for shaving for the first time in my life, 🙂 the experience was good and decent for the first time, but the thing that’s causing me trouble is underarms! they are itching me the second day itself cause of so annoying pokey hair!! please help

sugandha gupta says:

should i use a razor if i already have ingrown hair?

Amrita Phadatare says:

the hair re-grown is Pocky I feel uncomfortable vit my bf ….. any hack for that?

Rashi Raj says:

this video really help me a lot..i never thought about shaving but when i use it…i am very happy it give same result u told…thanks a lot for this… P.S my mom is still against my shaving
can you please tell when to change the blade?

aruna yerramsetty says:

Hey sherry you dint mention in what directions hands to be shaved and as I’m waxing I’m getting little pores on my arms…so what do u say about shaving our hands ?

LUxmi Yadav says:

Hlo mam I’m big fan of your… And I asked how many time use it venue razar…. Boz its may first experience how and I don’t how many time us this product…. Plzzzzz tell me…. And ur smile soooooooo cute mam…..

asad ullah says:

but maine suna ha shaving se Baal ghane aur hard ho jate hain it is right or wrong plz tell me

Harshani Reddy says:

i’m 17 now i have always wanted to remove hair, but then i was confused as to which method should use , this video helped me but still which would u prefer shaving or epilliator.

Mounika T says:

that is the best method for removing facial hair

Sara Mig says:

Hey Sherry! Can u pls tell me wht shade of lipstick r u wearing in the video??

Rubina arora says:

Thanks for doing this video. I have a lot of hair and whenever i do waxing or shaving i get ingrows so pls tell me how to get rid of it??
If Scrubbing is the only option then which type of scrub i should use?? (skin type-sensitive)

Mohini Aggarwal says:

If you feel itchy tell me tips how to stop that itchyness.

Shifa Sheikh says:

is regular shaving makes skin darker..??

Tanishka Vikhe says:

Thanks Sherry. Helped me a lotttttt…..

siddhesha bhangare says:

I experienced the hair growth fast and thiker after shaving…

Mubaraka Metranwala says:

hyyy due to waxing i get acne on hands and legs soo can shaving help in it??

rahat hossain raad says:

You literally look like my crush ❤️️

Palak Chaturvedi says:

some people say that shaving makes your hair grow faster as compared to waxing.. is that true..? and what would you recommend waxing or shaving?

komal kimi says:

can you tell me about the Shaving cream? from where can i get it?

selsha k s says:

can u plz show how to change blade coz mine is also Venus bt I dnt know how to remove and put it back

asad ullah says:

is ki prize kya ha Pakistan me?

Soumyaa Dubey says:

Hey nice informative video but I liked your room more.. Feb interior…

Maheen Angel says:

Please help me. I have strawberry legs and open pores on my legs. They arent going whether i wax or shave. PLEASEEEEE HELP IM SO CONSCIOUS OF MY LEGSSSS

gayathri madhavi says:

hey what about ingrown hair

rashi shah says:

Is it okay to shave stomach nd back , back waxing doesn’t suits me

Vidhi Bhanushali says:

my skin is itchy when hair grows back . what to do ?

Sonal Singh says:

nice tips for shaving underarm and leg and also hand

sonal acharya says:

She is bluffing. U can’t hv such smooth skin after shaving. She must hv done laser or something like that.

Sai Meghana Reddy says:

At what age did u start shaving

Aishwarya PS says:

The problem never ends!

Mounika T says:

what is the best method for removing facial hair ?

abi niki says:


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